Caste does not spare women even if she is upper caste:Castevirus 002MH2015


Plz watch this video of a young couple who are being humiliated and thrashed in  BJP ruled Maharashtra(drought ridden Marathwada) . The fault of theirs is they met each other breaking the caste lines. Talking to a  a lower caste educated youth is a crime. Role of science and education is ZERO in their India. Glorification of Vedic India has made Brahminical Hindu force to dictate terms to masses, they see women in India to remain slave. ( Leave aside the common educated women, Historian Romila Thapar is made a target.  She complained that on National Television NDTV)

Rise up Woman and destroy the mansion of the caste. Lets fight together till Indian holds its neck high. Lets fight with the Manu that is protected well by political forces like Congress,AAP and BJP through RSS. The conspiracy is they only advocate economic distinction but no caste visus.
You must have heard about self certification of India- being tolerant, non violent and a peaceful country, fit to be the Leader of the world=’Jagatguru’. Hell for WOmen and Dalits….Watch it, the video is in Marathi. The Goon leader asking her identity to know which caste she belongs to. They are taking her video/picture to defame her.  She knows if she conceals her identity, she would be murdered soon..

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