Comment against Caste-India, Caste Anna!


Pl read the following comment on the Castiest dynamics of the Anna’s middleware tactics to hob India into an Animal Kingdom!

Yogesh Maitreya Wrties:

Most of the Indian citizens are abruptly get fascinated by booming matters with emotional rhetorical speeches, rather than intellect and facts, without realizing and scrutinizing its base and vision. Before media raising and hyping Anna’s Name in Broadcasting sphere,how many of them aware about his Name? The answer would be disappointing for those who are now supporting him.

We must be clear with our views towards that things which we would support. corrupt persons are the inhabitants of India whom the Indian citizens blindly votes in elections period without knowing their background. There are so many orthodox… and inhumane practices are still practicing in India, and one way or another these are indirectly cause to bear corruptions in the country, remedy for any problem is not a pain killer but to reach at its root and abolish that roots from its womb. if people will start to follow the constitutional paths by heart, then we do not need any kind of civil disobedience, which is one way or another is silent emotional blackmailing.
We must crystallize our own way.


2 Responses to “Comment against Caste-India, Caste Anna!”

  1. Why doesn’t Hazare take his share of land for his caste/community from India and build his own nation.

  2. Nice thought Mr.Yogesh Maitreya has given. I have to ask question whether he works by abiding the rule by heart? He never gave any one bribe to do his work or whether he had not get anything from others?

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