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The young Anti-reservationist always puts reservations at bay and squarely ridicule it, seen in debates and believed across elite. As opposed to United States, therefore, e-India is anything but a Civil Society. Any talk of caste inequity results into historic blame-game where educated Hindu preaches Caste Reality is just a product of English plan to divide […]

The Indians across globe talk highly against corruption and caste their aspersions on quality governance in India.  Where are they when families are butchered for caste reasons? The midea is supposed to provide aperture to such heinous social crime. It is lacking the courage Why? There is an estimate that Modi government has spent nearly $15 […]

Ten days after three members of a Dalit family were chopped to death in Ahmednagar, a fact-finding team uncovers the details of the crime and the lapses by the police. Aarefa Johari The triple murder of a Dalit family in Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar district on October 20 was a well-planned, sophisticated crime committed by locals who […]