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Following are the thumbnails pictures of the Kherlanji Massacre. They speak for themselves>>

1. This is the same Bulluck-Cart ,allegedly, used for making ferry of naked mother and daughter in and around Kherlanji village.


                       Priyanka in her school dress
Pic2: Topper Priyanka (12th class)

2. One of the most educated girls in Kherlanji, Priyanka passed her matriculation and was studying for HSC. She was brilliant and had great dreams. She was the best NCC cadet too. Her only fault was she belonged to that community.

3. Priyanka was gang raped and inhumanly murdered by putting sticks inside her genitals, says DNA. The cruelty did not stop there, her body was thrown in water canal.

Pic3:Dead Priyanka  …..lying…..body thrown in canel

4. A rare self respected Mother in the village who tilled the farm land, made it fertile on her own just like a man. She fought tooth and nail for her and others rights till death . Brave was she, who dared to testify infront of police that saved an innocent. She undoubtedly preferred dignified death to  lechery.  We salute you mother ! The son lying close to her is a blind but not spared by assailants. Another son, Roshan was doing his graduation, most learned boy in his village.

                 Roshan and Mother                
Pic4 Dead Mother and sons.

5. Hut they lived in is so small that has no electricity. The bright students were studying while mother was all set for preparing evening meals when the ghastly event happened.

Hut           Hut inside          hut.jpg
Pic5: Their hut …….meals getting ready……Assilants used Mirchpowder

6. Priyanka and her family thought leaving behind caste and embracing Buddha`s path would bring in sea change, though, it gave them confidence to live a dignified life(as they did) but could not change  attitude of caste people towards them. They were exterminated for their courage!

                          Pic: Buddha on doors

7. Their lifestyle reflects profound wisdom. How much mother gave importance to education than other daily needs is worth noting! Especially when she had to manage in daily budget of o.5 USD , buying books for students, travel expenses and college/school expenses!  (Generally here  every Buddhist household thinks that education is only way to get out of the shakles of caste and poverty. Result is, after 50 years of conversion 72% literacy is observed among them, way ahead of Indian average 62% .Females  are not only ahead in literacy but they have unparrallel confidence like Surekha & Priyanka had. Female literacy is more than Indian average. This is important when there are  not many Buddhist Missionaries operating  in India funded by world outside.)

Surekha`s home is a typical  rural Buddhist home. See the walls of the hut in above pic. seems as if bricks are arranged on one another with no investment on masonry.Whereas, the pic below shows the linen  made of torn-off cloths! May be 0.1USD worth? Every fraction of penny counted !

                     Pic7: Their living

8. Broken father, Bhaiyyalal who could not able to save his family, helpless for mob of 50 people attacking, ran to take help of Police, police did not come!

                    Pic8: Bhiayyalal, broken father


A short Story of Education

Once upon a time….

In a village named Kherlanji, Priyanka was reading “Political Science” for her semester examination when Killer mob approched her house.  She was raped and killed by the mob. She left reading in between — the story ended. She is no more now, thanks to caste dynamics! However she left behind the reflection of her creativity in her handwritting!
 Books1            book name
pic8: Book on ‘Poilitical science’

Another book she was to read is  on sociology that includes theory of Varnashram, theory of Sancritisation and Religion .  

Pic 9: Book on ‘Sociology’

What has happened to Priyanka, can the auther of book explain a bit? 
She is no more but how many Priyankas should die before achieving their dreams?  
How many holy books, Smruties and panchayats will continue to make people
caste blind?Isn`t it a proper time for a wise Indian to challenge the social structure, challenge caste and try to find antedote on this 2500 year old virus? 

“Hello Mr. India….where are you? Priyanka is calling…”        

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484 Responses to “New pics”

  1. 1 Shripal Ramteke

    Hang them till death who has done this.

  2. Law and Order is infected with casteistic hindus, police system is dead and cannot be trusted, the politicians and the justice departments are meaningless authorities. In such a country, dalits need to do anything and everything to protect them from animal raj. Dalits all over India must be trained in different protective weapons and arsenals including guns for self protection, without such protective measures and abilities, we will keep loosing our brothers and sisters in this barbaric culture. It is sad and ghory beyond words can express….sorry for the whole family. I want every single one involved send to life time or just be removed from the society.

  3. 3 Mahendra salve

    I am from Nagpur . Actualy media has to raise this issue. If these people are offering such a barbaric treatmen; no one is speaking , how can we keep our mouth shut? Do we need to give them similar treatment & make their women naked parade from that village? If how would they feel? One thing is sure we dont have to sit keeping hand in hand , we have to protest. And those people whou involved should be given lession such a way that next time no one dare sto repeat the shameful act. All people those have commited such criminal offence should be severely punished. Because this is not first kind of the event that happened. We must gather and give call to sane people from every part of the counrty & show strength for the cause.That such criminals should get some fear in their mind & each part-part of their body should shake next when they even think about vulgar cruelty about us. Aren’t their women feeling something shame about such vulgar crime? Why are not they coming out?

  4. 4 y s alone

    The dastrerdly act indeed was only reported in some Marathi daily but the brahmanical media never gave any space to this incident. The way many react to Jassica and Matto case why the very same people do not take up the issues of this nature where the atrocities are committed in living day lights. Though all the political parties organised a protest but it remained a mere ritual. The ruling congress and NCP have once again shown their colours and the perpetuater of this crime should be killed in front of every one and let the so called Hindus witness such events.

  5. 5 kajal


  6. khairlanji,incident remind me of stone age savagary where if you are not in their clan, your living is made hell on the earth.The so called Modern democracy of India ,is only for the upper caste racist, rich and mafia,for an ordinary Indian between police and politician’s nexus,it is a daily haulocast/genocide.Police is the largest organized criminal gang in the uniform,on the tax payers is an unbridaled hoarse, no body csn control it including the Prime Minister,who mentioned about police reform 6-7 month ago but, now it is muted.This is modern Darfur of Sudan, where janjvi’s are showing their true colour.For heavens sake don’t call you Hindus that you have a religion, you have given a bad name to religions of the world,What happened to ‘vasudev Baikutambakam”.may be we must blow the damn parliament house.

