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Following piece is a reflective thought from Yogesh, who is studying in Nagpur University  B.A. ( Ambedkar Thoughts). He is amidst writing a Novel ‘ The Sentient Being’. He has just finished his 150th poem.  This particular writing gives a sense of direction to the conflicts arisen/arising in the day to day struggle for equality. Please go thru the piece  and comment>>   […]

In an assembly of prominent activists from India and USA, today, the Chief Secretary of Maharastra, Mr Ratnakar Gaikwad  expressed his strong will to make every attempt to stand against anti-democratic forces in India. He is the most-senior bureaucrat (IAS-1975 Batch)  in the State, who holds  the position of nodal officer for Prevention of Caste Atrocity too.  He is known for his ability to create positive […]

Dear Readers, Please find the Model Draft for Parliamentary Standing Committee written by People-Activists who aim Caste-less India. Atrocitynews supports them. Will you? Please send any other model to the Standing Committee. Lets believe in the force of Parliament than in any A-nna! ** September 1, 2011. Adv. Abhishek Manu Singhvi Chairman Parliamentary Standing Committee. […]

Sitting at his desk, Tejas Shinde looks behind at all the events that occurred during Anna’s agitation, he is left with more questions than answers because of the way event has unfolded.   -**- Anna Hazare’s movement began with a stir against corruption. There cannot be any denial to the fact that anger and frustration […]

Following is a detailed analysis on ‘Lokpal’ (Ombudsman) Bill  from Sandeep Dongre; put up on Buddhist Circle platform. We are replicating them here in order to bring the issue to the fore so that we encourage a nation-wide debate. Readers please go thru the analysis and write your critical comments or otherwise. — Dear Readers, Jaibhim! JaiBharat! I will analyse […]

In 1998, Argentina was a rich and successful country on a double digit growth path. There was equitable development with unemployment at mere 3%.  During that time a bill similar to Lokpal Bill  ‘Public Accountability Bill (Rendición Pública de Cuentas)’ was introduced at the behest of few ELITE groups who were serious to institue an Extra Constitutional Control over the Government. There were frivolous complaints, officials […]

Please find the protests on Delhi Streets against the unparliamentarian attitude of Anna and team. Media included in manufacturing this claut of fascism. Lets join hand to fight against them..