Anna Hazare & Jan Lokpal Bill : Anti-affirmative & Anti-Democracy


Please find  following picture , speaks for itself. 

The Lokpal agitation driven by Kejriwal, Bedi and Hazare brews up on the support of Fascist-High-Caste-Elite-Quarters those want no-affirmative action. The whole fasting is a drama to bring masses into a trap and make them stand against reservation-Affirmative Action Program for 85% of the population. Anti-nationalist stance, Caste-India protests and plays against India with their killing instincts. India mocked-up for the world !!..

Pic 01: Mobile Upload of Anna Hazare Protest Against Corruption, is corrupting Minds Against Democracy :- A Live Proof that Mainstream Media is hiding deleberately


PS> Anna Hazare calls Lower caste Dalits as HARIJAN. He said ” The village must have Chamar, Sutar, Gavli, etc.  If they are not there who will work for the Village. Therefore the Varnashram should be preserved by all means” !  Source: Samrat daily Newspaper

2 Responses to “Anna Hazare & Jan Lokpal Bill : Anti-affirmative & Anti-Democracy”

  1. If you don’t like reservations in govt/private sector, take your share of land for your caste/community from India and build your own nation.

    • this is a real, what they want to do in India.

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