    RACIST MEDIA is worst than the South African Apartheid, who as a matter of conenience put lid on dalit issues–atrocities and their rallies, particulartly blacking out the Dhamma parivartan news, when news rooms of BBC is giving the widespread is disgrace to take a birth and call an Indian.dalit politiciand are impotent as well!
    Dr.Ambedkar said ,”Educate agitate and organize.”

  7. 7 Sunil

    Dear FRIENDS,
    Let us unite and kill that wild human(animals) beings.
    Just fix the date and give open call(I wish to participate) to kill them all.Pl do not wait for govt/court…

  8. Khairlanji incident is an end of imagination.You are more than 250 million in India but so timid and unconcerned for what is happening with our mothers ,sisters and brothers.Muslims are less than half of our population but nobody dares to commit such atrocities.They are always confident that if any attack /atrocity on them by any person/community ,their community shall take revenge and protect them.We have have not created such a feeling of brotherhood amongst our community and mejority among educated and elites are of the opinion of merry go making and enjoy life.They feel that we have nothing to do for community and Babasaheb has already done everything .This attitude of selfishness is one of the reason for khairlanji like barbaric incidents.Every year about 35000 atrocity cases are registered in police stations and conviction rate is only 2.31 %.There are 186000 pending atrocity cases in various courts in the country as per report submitted by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment to the Parliament in 2004.We are seriously working and fighting against caste based atrocities and human rights violations.We will do everything to bring to the justice to the killers of Bhotmange family.We must start working towards long cherished dream of SEPERATE SETTLEMENTS of Babasaheb in every Taluka and every District. People should not shy for keeping self protection arms with them.Ambedkar Center For Justice and Peace a global Human Rights Organisation is striving for last fifteen go to the website or E-mail me .
    With revolutionary Jaibhim.
    Nagsen Sonare,
    National President,
    Ambedkar Center For Justice and Peace,
    India,Dr Ambedkar Bhawan,Gokuldas Pasta Lane,
    Behind Chitra Talkies,Dadar-East,

  9. 9 P.P. Lakshman

    This is even more shocking than Abu Graib prison in Iraq, for which there was so much publicity. Why are our newspapers so insensitive? Their silence only leads to more violence, more crimes. Kherlanji became news when Chief Minister Deshmukh went there. I wish Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Abul Kalam go there too, as also Mrs Sonia Gandhi and His Holiness Dalai Lama, when reporters vie with one another to be present. There is a saying that “all things happen around a reporter”.

    These things keep happening because of sick minds. There is an enduring solution to sick minds. I do not wish to be accused of “fiddling while Rome burns”, but I do dare say that tit for tat is no enduring solution.

    P. P. Lakshman
    Oct 26, 2006

  10. 10 Dhiraj

    Need to block the national highway no. 6 which passes through Bhandara district unless those guilty people are hanged by court or we need to hang them in Public.

    Mumbai was shut down for almost 9 days when Ghatkoper (Mumbai) killing happened. We need to do beyond this.

  11. 11 Shanti Prakash

    Nation wide and world wide protest be lodged . The culprits must be punished with death sentence in public so that no one can dare to do such heinous crime.

    Shanti Prakash

  12. 12 ajay

    kill them.


    Dear Sir,
    It is shameful on our indian society and also want to question one thing why this type of discrimations are done only on our communities, not on others. Why our reserved dalit MPs and MLAs are keeping quite, it is a biggest insult to them they should take up the matter in the Parliament/Assembly and immeidately a order should be passed on this culprits that they should be hanged till death.

    With regards,


  14. 14 kishor Mankar

    This is the most inhumane, barbaric episode of atrocity on dalits. Needs to be condemned by one and all. Those who hane benefitted by reservation policy ans have become rich should come forward to fight the injustice done to Priyanka and her family. This is shame on entire country.


    It is a matter of great shame to the so called world’s biggest democracy. Even after nearly 60 years of independence this is the plight of the people from lower communities. At this point of time, I am really ashamed to be an Indian. The concept of social justice as enshrined in our constitution holds no relevance today and after this kind of incidents, the only way out is civil war to seek justice.I am really shocked to see the kind of cool response this dreadful episode has able to generate. The media today has become so biased and commercialised that it can afford to telecast any useless news involving upper strata of the society for hours together, but it dont even bother to touch upon such a serious,heart shaking and inhumane act. Shame on this kind of sponsored media. Another thing of great concern to me is the kind of apathic response from politicians. I really dont expect any kind of soft corner from the politicians of upper castes, but what about those who are from lower communities. Have they gone blind, deaf and senseless upto this extent that they also are not going to raise their voice against such a pathetic incident.If not, then its better for them to put bangles in their hands and sit in their bloody cozy houses.
    Finally, the whole responsibility lies on the district administration and they should be held accountable for this kind of law and order in their area. Merely setting up an enquiry into the incident is not at all a solution. Instead, a immediate order should be passed stating a death punishment against those involved directly or indirectly, although this is not going to repair the severe mental trauma the episode has caused. Passing such an order seems illogical, but there is no more space for logic in current scenario.
    At this point of time every human being,I repeat human being, should think seriously and come forward to condemn this kind of act. If still somebody is not sensitised, then for me he is not a human being.


  16. 16 Jayesh Bhagat

    Kill those who have done this, those involved in the actual act and those master minded it.

  17. 17 Parul Goahit

    I want to join others in condemning such acts and I can’t even begin to put in words what I felt after reading about this incident. Parts of India still live in stone age – to think that even the women of the village participated actively and willingly in the gory crime makes you wonder more. I feel this overwhelming sense of sadness and anger. I don’t think the incident has as much to do with casteism as it is to do with power display of some rogues. My deepest sympathy to the only survivor of family – Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange.

