Caste virus: First time, Dalai Lama appeals


During the World Buddhist Leaders Council, Tibet’s “god-king” urges Indian Buddhist sects to remove any sign of social discrimination and join together to form a single denomination.

The Dalai Lama has called on Indian Buddhist Dalits to “transcend the Hindu caste system” that exists in India and instead fight this vice. He lamented the “differences that divide the various Buddhist sects, which are in fact caused by the caste system”. In this spirit he has called for “a sincere debate that would lead to reunification into a single denomination”.


Pic: Dalai lama with his tibetan followers

Tibetans’ “god-king” made these remarks at the World Buddhist Leaders Council organised at Sarnath, the Buddhist shrine town in northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh where Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon after attaining enlightenment.
In his address, the Dalai Lama noted that since his arrival in the 1960s he endeavoured to bring together and foster unity among Indian Buddhists but acknowledged his failure against the tenacity of the caste system, feeling “dejected to see the outcome of my efforts”.
Caste-based differences among Buddhist groups persist in India to this day and have sometimes been the cause of violent clashes between   Buddhists   from   different     castes (??).

For the religious leader, believers should follow the example of Ambedkar, one of India’s founding fathers, who left Hinduism to convert to Buddhism in opposition to the caste system which undermines society. “Religion,” the Dalai Lama said, “cannot be allowed to be the source of further divisions”.He ended his speech stressing that “religion, the real basis for humanity’s prosperity, is still used as a pretext to cause conflicts in the world. This must stop because each religion teaches peace and anyone using it to make war is wrong or in bad faith”.

Source: South Asia news


This is indeed a welcome news. Atleast Buddhist outside world could start realising now that their Indian brethren are suffering; suffering from many years. However it is also important to note that once converted to Buddhism, Dalit identity is neutralised. Even if  people are economically distressed, they command self respect for community in the highest sense. Thanks to Dr Ambedkar and His Silent Indian Revolution that paved an alternative path with no-bloodshed. Dalits have accepted Buddhist way of life only because it has potential (compared to other worldly religions) to pour tremendous confidence in the psychological framework and social outlook. 

It is illogical or erroneous to call followers of Dr Ambedkar with misnomer ‘Dalit Buddhist’. As  no need arise in calling Tibetan Buddhist as ‘Adivasi Buddhist’ even if they are tribals, there is redundancy in classifying  Buddhists further for nomenclature sake. In comparative religious settings, Buddhists from any tradition understands that sufferings is truth of every life. SO everybody suffers ;therefore everybody is Dalit this or that way. At Atrocitynews, we appeal dignitaries like Dalai Lama and  media being careful in using words.  ‘Dalit’ is qualitative term reffers subjugation, ‘Buddhist’ connotes fight back mode while wlking path of Worrier Buddha and  ‘Indian’ represents nationality may be a relative identity.  All the terms have their own places of usage. If at all one needs to refer Ambedkarite stock in universal setting (who have overcome caste virus by leaving the old religion) one can simply say  ‘Indian Buddhists’ but in no case one should reffer them as ‘Dalit Buddhist’ as words play vital role in transformation of a being.

Lastly till date, Atrocitynews has no authenticated  reports till date of violent clashes among Buddhists communities in India that too on caste basis for the simple reason that barring few many castes many have yet to break the shackles of Castiest Godly Hindu Religion.  Unimaginable social and individual Suffering has made the Indian Buddhists stay more stable than many celebrated  Buddhists worldwide who are attracted to Buddhism for mere psychological reasons (problem of plenty) . There are varied intellectual interpretations & views when it comes to polity ; but Buddhists in India have had no bloody clashes among them in last 50 years of conversion! The good thing that has been done in last 50 year is 72% literacy observed among converted Buddhists.

So there are hardly any sect Clashes among Buddhists in India but yes! there are severe & iolant atrocities obeserved  gainst present and Indian Buddhists (ex-untouchables). The International Buddhist may have first compassionate agenda for themselves to understand the Indian Buddhist Peaceful Revolution that can be so great for World leadership to answer diffrent socio-cultural-psychological sufferings in present and future worlds more realistic sense.

