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  Articles Published in The Economist 1. ‘ Business and caste in India : With reservations’, Oct 4th 2007, ( 2. ‘Untouchable and unthinkable’ , Oct 6th 2007, (

A lot has been written about Ambedkar’s conversion to Buddhism. Many Dalit intellectuals interpreted it as his anti Marx philosophy. Where does Ambedkar Stand on Marx?  He was not anti Marxist but against dogmatic people because the books written by Dange and other upper caste elite Marxists did not appeal to him. But he studied […]

“It is good to break and bad to continue with a tradition that has subjugated the Dalits”, tells  Bhagwan Das  to Vidya Bhushan Rawat. Mr Bhagwan Das is one of the most reputed scholar on Ambedkarism and the issue of Human Rights of Scheduled Castes. Widely traveled, Mr Bhagwan Das has spoken at various national & international […]

What can be a sad event than the death of Lieutenant of humanity; struggling for equality and dignity ? Loss of Nitin Dongre has done irreparable damage to peace order which is taking shape in the heart of India in first decade of 21st Century . On Sunday,29th April, Nitin Dongre, a core member of Atrocity news team died in a road-accident […]

Thirty months back, when he first got the offer to join the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Satish Misra was apprehensive. Was there any future for someone from an apolitical Brahmin family in a party of Dalits? From being a political nobody, the very corporate-looking Misra has now emerged as a potent ‘Brahmin force’ in BSP, […]

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Atrocitynews special:   Do we need another revolution?   Constitutional mandate to end discrimination, silent Indian Parliament and Roaring philosophy of Dr. Ambedkar. by   **Star Columnist of  Atrocitynews Board of Directors of the East India Company ruled India till 1858. After the mutiny of 1857, the power was transferred to the British Parliament through famous […]