Maharastra Police shuts140 Dalit Students in custody, no reasons: Caste Atrocity 03MH2011


Consistently showing violent behavior towards innocent civilians and particularly to Dalits and Nomadic Tribes is not new thing for Administration. The result is  deaths in custody.  Police Torture is especially designed to break the backbone of Indian Civil Rights Movement .

Take the case in Faltan,Maharastra. More than 140 very young students are sent to Jail by police even  before their exams. Only crime is that the students dared to celebrate 14th April, Dr Ambedkar Birth Anniversary without a consent from local high caste leaders and MLA Mr. Nibalkar. Police acted on false premises and arbitrarily arrested many youth from the locality in early morning.  Sad part is the lower court seems to be either incompetant or belived to be a part of the nexus. Where to go?

 If the protector of rights themselves take away rights, how could just society take birth? This is a big challenge to Indian democracy.


4 Responses to “Maharastra Police shuts140 Dalit Students in custody, no reasons: Caste Atrocity 03MH2011”

  1. 1 Rewrite Quran

    Will you support us to revoke the 1932 Round Table Conference Resolution to seek Homeland for 300 million SC/ST community via a Bill in Indian Parliament.

  2. 2 BK

    Where the hell Dr Ambedkar Jayanti comes in picture here….
    it is like..I didn’t go to toilet and it was becuase I celebrated Ambedkar Jayanti and other’s didn’t like it…
    Where is the connection….

    Cry babies

  3. 3 Kumarpushp

    Give two finger to hindus and their hindu led government in India .120 million muslims in Pakistan has got nuclear bomb to demolished the hindu estate but 160 million dalits donot have desi bomb to demolished the hindu temple in India.

  1. 1 Faltan Police Atrocity: NHRC Wakes Up! « Atrocity News

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