  18. 18 Murugan

    We ourself to find out the culprits & do the same thing like the what inhumans done it to our souls. another prianka might have already born on the earth to take revenge.


  19. 19 Mohan

    My heart fills with tears and helplessness after seeing the pics and reading comments from Prashant Tanbe and Dr Manish kumar. What can i do? when i picture the plite of Bhotmange familiy on that night, firing lettrs of protest seems like a joke. Can somthin constructive come out of it? Can I in any meaningful way avenge this? If sombodi knows please mail me at
    All i no rite now is that the way i feel living in India will now be same anymore

  20. 20 Mangesh Rangari

    Dear All:

    why don’t we take out our families from this village and then hire a killer who can go and finished all of them who have not burtually killed our community mebers but also humilate them in public. There are people in Inida who can kill any one in 20,000Rs. We will collect money and teach those inhuman bastards lession!!

  21. 21 dipak sonawane

    still I am shivering….with the sight of the images of brutal act ,how can someone who has born with heart,brain & conscience do it? ….culprit must be punished not by law but by we all,so that in future no one should dare to do this. Why it always happns with dalits..why not with so called upper cast Women & men..?


  22. 22 Alpana Bose

    Words like shamful and shocking are too mild to describe this act. I totally understand and support the anger of the community to which our ill-fated brothers and sisters belonged. But killing is no solution. Blood, hatred and violence can never counter or defeat blood, hatred and violence. We can kill, but so can everybody else. Lets do something that will have more wide-spread and a long-lasting impact. Don’t even think of treating any human being, whatever caste like the victims of Khairlanji were treared. This only proves that we are worse than them, more brutal and more inhuman than them. Let us give the society a fitting answer that would raise us morally and lower the practisers of caste system in front of the society and in their own eyes.

    Right that we should not wait for the government, but not by shedding more human blood. WE ARE BETTER PEOPLE MY FOLKS!! LETS SHOW THEM THAT WE ARE NOT LIKE THEM!!

  23. 23 Alpana Bose

    I will come back with a clearer strategy!! HAVE FAITH IN THE POWER OF TRUTH!

  24. 24 M.KRISHNAN, Salem,TN

    Barbaric,gruesome and the most dastardly attack on dalits.These village fuedals minds self educated by the brutal inbuilt system of world’s most backward religion the so called ‘HINDUS’.
    What is the way out for wiping out the cruelty in the bloody caste system in India.

    Even the state machinary is silent spectator,because the power centers are controlled by the most backward minded upper caste and the protectors of the so called Hinduism.

    The educated and intelligent dalits shold really come forward to spare time to protect innocent poor dalits.

    Only a systematic organisation can prove to a tool bring real changes in the society.

    We may not get another Ambedkar right now.
    But Dr.Ambedkar given clear thoughs that how we should behave ourselves.Dr Ambedkar felt and lemented a lot for the selfish behavior of employed dalits.
    Dear brothers lets act urgently to prevent such attrocities on poor dalits.

    Jai Bhim.

    M.Krishnan,Salem ,Tamil nadu.

  25. May peace prevail in India!

    Mayt peace prevail on Earth!

    With Much Metta,

    Yours in the Dhamma,


  26. 26 Daresh Nahar


    Converting to buddism is not the answer. Looking back into the teachings of our Kul Guru Valmiki Ji provides us with with all the answers and confidence we need and off course a very good academic education and practice of pure spirituality tool us with all the survival skills and equipment we need to take on the world.

    But we need to support those that cannot afford a good education, we need to support those that are suppressed and teach our people spirituality from the Ramayana and the Yoga Vasistha to make them realise that they are not inferior to any one else.

    We should not look down on other people. But if people are looking down on us it, then and only then proofing we are much superior to them and lookinmg down on then is justified.

    Taresh Nahar

  27. 27 Sanjay Shende

    We must unite and fight our leaders specially in maharashtra i.e. Athwale,Prakash Ambedkar,Gavai,Kawade,mayawati,Kamble,Kumbhare and so many who are every now and then opening new party are futer weakeing our strength. We need to unite for getting political power.
    Also there is immediate need for dedicated TV channel and owr own media to publise the views

  28. 28 PPal

    NO, Getting emotional for sometime and forgetting it afterwards will be of no use. to live with freedom and dignity requires sacrifice. you are butchered/sacrificed everyday to keep the Hinduism flag flying. Baba saheb said in a meeting in Gujrat. “Tum dusro ke liye roz marte ho, ab apne liye bhi marna sikho”. (You die everyday for others, now learn to die for yourself). Maro saalo ko bas!!. No hold on! that’s not a permanent solution. No I do not want be fooled in Gandhigiri. Yes that is only the solution. I have seen it working in my village. I tell you the real story. in my village in July 1987 one chamar boy was butchred by the jats for opposing a jat landlord. There were four jat men involved in killing the chamar boy. The police, and media, and judiciary and all the laws did nothing. In May 1990, three chamar college goers went mad by putting blue cloth around their head and butchered all the four Jat young men one by one in day broad light in front of all and everybody. The police arrived only after our boys finished the job. Our boys surrendred and are still in jail. But, since then I have not heard even a single incident of violent atrocities on chamrs/jatavs or anyweaker section in my village. I urge you all, please for the sake only stop blaming or believing in legal or police- media or whatever system in India. The system is always to protect who holds it. everytime you expect a mercy or help from your enemy you surrender yourself to your enemy. Stop believing in your enemies, now learn to believe in yourself. If you can, build your own system, media, police, society and a place for your futur generations to live with dignity. Do not always beg.
    Put a step forward now. first discard the bloody faith called hinduism. know this that you are dalits; you are a low because you are a hindu. you are a stupid person. you try to enter in your enemies house and blame for the treatment reserved for dogs. what are you basically? what is your society where you can draw any strenght? Have you build your society? No, koi jarorat bhi nahi he!! you always belive in miracles. shanker bhagwan (ganesh ji ke papa) aayenge aur aapko sab kuchh including dignity se living vardaan me de kar chale jayenge?? esa kabhi hua he jo ab hoga. improve upon yourself!!!

