Caste plays: Buddhist Professor beaten in Birla College, Mumbai University !


Shocking is to hear a professor beaten up by Caste Gundas in a premier institute that gives 90-95% results in 10th and 12th std belonging to Mumbai University.

Mr. Sitaram Mhaske  is among the well-known and upright Professors in Birla College. Having committed daily routine of his lectures, he was taking session of Second year B.A. students. He was deliberating on Public Morality and Political-Criminal Nexus. He also elaborated on the corruption in the college admissions. (Like ministers, corporators who always use force and money). The news regarding corruption in Brila College in admissions is not new. So he was trying to clarify the things.

A daughter of a Congress Corporator Mr. Arjun Bhoir (or Bhoyar, (an  Uppercaste) is the student from same class. At the time of lecture, she was not present in the class. On hearing this from a friend, She informed her father who is a more notoriously known as Dada. In order to show his clout, MR Bhoir went on to college to meet Principal with his supporters (Local Goondas). In a meeting that lasted for 1&1/2 hrs. Prof prevailed upon debate and matter got resolved in the witness of the Principal. While moving out of the cabin, Corporator hold professor’s hand and collar and warned him in a terribly abusive tone  “Tu Jaticha Mahar, Tujhi Kay Layaki Ahe, Tula kay Shikawata Yete”(You are born Mahar, What is your Status?, You don’t know teaching). With no second chance, Bhoir started beating up the Professor with his supporters. However thanks to Professor coomune over there, due to their intervention Prof Maske was saved. They witnessed  the situation and got terrified. This was caste terror.

 After the incidence, College launched complaint in nearby police station under POA Act 1989 (Atrocity Act). Two of his supporters got arrested, in a bargain that Police made for Arjun Bhoir to abscond. Though the College is supporting Professor, politicians will try to put down the case in the favour of a Castiest Goon Bhoir.


 On 30/06/2010 All Teacher Association went on to demonstrate before Police headquarters, Thane with following demands:

 1) Arrest of Arjun Bhoir at the earliest else they will go for hunger strike
2) Termination from the post of corporator
3)Protection to teachers

 The role of Congress High Command is in question now as the their Agent is getting protection, just another case for them to murder spirit of  social democracy.

 Thru Atrocitynews, our local correspondent requests you all to kindly discuss the case at higher levels and with the leaders of civil society (which virtually does not exist in India).

 Let’s come together and protest at our own level to control this kind of heinous crime.

4 Responses to “Caste plays: Buddhist Professor beaten in Birla College, Mumbai University !”

  1. 1 raasan

    why these fellows flurish because of Notorious Gandhi who started hunger strike until death when Babasaheb Brought the Separate electorate from the british to these suffering, voiceless millions of India.

    • 2 raasan

      Separate electorate will have brought us all the blessings which we lack compared to other people.

  2. 3 raasan

    The indian people cannot become one unless their inequalities are finished both social and economic.

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