22 Responses to “Caste virus: First time, Dalai Lama appeals”

  1. This is first time mr Dalai lama is talking about caste system in India but ,he did not do any thing to librate the Bodh Gaya temple from barbaric hindus even he always share his ass with RSS and other hindu terrorst groups.What a funny thing is that present head of Bodh Gaya belongs to RSS groups.time has come we have to throw the MR Lama to China who is living In india on dole.

  2. It seem very significant that DL is repsonding to Indian Buddhists. I believe that he has had to be very cautious in India lest he upset hindu fundamentalists who hold a lot of political power. Tibetan’s unlike other groups, like TBMSG, do not seek converts. Dalits can see common cause with the Tibetans who are refugees from the oppression of the Chinese. The DL is supported by funds from the West, not the Indian dole!

    Now DL is speaking out and this can only be a good thing for Dalits and Buddhists. I would not throw him to China like Kumarpush. The DL has a huge media presence and bookshops in the West are full of his books on Buddhism. Everything he says is reported widely, and so in this case his words about caste will also go out to the world. The DL has the ear of many Western leaders. I suggest that Dalit and Western Buddhists alike, should thank DL, and encourage him to use his position of influence to bring the horror of caste into the light – the world will then put pressure on the Indian government to do something about it.

    So even if he has been silent for a long time, and has ignored the plight of New Buddhists for so long, it should be seen as a good thing that he speaking up now.

    Jai Bhim!
    Dh. Jayarava
    (Editor, FWBO and TBMSG News)

  3. Dear Brother Jayarava, could you explain the Ambedkerite who is mr Modi who is heading Bodh Gaya temple.Who is financing the Mr DL.Why he is sharing the ass with RSS and other hindu terrorist party.Dalits have to fight their war with them selves with their own resources and man powers. JAI Bheem.

  4. Dear Kumarpush,

    Fine sir, if you think Dalits have enough resources and can go it alone then good luck to you. However to characterise the struggle for liberation, whether political, social or spiritual, as a “war” seems to me to be wrong headed. In war you kill your enemy. In Buddhism you kill your hatred. Are the Dalit’s lead by George Bush these days, or by the Buddha? To wage war against somone means to oppress someone, is that really what you want?!

    Seems to me that the DL has spoken out against caste. How can that be a bad thing? Do you reject progress because it is not perfection? Great things are achieved in small steps.

    Jai = victory. And what was the Buddha’s victory? He was freed from hatred, freed from greed, and freed from spiritual ignorance – and so he was truely free. So when we say “Jai Bhim” to what are we referring? Are we referring to the victory *over* the Hindhus? Or are we referring to victory in the highest sense? I believe that the message of the Buddha, which Dr Ambedkar embraced, was one of peace not war – although it was also one of liberation not slavery.

    I’m not Indian, not Dalit. So maybe I know nothing. But I am human and I would say that if the Hindhu’s fear the Buddhists, then only strife can result. Buddhism must be for the uplift of everyone, and Buddhists must consistently preach and practice peacefulness whatever anyone else is doing. This is the hardest thing in the world, but then no one ever said it would be easy. Talk of war will only create fear, and fear fuels atrocity – why do the atrocities happen if not because the upper castes fear the Dalits? By waging war on them you confirm that they *should* fear you, and frigtened people, as we have seen, are capable of atrocity.

    Jai Bhim

  5. 5 pilgrim

    I understand why the DL has not openly supported the Dalit cause. As a refugee in a host country , how can one criticise the host? It would be inappropriate, impolite and politically foolish to do. Now that the DL has taken this risk, he should be appreciated, not criticised.

