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 A Dalit youth from Melur was recently roughed up and attacked in public by fellow college students when he tried to square off an altercation over the playing of songs between caste Hindu students and Dalits. Selvam, a Dalit from Indra Nagar of Manapatti village in Kottampatti, is a third-year DEEE student of a college […]

>Following is a letter coming from Chattisgarh, wherein a Dalit Satnami  is bitten badly for his courage to dance in the RathYatra.. Unabbetted caste terror..  ——————————–   १४ जुलाई २०११   प्रति,  श्रीमान अंसारीसाहब  अतिरिक्त पुलिस महानिर्देशक रायपुर, छत्तीसगढ़    विषय: अनुसूचित जाति वर्ग के ऊपर हुए मारपीट एवं अत्याचार के सन्दर्भ में आवश्यक क़ानूनी करवाने बावत.   महोदय, […]

The state of shamelessness could be little shaken to a more responsible awe, after NHRC punches a Harsh query to the District Administration and the State after the draconian show by Police in Faltan where after the 14th April 2011, 160 students where taken to jail without much of their connection with unlawful activity. The area is still rules according to the dictations […]

Please watch the caste waste and hate here….We have already put before you the case of Warvand Atrocity. Mrs Thorat thrown out. These caste goons burnt whatever small she had. Till date there not a single round of enquiry from Police of the entire incidence. What a farce we are witnessing. Police have shunned their […]

Dalit Network Netherlands pleased about Dutch policy support for 250 million Dalits Yesterday the Dutch Parliament adopted a motion requesting the Minister of Foreign Affairs to continue an active approach to combat caste-based discrimination and improving the position of the roughly 250 million Dalits (so-called ‘outcastes’) in South Asian countries like India,Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh. […]