  29. Dear Ppal, this is an eye opening story from Haryana that you  narrated . People here are afraid if Judiciary doesn`t react , boiling blood may !

  30. 30 RSuman

    Shame on us when we say “India a biggest Democracy on the planet”. Folks, it will not stop until we the dalits bring these killers to justice.

    It is shame and must be stopped for GOD sake.

    Let us find these butchers.



    This is not the shocking one incidents it is the histry of “Free INDIA” and reality of life who belongs to certain caste strata of the society. To fight aginst this brutal wars we need to make stong unity and communication channels which can give a sense of securty and lead life in comfort!

    with solidarity


  32. 32 Jokhan

    Very very painful…:-(……. But it is shame on us. Though we( millions dalits ) have gained a lot from the scarifies of our great people/leaders but we are not able to protect our millions innocent people who has not been able to take any benefit still….. Reason: forgotten to payback to our society..
    Wakeup my dear brothers!! We can do anything together!!
    I think first action each of us can take is: Make sure in your village each one of the dalit boys are becoming mentally strong ( I mean even physically too).. We have to make them aware and strong to protect themselves to avoid taking revenge.. it needs your investment also..

    We should also condemn: Indian government’s developed India dream by 2020.. Nonsense!! Wgair samajik samanta ke vikashit rastra kanha !!

    In your mission,

  33. this is inhuman and cowardly act. come on friends what r u waiting for, take up the arms and start a arm struggle against upper castes. why wait for another priyanka to be killed with this brutality. take up arms and teach them a lesson for life. enough is enough how long we live like this how long we witness our sisters and mothers paraded naked and raped. if our blood is not boiled by this, our blood has become water. come on plan systematic attack on these people. punish them urself do not believe on courts. justice delayed is justice denied. my tolerance is over. hang them, burn them, mutilate them, kill them, do anything but they have to be taught a lesson.
    jai bhim

  34. 34 avinash raut

    jai bhim to all,
    its true that the khairlanji incidence has crossed the limit of inhuman beheviour…..and the caste Hindu, or so called uppper caste people are not going to change their mindset. now there is big responsitility on the literate people to do something to protect the Dalit brothers and sisters.

  35. 35 S.R.Darapuri I.P.S.(Retired)

    It is very very shocking to see the brutality of the culprits. It is a crime against humanity. The police should be forced to take the strictest possible action under the Prervention of Atrocities Act.A collective fine should be imposed on the whole village as per the provisions of the Act.The state government must ensure the protection of Dalits in the villages. The Dalits should also unite to fight against the atrocities of the higher castes.They should form self defence squads.Suitable compensation must also be paid to the survivors if any.The investigation of the case should be completed at the earliest and case tried by a fast track court.Dalits must learn to defend themselves.

  36. 36 NIlesh

    Dear all
    just that I am curious as to how to help the situation. It surely gives a great sadness within myself that I feel to cry…I want to know how can we help this situation…..trully with my heart I want to do something…
    I will appreciate responses to my personal email addresses:

    Nilesh Raut

  37. 37 natbar

    This is a brutual act by one of the dangerous species of this universe. even after gaining independence, why such incidents take place and even if it takes place why media is hesitating to cover this.For the great indian middle class holding a candle infront of india gate will bring justice to them (i appreciate the action atleast they got justice)but for these people india gate never lights up with candle.And one more thing this thing should be informed to all the people of india (including all dalits some who argue that there is no discrimination in 21st century india in public sphere). the message should be passed to everyone. how one can trust media today…….it is selective.My advice to all our people is to educate yourself aswell as be always informed about what is going on in this country…dont be ignorant to such incidents.

  38. Dear Nilesh,
    Every sane human cries on such a portrayal of inhumanity,So are we! But lets be confident, be creative,together we can find out the solution.
    To let you know the Stop-Atrocity IT Unit, Pune is trying hard to establish a Helpline with 4 departments that inlcudes Call centre and Legal.
    We will put the plan on table soon. Funding(50L) is what we need! We may seek your help otherwise too . Keep writing make people aware, only mantra !

  39. 39 Manoj NRI

    We have been reading many emotional comments on this forum but I don’t see any solution to these issues unless we react strongly together . “Tit for Tat” that is what we learn in our childhood. Its time for action now.
    NRIs leaving in US and UK cann’t do anything except shedding tears. How long will you cry? How long will you shiver because of fear and anger? How many generation will we suffer?
    Its time to Challenge this castiest society. Challenge the system. Follow Babasaheb “Live like a lion for a day”. We need to Stop this ! We need to stop these messacres.

    I declare a reward of Rs 1 Lakh for any Ambedkarite who can kill at least one of these basterds. I also pldge Rs 1000 per month for next 10 years for the family of this Amdekarite who kills them.

    Many intectuals on this forum may not like this, but I don’t care. Hell to the Indian system. I don’t want to be Gandhian.

    Those who are in India, please spread the message of my reward, help me find at least 1 true Ambedkarite in 250 million poeple to kill them. Reward will be given very next day after the job is done. Guaranteed !!

    Kill Kill Kill these Basterds

  40. 40 Problem Solver.


    These Basterds are not worth living. Its time to cange. Please let me know where this incident took place. I will make sure that no one will dare to repeat this kind of act again. I dont believe in GOD… But I believe in Humanity, I am an INDIAN… Please give the address…

    Let INDIA Blossem…

    Jai Hind…

  41. 41 Anil Tharayath

    The reality is shocking and disturbing. What should therse basards be done. I know it is not the time to be to emotional but a strategy has to be worked out

  42. 42 Attri

    these type of crimes r happening daily but remeins untouched. we ppl shud bring all the atrocites happening to ppl into public nd make them to think abt the reality… this one is really shameful act by so called upper caste people … wat the hell they ppl think. they won’t be able to survive for another few years..