  6. Dear Jayrava,you said you are not indian nor dalits. I can understand your problems, living away from hindu India and reading hindu toilet papers news(Indian national news papers) .I would like to tell you if you have media and finanaces in your hand you can rule the country what jews are doing in America even you change the world openions.Who are dalits,dalits are buddhist who were made untouchable by dwarf Adi shankrachraya.dalits and tribal constitute about 250 millions population who made slaves by hindu ruler and their government.dalits are trying to come out from hindu hell.I agreed that dalits are not having social contacts and foreign support as Mr DL has but how Mr DL will help the dalits and buddhist cause when he has joined the oppressor in name of hindu majority .what made him to join the RSS and their umblical links.If Mr DL is affraid of hindu backlash then he is no good for dalits libration.He offended the followers of DR Ambedkar by saying DR AMBEDKAR,S BUDDHISM IS NO BUDHISM.
    right from 1959 mr Dlama is allowed to run his government in dharam shala ,Himanchal pradesh with American mony,till now Indian government did not disclose the yearly budget of mr DL.Mr DL has to tell the world that whether he is political leader or spritual leader of Tibet.

    Tibet is an autonomous region of china is historical facts .for Indian buddhist what type of Living Buddha when he is not ready to support the Buddhist claim for 1500 year old Mahabodhi temple at Bodh gaya. Mr DL has not only refused to support the Budhist rightfull demand but actually he is supporting the RSS and their why we should keep this liability of feeding thousands and thousands of overfed tibetan fat cats, a menance to Indians who continue to be poor and starving.JAI BHEEM

  7. 7 Sindbad

    Dear Kumarpush,

    If I may join this discussion at all, and if I may tell it … I would say that it had been a great opportunity for all of us to hear your open reflection in this subject !

    Please, let me revert to it, sentence by sentence…

    “…Dear Jayrava, you said you are not Indian nor dalits…”

    Just to make it clear, regarding myself : I am neither Indian, nor Dalit… just a simple lay follower of Buddha … not more, not less…

    “… I can understand your problems, living away from Hindu India and reading Hindu toilet papers news(Indian national news papers)…”

    If you really could understand Jayrava you would not say that…
    On the other hand : your opinion about Indian national newspapers embodies one of the ‘Ten Great Evils’: the ‘dividing speech’. It gives us signals of your suffering and it will bring you further suffering…

    “…I would like to tell you if you have media and finances in your hand you can rule the country what Jews are doing in America even you change the world opinions…”

    I would say that the ‘media and finance’ can rule those only who let themselves to be ruled… I am sure that ‘a country’ as such can’t be ruled that way…
    Your example for this ‘rule’, again, embodies one of the ‘Ten Great Evils’: the ‘dividing speech’. It gives us signals of your suffering and it will bring you further suffering…

    “…Who are dalits, dalits are Buddhist who were made untouchable by dwarf Adi shankrachraya. Dalits and tribal constitute about 250 millions population who made slaves by Hindu ruler and their government. dalits are trying to come out from Hindu hell…”

    Three sentences (…dwarf…, … slaves…, … hell…) – three times ‘dividing speech’ again… It gives us signals of your suffering and it will bring you further suffering…

    “…I agreed that dalits are not having social contacts and foreign support as Mr. DL has but how Mr. DL will help the dalits and Buddhist cause when he has joined the oppressor in name of Hindu majority .what made him to join the RSS and their umbilical links…”

    To prove this complex statement and to answer ‘what made him to join RSS…’, well, you cannot avoid to listen to His Holiness…

    “…If Mr. DL is afraid of Hindu backlash then he is no good for dalits libration…”

    Buddhists do not fear anything and anybody, and they are to liberate every sentient being from any kind of suffering, keeping the middle way without any libration.

    “…He offended the followers of DR Ambedkar by saying DR AMBEDKAR,S BUDDHISM IS NO BUDHISM…”

    You should check what happened in reality!

    “…Right from 1959 Mr. Dlama is allowed to run his government in Dharamshala , Himanchal pradesh with American money, till now Indian government did not disclose the yearly budget of Mr. DL. Mr. DL has to tell the world that whether he is political leader or spiritual leader of Tibet…”

    Ask for the budget, it is available ! And ask Him again, if you do not remember His statement about His role!

    “…Tibet is an autonomous region of China is historical facts…”

    If this ‘historical fact’ causes suffering for any sentient being – the case should be investigated and made public.

    “…For Indian Buddhist what type of Living Buddha when he is not ready to support the Buddhist claim for 1500 year old Mahabodhi temple at Bodh gaya. Mr DL has not only refused to support the Buddhist rightful demand but actually he is supporting the RSS and their clan…”

    Again a matter, where you cannot avoid to listen to His Holiness.

