“Witnessing could be a crime”, tells Mrs Thorat, Castevirus 004MH2011



Name: Barkabai Vitthal Thorat

Age: 40

Caste: Mahar

Address: Post-Gopinath nagar, Varvand, Block- Daund, Dist -Pune

Family information:

No. Name Relation Age Marital status
1 Datta Vitthal Thorat Son 25
2 Shankar Vitthal Thorat Son 22
3 Varsha Sathish Sasane Daughter Married, living in Shrigonda, Vadgaon

Basically I am from Mandavgan Farata, but from last 8 to 9 years I am living at Varvand with my family for job purposes. My both sons were working as truck driver. In this village most of the people are coming from other villages. Initially we hired a house on rent later we built a house on Government plot which is not under cultivation and declared as unused land (Aabadi).  I used to sell sand (Reti) for survival of my family.

There was a road which was connected to our house.  This road was quite big from where our trucks could easily go. On this road Mr. Valmik Satpute and Mr. Dhondiba Satpute showed their authority and started construction. We requested them to keep this road for vehicles transportation but they refused our request and quarreled with us. Second time also we appealed them for the same cause however they used abusive language and became aggressive. That time Mr. Sharad Randhir was also present.

On the same day i.e. on 28/3/11 Mr. Sharad had quarreled with us on the same issue. He was drunk and used abusive language. After that he called his family members (total 6 members) and they assaulted on us.  Mr. Sharad even called Mr. Dattu Shelke who is MNS head at Varvand with his volunteers for his help.  Furthermore they cohesively burned our house and motor cycle too. Before that they took gold ornaments (like Mangalsutra, ear rings and mani) and vessels and other objects in the house. Mr. Hrishikesh saw this. On the contrary Mr. Sharad Randhir and Mr. Ashok Randhir’s wife filed a complaint at Yavat Police Station against us.

On 29/3/11 when I went to Patas Police station to file the complaint, police brought me to Yavat police station and arrested me. Next day they took me to Daund court and kept me under custody for 3 days at Daund police station. After that they transferred me to Yerawada jail. I am released on bail after 12 days. They also arrested my children after 15 days. They also released on bail now.

On 15/4/11, I have applied to Tahsildar, Daund to do Panchnama of my burned house. But it has not done yet. I also filed a complaint in police station about these entire things but police has not taken any action on that.

Now Mr. Sharad Randhir and their family have prohibited us to enter in the village. I have not been to village from last 3 months and staying at Mandavgan, Farata. Mr. Randhir is by caste Mahar but they have closed connection with Mr. Satpute (by caste Maratha) and Mr. Dattu Shelke (MNS head at varvand).

There was an incident in the past in which some people of Shudra(Maratha) community have done atrocity on Mr. Hrishikesh Dattatray Khandale and his family (by caste Mang). And we are witness in that case. That’s why Mr. Satpute and other caste goons have evil eye on us.

4 Responses to ““Witnessing could be a crime”, tells Mrs Thorat, Castevirus 004MH2011”

  1. 1 0x101

    Forward caste community is manipulating SC/ST people with Reservations/Poona Pact etc.

    Gandhi/Nehru/Congress bullied Ambedkar to succumb to Poona Pact.

    300 million SC/ST community should seek Autonomy/Homeland where their children can live with dignity.

    They’ll be 4th biggest nation in the world.

  2. thnx for the pics

  3. this shows still wht ppl r facing out there …

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