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Hissar: Haryana Her Hindi exam was scheduled for 18 September 2012, nine days after they raped her. There were 12 of them; eight raped her, four stood guard and someone thought it would be fun to make a video. Dabra village, where she lived, is less than 15km from the township of Hisar, her nani’s […]

Family of 4 burnt Alive in Haryana. Jitender alleged that the attackers were from Rajput caste and the family had a confrontation with them in October after which a case had been registered. “We were sleeping when they poured petrol from the window. I smelt the petrol and tried to wake up my wife but […]

Concerned over the killing of two children of a Dalit family in a suspected inter-caste clash, Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday asked Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Khattar to ensure security to everyone and prevent any recurrence of such incident. Two children of a Dalit family were burnt alive and their parents suffered injuries allegedly after some […]

Plz watch this video of a young couple who are being humiliated and thrashed in  BJP ruled Maharashtra(drought ridden Marathwada) . The fault of theirs is they met each other breaking the caste lines. Talking to a  a lower caste educated youth is a crime. Role of science and education is ZERO in their India. Glorification […]

-Dozens of Dalit children from a government school in Rajasthan’s Berdo Ka Baas village say they are now too scared to go to school. Their classmate, 12-year-old Dinesh Meghwal, was beaten up last week by a teacher allegedly for touching a non-Dalit’s food plate. “I touched their plate by mistake so they beat me up. […]

A Dalit man and wife were reportedly stripped by the police in Greater Noida in Gautam Budh Nagar on Thursday after they insisted on registering an FIR for alleged robbery. According to a report, Sunil Gautam was robbed by miscreants on Wednesday night near Atta in Noida. He went to Dankaur police station in Greater Noida on […]

Today is 29th’s a day when khairlanji massacre happened in the year 2006. The case is still pending in the Supreme Court of India. The supreme court was pleased to issue notices to all accused therein in the year 2010, thereafter CBI almost took nearly 4 years years to complete the procedure. During this time one accused died […]