    “…So why we should keep this liability of feeding thousands and thousands of overfed Tibetan fat cats, a menace to Indians who continue to be poor and starving…”

    ‘Dividing speech’ again… It gives us signals of your suffering and it will bring you further suffering…
    If you really would like to help anybody – and I am convinced that this is your aim at the end – you should be more self-disciplined (rather than hammering), content (rather than rejective), patient (rather than fighter), forgiving (rather than refuser) and compassionate (rather than merciless).
    And: Beware of Anger ! … It gives us signals of your suffering and it will bring you further suffering…

    Hoping that everything will be clarified and peacefully solved with your active help and involving every referred parties in this matter,

    Sincerely yours,
    A simple lay follower of Buddha

  8. Dear Sindbad,Thanks for reply.what I said whether Mr Dlama is a spritual leader or political leader.for 250 million dalits in India he is political leader with feudal mentality .He has the same feudal mentality as hindus have in India.He is living in India since 1959 since then thousands of of dalits and buddhist are being murdered in India but he didnot open his mouth and funny thing he is always protecting the RSS

  9. Please read as continue.He always protecting RSS

  10. Dear Sinbad,Soory for late reply because of problems with my computer.As I said abobe Mr Dlama always protecting the RSS,VHP and other hindu millitant orgnisation who are pretending to be sheep but infact they are men eater tiger in sheep skin.for long Indian buddhist and dalits always a susipicion why Mr Dlama protecting the hindu millitant in name of twin brothers as he said hindu and buddhist are brother.Hindu millitant and Dlama and theeir 200 aristocrat family has got same feudal mentality as millitant hindus and their religious head in India.
    I would like to tell you about Tibet which Mr Dlama give rosy picture to world infact if you look at deep it was worst then India.In 1951 about 1.2 millions tibeti were in tibet and out of 1.2 millions about 700000 about seven lkahs were Sherf who didnot have any rights in tibet society except as bonded labour to monestries.there was no school ,no hospital even no family and they were not allowed to move on their own 170 years of tibet history about 5 dalai lama were murdered by high priest or their cortiers.till 1980 mr Dlama did not open the mouth that he is a paid agent of CIA who are paying him about 41.7 million per year,even mr Dlama was evacuated from lahasa with help of CIA.
    IN my openion and ambedkarite buddhist in India Mr Dlama has to declare that he is political leader of tibet not a spritual leaders.Ambedkarite would not tolerate any Black magic in name of Religion.time has come Mr Dlama has to think to hand over one resposibily to their own brother becaue he does not believe in democracy. Jai bheems.

  11. sorry for above mistake read as he was paid about 1.7 millions dollar per year by CIA.

  12. 12 Sindbad

    Dear Kumarpush,

    Thank you for reflecting my letter.

    It is really sorrowful for me to see that your Suffering is even bigger than I have thought…. Please, accept my full compassion ! I wish you would acquire wisdom of the real states of the things, I wish your heart would be full of compassion, I wish your mind would purify, I wish your inner peace would reveal and I wish external peacefulness would evolve around you !

    One of the possible ways on this path for you could be to accept : if all things (what you have written about) were true – even in that case you should adhere to remain self-disciplined, content, patient, forgiving and compassionate.

    Sarvamangalam !


  13. 13 Siddharth

    Jai Bhim…

  14. 14 ramakrishnan

    Firstly converting to buddhism to escape caste system is not a proper approach, it is just an excuse to get out of hindu religion and to attack it. Caste system is not just hindu. Even muslims and christians and buddhists who converted are still following caste system within their religions.

    This is what dalai lama has spoken against. He feels sad that buddhists of one caste are fighting with buddhists of other castes, without knowing what buddhism is about.

    One should understand what buddhism is before calling oneself as buddhist. Buddhism has no conversions… you are buddhist if you think you are.

    But since dalits use buddhism as an escape route, they still carry their old caste fights into buddhism as well.