  43. 43 Sourya

    This is shocking,to say the least.
    And this continues because of the system prevelent there.
    A good way to shake up the system would be to hang the entire male population of the village.
    Even those who didn’t participate directly were as guilty of keeping silent while it happened.
    I am proud to see the bloggers popularizing the issue and mobilizing public opinion.This issue shouldn’t be allowed to die down.And a kick up the backside of MSM.

  44. 44 sb

    Castrate everyone who was involved in this pathetic act of inhumanity

  45. 45 Salman Usmani

    This is only a fragment of whats happening in the entire country.

    We must not forget that everyday a similar massacre goes unnoticed in India, its either castist or communal. This had happened a thousand times in Gujarat, interestingly in a span of 15 days.
    Our impotent government would not do anything. The killers are free, the oppressors enjoying.
    So its you and me, who are to blame for we are not doing anything.
    For this particular case, the ideal solution seems that, anyone, who lives close to this area, should go and after investigating, kill the culprits.

  46. 46 Babu

    was it some sort of personal revenge or something? who were the castes involved?

  47. 47 Babu

    ok. i read about it now in one another blog. it was all to do about some land encroachment dispute?

  48. 48 vikrant sidhu

    dear friends
    i m vikrant sidhu. i m from punjab, in my openion we should file the suit against culprits and shud help the family to fight the case in every way and if nedded we will also try to tae the revenge.

  49. 49 Babu

    i am finding a lot of intolerance here. believe me. i myself am a shudra. whether that is a sc/st classification i don’t know because i never received any reservations(being a shudra from kerala).

    but, i am finding a lot of missionaries coming over to us in kerala and spreading lies about hinduism and telling us to join christianity. i fear for my country and i fear there might be instability in our country and the beneficiaries might be these western forces. therefore i try to take a pragmatic approach about the whole thing.

    my question is…are all hindus like those culprits above? should we walk into the divisive traps laid by the vested western interests and react?

  50. 50 Prashant Ramteke

    It is a very brutal and heinous act done by uncivilised people and the uncivilised religion to which they belong. How is their religion which teaches to follow the quadruple division of the society very strictly and if any downtrodden try to come on higher strata then the blood of so called civilised boils and they always try to drag the feet. This family was educated, peace loving and civilised and was on the path of progress compared to others. It could not be tolerated by others. Until we act positively and actively, such type of incidence will happen repeatedly.

    Strict action should be taken immediately against those who are responsible directly or indirectly for this barbarious act.

  51. 51 ATTRI


    but, i am finding a lot of missionaries coming over to us in kerala and spreading lies about hinduism


  52. 52 Rimple Mehta

    I dont even know if there is an answer to the horrifying existence of casteism in India! We have come a long way since independance but still such shackles hinder us from moving ahead. The atrocity on the Bhotmange family is not shocking because it just reminds us that the caste system in all its form still exists in India! We need to realise the destructive potential of the caste system. It is disgusting to see the way human beings are treated in the name of caste. Its high time we all take an initiative to create an awareness. The ‘common sensical’ notion of violence in the name of caste has to be broken. This sense of ‘normality’ has to be given a jolt and shaken to help people realise that it is not normal to torment the so called lower castes. And of course, women are the first to be targeted to vent out any kind of animosity! They are raped, killed and paraded! Its savage!

    We still have a long way to go and this incident is just a reminder of all that still exists! We as human beings need to get out of the traps we have created for ourselves. We need to love because there is a dirth of love for oneself and for others.

  53. 53 ATTRI

    Hang them till death who has done this.

  54. 54 Babu

    @ ATTRI…no doubt we should hang them, those who did this unpardonable thing. but my question is more with regard to our existence as an independant nation or as another bosnia with civil war and all. do we have the same type of experiences from all the hindus? at least i have never experienced such things. besides, i have read about the white attrocities on blacks recently where they tied the blacks and garlanded them with burning tyres! of course, their women were mass raped and brutally killed. so is christianity the solution to racial problems?

  55. 55 Vivek Sakpal

    this is an example that even in morden day.. ppl are still living with those old belifs.. caste wars are worst to mankind.. wherein the enemy is born with a tagline.. and to pull it more the media plays the card as trump.. they will never ever show such news.. not even a tag line..the ppl who have been murdered will never be punished as the law is such there are plenty of scapegoats..the only way to get this done is mass aggitation.. neither the PM CM President/Governer shall bother to this.. the country looks at us as second citizensthe media and law are useless and safforned..i feel its time we set up parallel govt for justice of our ppl a parallel system like the naxalite movement is the only answer to the country who doesnt treat us like citizen..Vivek Sakpal

  56. 56 ATTRI

    i hvn’t said anywhr tht all hindus are wrong but the no. of gud hindus will be negligible. u r saying is christanity the solution to racial problems? IF IT IS NOT THEN ALSO THE HINDUISM IS ALSO NO THE SOLUTION ATLEAST IN CHRISTANITY THERE IS NOT DISCIMINATION BASED ON CASTES. MUCH MORE EQUALITY IS THERE IN THE CHRISTANITY( NOW FRNDS DON’T START THINKING THT I M A CHRISTAN I M NOT. I HV NO RELIGION)

  57. 57 Dani

    I´m without words to express what i´m feeling now… I just want to clain for justice.

  58. 58 Simon Louis

    Oh my!! Thats cruel…

    Thats shouldnt happen to any one in life..Its the first time im hearing this news. Will google to get somemore info on this..

    Lets work out a plan to give a lending hand to this.

  59. Keep aside Caste & Religion..

    Lets learn to respect the value of Human Life.

