Atrocitynews Special : Save the Republic !!


On the eve of celebratory political sensitivity of lower classes, crossing sensible levels of mob morality thru fasts & black mailing, Anna Hazare and team is becoming factory of  Gandhian ‘Anti-System’ viruses that can make our republic virulent for ever. Please read following piece of thought that addresses the issue at  founding depths.

Indian Republic came into existence on 26th January 1950. Before that India as a republic did not exist. This is far the first time Indians could say that “We, the people” have resolved to constitute India. Thus India was constituted. The process of constitution of Indian republic began in the British period, when the British declared to give rights of self governance to Indians in 1917. After the first elections in India in 1936, we entered into representation by election. Since then the political process was directed not as winning the power from the British, but who will get what when the power is won.

It was a genius of Dr. Ambedkar who carefully built the concept of Indian republic since 1927. His remarkable speech in the united constituent assembly paved a way for the discussion and wise application of intellect when the period was full of uncertainties and turmoil. In order to safeguard the interests of Indian republic, he also made concessions on behalf of the Scheduled Castes.

Indian republic came into existence due to the constitution, which was prior to enactment, was thoroughly discussed and thrown open to comments by general public. It is this process that gave birth to Indian republic.  American republic came into existence with the Bill of Rights following the American revolution against their political masters, the British. Even then the Black Americans had to wage a long battle to realize their civil and political rights. Compared to the first constitution of the world, the American Constitution, Indian constitution is more democratic in nature and spirit. This is quite natural that the Indian Constitution came into existence after 200 years of the American constitution. Most of the discrepancies of the other constitutions have been been removed in the Indian constitution.

The Indian republic gave a new dream to Dalits, Tribals, OBCs and minorities.  The constitution is the living document which specifies the direction for the republic and makes it stand firm on the foundation of fundamental principles such as sanctity of Human rights and freedom of its constituents from wants and hunger. This dream is realized to some extent, and it is likely to realize to the great extent looking at the trends in India. For example, the dalit led party is the third largest party in India; India saw President, Speaker, Chief Justice, CBI chief and a host of Chief Ministers and Ministers from Dalit background. The fact that Dalits and OBCs are moving right at the centre of power is amazing delivery by the Indian republic in just 61 years. It is something valuable and must be cherished.

The enemies of Indian republic are Hindu Fundamentalists, Muslim Fundamentalists, Maoists, Gandhians (the present case of Hazare) as they try to coerce the state machinery and constituents of Indian republic through various means, sometimes violent means and sometimes blackmailing by fasting. Looking at from the perspective of the Indian republic, these means and methods are aimed at creating doubts about the very foundation that created this republic.

There are problems to be solved and issues to be resolved. Indian republic is facing problems due to rising fundamentalism, casteism, communalism, terrorism, Maoism, and anarchy. The state machinery as an instrument of social, economic and political justice is not efficient as one may argue, but the fact that such an instrument exist gives security and solace to the people at large.

The issue of corruption can be tackled easily if there is a political will. If there is an Ombudsman or nor is a secondary question. Taking higher moral ground is also a form of corruption in such cases where morality is for convenience and not for public good through public means. We need to debate and discuss as a nation how we can make our republic into a reality that is inspiring to all of us, and in this situation we have to act, each of us, to uproot elements of corruption in the public institutions, starting from our places of worship (the hording of crores of rupees in temples) to citizens proclivity to get their work done by speed money (Who needs Driving Licence attitude when 100 rupees can do!!).


Source: Buddhist Circle

3 Responses to “Atrocitynews Special : Save the Republic !!”

  1. BC/SC/ST/Minority communities should stay away from this agitation.
    Investors are creating jobs for you.
    Anti-corrupt agitators cannot provide employment for you.

  2. You think that the reservations would be lost due to the agitation? and the corruption wont go away from our country India?

    Caste and corruption are NOT mutually exclusive in India.
    90% of black/corrupt/illegal money is with the Forward caste.

    Black Money in Swiss Banks = $1.4 trillion (FC)
    Hasan Ali Khan = $8 billion (MC)
    ISRO-Devas = $300 million (FC)
    Cash-for-votes = $715,000 (FC)
    2G spectrum scam and Radia Tapes Controversy = $6.9 billion (BC)
    Adarsh Housing Society (FC)
    Commonwealth Games = $15.5 billion (FC)
    LIC Housing loan scam = $200 million (FC)
    Belekeri port = $12 billion (FC)
    Lavasa = $80 million (FC)
    Uttar Pradesh Food Grain = $44 billion (FC)
    APIIIC = $2 billion (FC)
    IPL Cricket = $8 billion (FC)
    Madhu Koda = $800 million (SC)
    Satyam = $1 billion (FC)
    Scorpene Deal = $10 million (FC)
    Oil-for-food programme (Natwar Singh) = $10 billion (FC)
    Gegong Apang PDS = $200 million (ST)
    Taj corridor = $44 million (SC)
    Kargil Coffin (FC)
    Ketan Parekh = $200 million (FC)
    Barak Missile = $200 million (FC)
    Calcutta Stock Exchange = $2 million (FC)
    Sukh Ram = $5 million (FC)
    SNC Lavalin = $10 million (FC)
    Advani Hawala = $18 million (FC)
    Bihar fodder = $211 million (BC)
    C R Bhansali = $200 million (FC)
    Telgi scam = $4.46 billion (MC)
    Harshad Mehta = $800 million (FC)
    Bofors = $400 million (FC)
    Nagarwala = $1 million (FC)
    Haridas Mundhra = $10 million (FC)

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