  15. Dear Readers,
    Relevent to this topic, please find a nice dialogue between Dr Vasu ( A brahmin scholar) and Atrocitynews Editor of Week on link:

    with rgds,

    Fight for Dignity is On

  16. People have talked about justice, peace and harmony for centuries, but little is achieved simply by talk, change is achieved by action. The ultimate purpose of Buddhism is to serve and benefit humanity. Converting other people to Buddhism is unimportant in comparison with the contribution we Buddhists can make to human society according to our own ideas. The Buddha gave us an example of contentment and tolerance, through serving others unselfishly. His teaching is essentially to help others if you can and if you cannot, at least not to harm them.

    I am often asked whether the teachings and techniques of Buddhism continue to be relevant in the present day and age. Like all religions, Buddhism deals with basic human problems. So long as we continue to experience the basic human sufferings of birth, disease, old age, and death, there is no question of its relevance. The key is inner peace. If we have that we can face difficulties with calm and reason, while keeping our inner happiness. The teachings of love, kindness and tolerance, the conduct of nonviolence, and especially the Buddhist theory that all things are relative are a source of that inner peace.” –Dalai Lama.

  17. Word to what Sinbad and Ramakrishna said!

    It is sad to see some people had to find an excuse to escape one religion to other while in other hand it seem like they aren’t even fully educated on the religion that they are willing to convert. Seriously doesn’t these Dalit know that Lord Buddha was a Vishnu’s avatar? And aren’t they even aware that caste system exist in all religion/culture. Then what makes them feel secure to convert in such a religion; that too is Buddhism which is Hindu origin. Really what more and better can you expect from His Holiness…..Still he was very as kind he could be to the issue. Any ways, it’s interesting!

    P.S. Kumarpush: You should rather learn to spell Dalai Lama correctly then jotting down far more incorrect information on His Holiness and his status or his relationship with his Indian Government.
    Take Care
    ~Om Shanti Om~

  18. Dear mr Ram krishna and Swarup,Ambedkarite donot require your cow shits argument where you are telling that Buddha is a incarnation of hindus are making fool to world with the help of hindu toilet papers.time has come dalits and buddhist should publish their own news papers where they should show the hindus ugly face.As for as DL is concerned he is political leaders who is a CIA agent.days is not faraway when we will throw DL to Tibet or hand over to China.We donot require any hindus openion who are brainless because they are woshiping congenital abnomal god and godeses.Hindus are born barbaric as their god and godeses and dalits and biddhist have to teach them lesson in same way what they did to buddhism in India.

  19. 19 Kye

    It’s a real shame that such a topic has to even be discussed. We’re all just human beings. We all come from our mothers’ wombs. We all share the same air, water and food from the earth. We all bleed red and when we die our bodies rot. There is no such thing as caste- it’s just a man-made idea. It’s fake. Anyone who believes in it either believes he or she is superior to others or has been brainwashed into believing it because of the culture they were raised. Caste is fake.

  20. Mr Swaraj,We donot require Dalai Lama in India ,he is CIA agent who is becoming fat cow on expense of Indian Taxpayers.time has come Mr Dalai Lama should be handed over to China and face the chinnease laws.We donot require any cow shits openion of hindus about Mr Dalai lama.

  21. 21 Kumarpushp

    Brother jayarava,America has said that Tibet is a Part of china, for DL in India their hindu twin brothers would not come to rescue Dalai lama and their three hundred thousand supporters.Mr Dalal lama is blind in India who is not able to see the condtion of dalits .He is supporting RSS and other hindu terrorist organisation who are invoved in dalits,muslims christians killing in India.time has come Indian government should hand over dalai Lama to china and make their relation betters.175 million dalits were knowing before and now world will know who is liar.Buddhist association should come forward to teke off dalia lama chivers because he is traitor for buddhist cause.

  22. 22 hippie

    Dear Kumarpushp…….

    Criticizing without doing anything is easy. there for it will be good if you could do some proper research on the things which u have written above. In my opinion what ever u said in above lines i think u have written it with wrong assumptions. If Dalai Lama is doing so the Indian government might have already thrown him away from India. i think you need to do more research and read more books about him rather than discouraging him form doing good things……. wish u best of luck …….

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