  60. 60 Babu

    i would venture that such new assaults on dalits and converts are purely government sponsored. i won’t be wrong if i say that as well. somewhere in the pit of my stomach i’ve got a feeling that all is not well with india. the central government is hell bent on creating a ‘hatred’ amongst hindus so that hinduism can be split into pieces by sponsoring hate and infights. it would suit the agenda of both the communists and the congress who are unhappy with this large chunk of available meat which has been fairly peaceful and non-interfering so far. suddenly there is a spate of violence everywhere including even in elite schools such as iit/iim/aiims…can a long term illness be suddenly cured by administering an overdose of anti-biotics? that is what the ‘quack’ would do. a sane doctor would administer smaller dosages of antibiotics and try to get into the root cause of the problem. the quack who wants the patient to be continuously ill due to infection either natural or infectional reaction due to heavy dosage of anti-biotics…such quacks would remain in business, no doubt, but ultimately they would kill the patient. beware of the government quacks who mean ill and not good to the citizens of this country.

  61. 61 manoj

    this is so discusting. those people who despirately make this incidence should punish by society, they are the black spot on society. They also go through same punishment that they give to bhotmange family.

  62. 62 Santosh Gaikwad

    This really very ridiculous. This is very nonsense.
    Be united.
    Why can’t we do anything over this? Bcoz we don’t have the ruling power.
    So I appeal to all the young friends to bring the power in our favor. So that we can give justice to this kind of issues & can stop all this nonsense.
    To be clear, don’t leave the politics. Why should we give the decision power & ruling power in the hands of useless peoples? Although we are socially very strong but we lack behind in politics.

  63. 63 shahid

    shoot all the pepole in front of all other villagers

  64. 64 Babu

    I think if we need to see a change we must vote but not bring to power the usual jokers who are unfit for the present century. We should vote for the young, dynamic and really educated peoples party which can do something to make all these evils disappear. There is one such party: ‘Paritrana’

  65. 65 Happy

    hang these people…

  66. 66 Subhash Arya [Phd (E.Engg)]

    Against to these types of haulocast/genocide, we need action not only words. What we have done in this matter,just introspect………….:(

  67. 67 dvsecular

    For “Rakshas”, well we know what should we do with them. but their must be some thing more than death, like stoning in public and on television so that it leaves a mark & broad message to other devil.

  68. 68 Dr Achina

    Dear ALL INDIANS!!!
    I have read the reactions of all those who wrote, but can we really stop this by killing and brutalizing some one else????? will this stop or one will lead to another?
    If BABASAHEB and GANDHIJI were alive would they opt for a similar remedy????????? THINK!!!!
    There has to be another permanant solution rather than this “u kill me, i kill u ” remedy which has no ending!!!!The culprits have to be taught a lesson , thats for sure!!!
    no educated well read and sane person will support this inhumane act. I am ashamed of those indians who have committed such an henious act, they should be punished.

  69. 69 A.Periasamy

    There is no “worst word” in English Dictionary to put on those barbaric nonsense, who did these kind of worst acts on a poor dalit family. We should treat them through Balban’s rule. FIRST CUT THEIR PRIVATE PARTS AND SCORCH ON THE FLAME FIRE, FINALY KILL THEM…This punishment should become a lession for future Castist’s of the country.

  70. Dear Dr.Achina,
    The worst part of whole episode is that the people who are protecting those castiest criminals are lawyers (educated & sane), police officers (educated) and politicians (elected sane)
    The question is whether education and sanity alone can bring dignity to 20% Indian population? Answer does lie in a conventional wisdom.
    Conventional Wisdom says medicine meant for headache can not cure stomachache. For any social medicine to apply it requires questioning our social outlook, existing beliefs and religious practices.

  71. 71 Mangesh Jadhav

    On the Golden Jubilee of Dhamma Chakra Pravartan, incident in Khairlanji stunned me.

    Hang those assailants till death.

    Here by this reply I appeal to all ambedkarites that, here after take weapons in hand for self protection. Because law and order in India is became a prostitute of politicians, who are victims of brahmnisation.

    If the ambedkarite politicians are still in sleep then don’t allow them to put their foot in our villages. Boycott them.

    Ambedkarite politicians and organizations should file a case in Supreme Court against Chief Minister, Home Minister of Maharashtra.
    They are elected by people and for people. Unfortunately they have forgotten their duties for the peoples.

    If they are not able to maintain law and order, not able to give protection to lives of common man then they don’t have any right to occupy the posts.

    In my view the peoples who engaged in this cruel activity, are victims of castism and brahmnisation. They did this and thought this is their dharma ‘to suppress downtrodden’ on the basis of castism.

    This incident makes me to think eagerly that ours like ambedkarite people should raise nation wide campaign against Brahmanism because the castism is product of Brahmanism. We should make our own strategy to fight for changing the mentality of people in India who are slave of Brahmanism and consequently victims of castism.
    In my view Brahmanism is the root cause of all problems in India.

  72. 72 sunil umare

    Nished Nished Nished

    Hang them till death….
    Hang them till death….
    Hang them till death….
    Hang them till death….
    Hang them till death….
    Hang them till death….

  73. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly” –Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Dalit was the Architects of the Constitution of India, Which is “BabaSaheb Ambedkar – The man who made all the difference” True, a man should be judged by merit and achievements and not by any other frivolous considerations such as caste, Creed or religion. It is high time we all strove hard to dismantle and discard the inhuman caste system and unite all people, with the sole aim of leading the nation to the pinnacle of development and prosperity.

    The Dalit killing in Jhajjar in Hariyana State in India on October 15,2002 or in Kherlanji in Bhandara Dist of Maharashtra in the year of Buddha Dhamma Deeksha Golden Jubilee in India prove that religion is being used to legitimize mob violence. The brutal massacre of Dalit citizens is bad enough… It raises a host of questions that cry out for answers. The disturbing trend, however is that the truth about events coloured by communalism can never be known. Dalit of India must take refuge in “Tri- Ratna”Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha!

