Caste Corruption: Elite Sabotaging Democracy


 “The very idea of a civil society group (made up not of all of civil society but of the elite of civil society) standing above elected representatives itself is elitist. Plato’s Guardians– and Plato was as brahmanic as they come (he even believed in something like the varna system). It is a new form of brahmanism. Corruption may be a problem, but putting the solution in the hands of a class-caste elite is worse than the problem.”- Gail Omveld

The so called ‘Civil Society’ driving  Lokpal Bill will have to answer the caste atrocious attitude of their leaders.

1. Sainik Sahkari Bank, stationed in Ralegaon Siddhi( Earlier Ralegaon Shinde) forcefully taken up the 13,000 sq ft. land awarded to Dr Ambedkar Smarak Samiti in the central location in Ralegaon in 1962 with conveyance of State Administration (thru Corruption).

Mr Anna Hazare was Chairman of multicrore worth Sainik Sahkari Bank for considerable period of time.

 2. The leaders in the fast ( Mr Hazare, Mr Kejriwal -RSS Cadre )  have been outward protecting interests of caste India.

 3. Their caste notions are quite inner skinned, that would certainly surface up in their core team formation process. See the dubious views when it comes to represent a caste-less India .

4. On the top of all, several instances of Embezzlements’ of funds at the trusts owned by Mr Anna Hazare alias Kisan Bapat many occasions as highlited by Hon.  High Court Judge P.B.Sawant.

Justice Sawant also reports:

Anna Supproters started Anti-Corruption Cells which later engaged into:
-Black Mailing
-Illegal Grabing of Property
-Corruption & Gundaism

This way Made money to sustain the campaign

5.  Fast/Satyagraha is anti-democratic, Anti-India, Please read Constituent Assembly Debates. Are we saying Assembly made no-sense that time?

 Are Indians going to put Lokapal in hand such people who are castiest and represent only 5% of elite who can have privilege to access internet?

At Atrocitynews, we appeal youths not fall in the farce created by Castiest Elites &  anti-democratic Mob justice.

Pl read what Arundhati says.

“To invoke the ‘collective conscience of society’ to validate ritual murder, which is what the death penalty is, skates precariously close to making lynch law valorous”. She further adds: “It’s chilling to think that this has been laid upon us not by predatory politicians or sensation-seeking journalists (though they too have done that) but as an edict from the highest court in the land.”

One Response to “Caste Corruption: Elite Sabotaging Democracy”

  1. BC/SC/ST/Minority communities should stay away from this anti-corrupt agitation.
    Investors can/will create jobs for you.
    Anti-corrupt agitators cannot provide employment for you.

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