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Straight about two months after, in New Year, an awful incident would be completed two years but the Dalit hamlet of Kachakatti village in Madurai district can never forget that dark day of full moon night. The dead body of five-year-old Dalit girl with slit throat and the left eye dig out was found the […]

Mr Sandeep Dongre, VP of a Mobile Company writes how merit is fooled around. He also thinks let the only generation of Brahmins miss the education train and then see the ‘merit’ in the succeeding generations. Please read how does he tear out assumptions of merit. * A job or a seat in a college […]

Developing countries are the least racially tolerant, survey says, which claims western countries are most tolerant in the world where population would accept the neighbor of a different race. The global social attitude measured by World Value Survey over three decades. It was studied in 80 different countries to identify racial attitudes of individuals. The […]

A shameless act of a teacher might led to shun education of six minor students of Dalit community as the parents of minors stop sending them to school after their teacher stripped and paraded them for creating indiscipline in the school on October 24. The students were asked to parade the school ground in the half-naked condition […]

Pune has registered 66, the second highest number of atrocity cases in a year under the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocity) Act next to Thane in Maharashtra state. While, Pune also recorded highest rape numbers of women belongs to SC/ST, along with Nagpur. Commissioner of Social Welfare estimates 66 cases have been registered in Pune district from April […]

In the revenge of old enmity, a group of four people allegedly set 29-year-old Dalit man on fire on Saturday in Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh. The victim is being treated in Bhopal Hospital. All four accused were arrested and sent for trial in the court on Sunday. A victim Gajraj Singh Ahirwar, a resident […]

Inhumanity again exposed its terrible face with cruel incident of Khedi village in Mahendragarh district as the severed head and limbs of a kidnapped Dalit girl was found from different areas of village. The 13-year-old school girl was kidnapped by unidentified persons on October 20. Four days later on October 24 her torso was found […]