    RACIST MEDIA is worst than the South African Apartheid, who as a matter of convenience put lid on dalit issues–atrocities and their rallies, particularly blacking out the Dhamma Pravartan News, when news rooms of BBC is giving the widespread news. It is disgrace to take a birth and call an Indian Dalit. Politicians are impotent as well!
    Dr.Ambedkar said,”Educate agitate and organize.”
    Nation wide and world wide protest is lodged. The culprits must be punished with death sentence in public so that no one can dare to do such heinous crime.
    At this point of time every human being, I repeat human being, should think seriously and come forward to condemn this kind of act. If still somebody is not sensitized, then for me he is not a human being. Together we can do it……

  74. 74 Dr. Sanjay Khaparde

    Kherlanji ……… is one more product of inhuman Caste System. What kind of society , we are living in? In 1936, Babasaheb said- annihilate the Caste System. 70 years have passed and we are still living in “Politically Democratic” nation(one man, one vote)but not in “Socially Democratic” nation as we have not achieved one man – one value.
    We must completely eradicate Caste System from our lives/ society, then only we can say that the Justice is done to Bhotmange family. Mere, punishing the culprits is not enough.
    Do we have the courage to change the inhuman Caste System based on inequality to the one that is based on principle of Equality?
    Do we understand our social responsibility and act accordingly in an organised manner?
    Had we been, this would not have happened.

  75. i am still shivering on seeing the pictures. can i in anyway help, so that the culprits get capital punishment.

  76. hang till death other wise make use option of SSD- SAMATA SAINIK DAL

  77. Dear FRIENDS,
    I do agree with Sunil

    Let us unite and kill that wild human(animals) beings.
    Just fix the date and give open call(I also wish to participate) to kill them all.Pl do not wait for govt/court…

  78. Dr.Archina,

    Although killing all of them will not prevent such atrocities in future, but definitely it will go down well in the spine of future perpetrators that law will not close its eyes.

    Let all the 39 accused be hanged till death and all those who witnessed this brutal act, be sent to imprisonment.

  79. 79 vaibhav

    All the 39 accused be hanged till death and all those who witnessed this brutal act, be sent to imprisonment.

  80. All the 39 shot dead or hang till death,39 accused be hanged till death and all those who witnessed this brutal act, be sent to imprisonment.

  81. 81 jagdish

    SHAME ! SHAME !! SHAME !!!
    We need to stop this by our behave. Future should not repeat this again! WE MUST TEACH LESSION TO SUCH PEOPLE WHO ARE MISUSING HUMAN RIGHTS.

  82. 82 ajay ganeshkar

    kill them all.

  83. 83 Parvez Khan

    The culprit people must be hang till death as soon as possible, and all human being in this world should standby with the family of victoms, now the government of india should awake themselves and the law and order suitation should be control by the high level police personnel and should not be happen again with anyone in indian history, its really shame for the concern authority.

  84. 84 suresh dhamgaye

    punished them all vilegers

    We dont have to sit on keeping hand in hand , we have to protest. And the all people should be treated as they had treated us , our family & next time they would not dare to repeat the same act. All people those have commited such criminal offence they have to be punished. Because this is not first kind of event that happened. we have to gather and call the people from every part of the counrty & show them our strength.That they have to get somewhat fear in their mind & each part-part of their body should be thrilled to even think any vulgarity about us.Their womens also get such vulgar treatment.

    kitee sarmanak bab ahee salya hya lahansya gawane sampurna maharashtrala kaleek potlee. punish kara hya gawateel pratekanna koneehee maditeela ale nahee ! kharach manuskee nawachee lajja ahe kiwa nahee, salyanna laj nahee watlee hya prakarche karya karnyasathee.

  85. 85 Ajit Kumar

    I am quite surprised at the shock and anger expressed by young friends here. I was posted in Vidarbha as a very young person 35 years ago. Killing of untouchables who did not fall in line with the demands of upper caste villagers was quite common in those days. Now it is less common and even gets reported in news papers and the electronic media. But I still beleive that it is routine, though a sophisticated cover up is required. Dr. Ambedkar called our villages “dens of evil”. The answer is to encourage untouchables to move out to select towns even if it only means living in slums. Apart from the annonymity and the safety of numbers it also helps to change the demographics and to that extent gives a better chance for untouchables to seek a share in political power.

    There is really no point in berating the authorites, media, etc. because their upper caste mind sets will not let them see the essential evil of the caste system of which this demonic deed is only a small example. So instead of pulling our hair in anger and becoming abusive I believe we should think of constructive ways in which fortresses can be built. One can begin by reading Narendra Jadhav’s book about his father.

  86. 86 Anilkumar

    kill them…publically..

  87. 87 Ashish Bisht

    i m so ashamed to see this what has become of my country i am not in india and i could nt control my tears i must say the culprits should be castrated and then tortured to death but our country’s law does not allow these kindof laws but i say give them third degree till they die. If India has to come to the next millenium she should have some proper laws imposed i think its time to change. jai hind

  88. 88 Deo

    I am sure this is not first incidence. And someone is behind to higlight this for elections or something. I beleive there will be many exchange of benifits and this issue will fade as time pass w/o any solution… and it may happen in future and so on…
    Very sad, shameful incidence for all of us.

  89. These bastards say that castism is no more in india, they lie. We should make this as international issue… put it on all the blogging website and make sure that it is covered by international media too.

    Let’s show the world that what happens behind the scene in India. Let’s take it seriously.

  90. 90 ranju

    this atrocity commited by hindus reminds of their glorious past as looters and hunters of civilisations. the vedic barbarism espoused by these people function as the ideal phylosophical platform for all these barabsic poojas religiously followed by uncivilised and undemocratic Hinduism.

    regarding the debate btm Mr Babu and Mt Attri; it seems that babu had mis-conception that dalits are hindus. Hindu community is only the creation of the decennial census during colonial period and whterver espoused in the name of hinduism is nothing but brahminism that divides society on the basis of varna and jati. dalits are not hindus and therefore they are free to embrace or not embrace any religion. the hindu ‘upper’ caste minorities are commiting all kinds of crimes upon the civilised dalits and it should not let go at any cost

  91. 91 Anil

    Khailranji massacre is blot on the face of every Indian. Itsone of the henious, barbric and inhuman act on the part of the people with whom Bhotmange family has been living since last 20+ years. That too in “progressive(?)” state like Maharashtra. Is Maharashtra better than Bihar? or is it competiting with Bihar in commiting such henous crimes?

