Nagpur March @ 4:00 PM..rally ahead


The March has progressed from Zero Mile and on the streets many many activists joining and making it a peaceful demonstration

Pic 01: Women activists leading Nagpur Front


Pic 02: Dare touch us now!


Pic 03: Women activists in Nagpur crossing Agriculture College primises! Voicing Justice !

2 Responses to “Nagpur March @ 4:00 PM..rally ahead”

  1. 1 buddhist league

    this march, and people’s gathering are giving some confidence. but, is this enough? if one could remember the last sentence of Babasaheb Ambedkar, ‘i proclaim that all those who took dhammadeeksha here should go and give deeksha to others everywhere.’in his nagpur conversion speech, he or she would say that this is not enough.

    every true follower of Dr. Ambedkar should convert atleast 1,000 people into buddhism and this should as a chain reaction.

    Om Mani Padmaie,
    Thousand Sunshine, Founder and Chief, Buddhist League.

  2. Aai zavadyanchya Gandit Golya Marayla Pahijet

    Ani thanchya Aaiya ani Bahinina bhar Choukat Zavle Pahije

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