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Yesterday was the January 2011. This was 62th Republic day of India. On this day Dr Ambedkar handed over the ‘Magna Carta of human rights, equality and freedom’, also known as ‘the constitution of India,’ to the Nation in 1951. We see today the followers of Dr Ambedkar committed to the constitutional vision despite the rapes, atrocities and […]

The man of action, the man of courage, the man who lead the civilisation in 21st Century, Dr B R Ambedkar is remembered today for his thoughts, spheeches and solidarity that prempts a nucleus of Enlightened society. None of the Indian private TV news channels gave coverage to the great congregation at the Chaitya Bhumi […]

“Learning the use of symbolic means: Dalits, Ambedkar statues and the state in Uttar Pradesh” is a nice paper written by french scholar Nicolas Jaoul which explains the social theory and rationale behind the ever increasing no of statues of Dr Ambedkar in India. Nicolas Jaoul is a research fellow at the Centre d.Etudes de […]

  The man of action , the man of courage , the man who lead the civilisation, Dr B R Ambedkar is remembered today for his thoughts, spheeches and solidarity that constitutes a new nucleus of Enlightened society. Also no private TV news channel is covering the great congregation at the Chaitya Bhumi which has not given any importance […]

Mr Thabo Mbeki the President of South Africa replies to his critics in  debate on Budget Vote June 12 2008   …”Madam Speaker, Honourable Deputy President, Honourable Members: Let me first acknowledge the delegation from the Republic of Burundi both from Government and Palipehutu-FNL, led respectively by the Minister in the Burundi Presidency, General Evariste Ndayishimiye […]

 Following is an excellant write-up from VidyaBhushan Rawat on Dr Ambedkar written on his (parinibbana) death anniversary, the 6th December 2007.     + Universal Declaration of Human Rights signed on December 10th, 1948 and a majority of nations including the so-called imperial power, newly independent states, every one, agreed to certain principals of human life […]

Dr Vasu is a voracious fan of Atrocitynews articles. We would like to bring in front of larger audience his angered comments on Dr Ambedkar’s leadership in contemporary world wherein Dr Vasu castigates Dr Ambedkar’s approach towards Buddhism as ‘sham’. NO wonders; Dr Vasu represents elite (celebrated brahminical) Buddhist camp who have least time to […]