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 “The very idea of a civil society group (made up not of all of civil society but of the elite of civil society) standing above elected representatives itself is elitist. Plato’s Guardians– and Plato was as brahmanic as they come (he even believed in something like the varna system). It is a new form of […]

A Dalit MLA was allegedly discriminated against because of caste identity in Orissa. The MLA Kashinath Mallik has alleged that he was not allowed to eat food along with others at an official meeting. He said that he was segregated and served in a separate room. “What happened was wrong. The other MLAs were seated […]

JIND: The Jat agitation seems to be heading for a showdown as the situation remained fluid at the dharna spot on the railway tracks near Jind railway station on Friday after protesters rejected Haryana government’s move for CBI probe into the Mirchpur caste violence. The government on the other hand maintained that the agitation was […]

 Untouchability is a subject best brushed under the carpet. Stalin K., one of the country’s best known documentary filmmakers, obviously had no such intention when he embarked on a four-year journey to probe, push and pick on issues related to casteism. The result has been a poignantly mesmerising, and sometimes debatable, film titled ‘India Untouched […]

In this study, Ashwini Deshpande & Katherine Newman attempts to trace the differential pathways that dalit and non-dalit students from comparable elite educational backgrounds traverse in their journey from college to work. While the training they receive in the university world is quite comparable, dalit students lack many advantages that turn out to be crucial in shaping […]

 Mr. Mari Suresh comments on the research article ‘Caste based Discrimination &  Economy’ published on Atrocitynews.  He takes a historic view in devolving the caste virus and its genesis. Readers if like to evaluate the stand, please write back: Sir/Madam, The practical reality is more harsher than what you have written in the article. People from the lower castes who are well […]

The Legacy of Social Exclusion: A Correspondence Study of Job Discrimination in India is an article by Sukhadeo Thorat and Paul Attewell that examines the prevalence of discrimination in the job application process of private sector enterprises in India. The study is based on a field experiment where authors replied to job advertisements in major English dailies […]