  92. 92 shivam dubey

    living in metropolitian cities we never realize that there are people who r oppressed.

    in short i will say we belong to same planet but live in different world.

    ban these news channel who brodcast hours on the injury of cricketers and filmstars.

  93. 93 ranju

    very very painful…
    kill them who has done this.

  94. It is time for us to form revolutionary outfit to fight atrocities against us Condemnation just by words is not enough. It is required direct action. It is time for us to unite with all our resourses.

  95. 95 Vijay Orkay

    Can you imagine that so called Hindu Father, Sons, Mother & daughters of Khairlangi village were witness and participants of rape & murder of Bhotmange’s wife & daughter.
    Its shame…..on part of Hindus…….
    Hindus rape their Bharat Mata in front of their mothers…

  96. 96 m.venkatalakshmi

    we should feel shameless,killing them is not the only way to bring the awreness in the peoplebut they must be teach a lesson how cruel it is?

  97. 97 dvsecular

    Well, we need to be objective here. the recent information on this case
    raises some doubt over the objective behind representation of the crime
    in a particular manner. without diluting the gravity of the incident.

    Few point i should make clear:
    1. People involved were criminals who were in jail.
    2. Cast was not the reason behind the crime, it was a personal feud.
    3. Allegation made here are not facts.

  98. 98 Ashish Bisht

    i think the question is not about religion even if u look into other religions people are dying, so to blame hinduism is not justified atleast not to me, i repeat religion is not the reason, the reason is uneducation and unemployment i am sure if they take care of this problem people would be able to take care of themselves basically its the mentality that needs to be changed, now people should respect other’s feelings. the best thing right now to do would be make examples out of the culprit and educate the others jai hind

  99. 99 Manoj NRI

    As mentioned earlier I am still ready to pay Rs 1 Lakh as a reward to the Ambedkarite who can kill at least one of these bastards.
    Help me find one “Yoddha” in our community.

    Rs 1 Lakh Reward for the Revenge !!

    Revolutionary Jaibhim !!

  100. 100 pankaj s damke

    kill all those people and set one example that we r united we r one one . now onwards nobody dare to kill any single dalit in whole country .

  101. 101 RUCHY

    such people should be dealt without moving into long court hearings rather decide their case immediately as they are TERROR to whole humanity.

  102. 102 Prashant

    After seeing all these how can a human being ristrct him self for raising his voice against these bloody bastered villagers. how can these villagers do this type of acts in front of their children what lesson they are teaching to their upcoming generation . it really very unhuman. I m Desperate to go that village and burn all those houses of all villagers


  103. 103 Snehal

    I am not a buddhist so i think i can go beyond caste n think abt this incident.

    Well just speaking as an indian this incident was really brutal. And the people who did this should be severly punished. I do believe that together we should bring this thing in light to the law, and see that they are proved guilty n hanged to death.

    But the point is we should do it by law. We are not insane like them.

  104. 104 Krishna Prasad

    Such incidents are frequently repeating in our country. In this case all culprits should be given capital punishment, without sparing anyone who is guilty.
    The verdit should develop a fear in those who dare to do such inhuman atrocities in the name of caste or religion.

  105. I am really ashamed what has happened in that little village but i agree with a previous post that the village should be blocked and know one should enter and leave the village untill a whole investigation has happened.

  106. 106 Simon Hikenbottom

    I am really ashamed what has happened in that little village but i agree with a previous post that the village should be blocked and know one should enter and leave the village untill a whole investigation has happened. Be that in mind in a country like India and many others people get let off by showing the cash they have in thier wallets, this may just sound stupid but i belive that all the women who participated in that shamefull massacre should be stripped and shot infront of thier husbands brothers and neighbours so the men know what it feels like when it is thier mothers and wifes involved in such emmbaresment. All the men involved should be hanged till death to feel the suffering they inflicted on an innocent family, but as we all know this is what we all wish that should happen but in reality we know it wouldnt.The indian media should do more to let the world know what barbaric thing was allowed to happen to that family and someone should start a petition to let the indian goverment know that we all belive that something should happen and they must face up to their responsibilty and be reminded thier not just payed to sit on a seat and visit fancy countries but give people the rights to live in peace and punish the ones that oppose to it. If we can spend money on the army to kill/punish terrorist for what they do why cant we do the same to the ones that do it in thier own country.Please do not get me wrong but evan terrorist give people aa more dignified death then that village did to that family
    Thank you for reading


    Burn that bloody viilage, & kill all the bastered involed in this crime.

  108. 108 D.V.Dedge

    The gang should be hang till death.

  109. 109 Prajot

    If this is the way our country`s politicians are going to act like going after the guys who are protesting the killing rather than going after the killers and blaming naxalites who do not have any role in the killing just because the villagers are the same cast as our dear Chief Minister of Maharashtra i promise this country is going to hell no matter how many yagnas or pooja path these people do no matter how many devtas they invoke they are all going to die a bitter death and taking us with them because we do not have power because e do not have education because they ont let us because they are afraid they ill lose their superiority, but ask them a question who are they superior to? i want them killed in the same fashion with bamboo sticks coming out of their bodies (men and women) just like they did to that poor family every single member of the village who participated in the carnage should be raped just like they raped poor priyanka i want them dead NOW

  110. 110 Thangamani, Erode, Tamilnadu

    I am still searching for the words to describe this inhumane crime, i am not a dalit but i respect them, my advise is that they need to unite, they should not get divided on the political lines, and do not blame the upper castes, it is useless and a way of escapism, instead first develop your community, unite yourself, do not let your own people to divide, and please try to get support from people like me, i am ready to offer any type of support, do not think that all the upper caste hindus are caste biased

    there are millions of hindus or upper castes or even from other religions we are ready to give you a lift but the thing is that you have to unite first, the persons who went up using quota system should come forward to agitate and finiance….

    we will be always with you……..

    i really feel very shame for being an upper caste Hindu

    let’s join our hands to build a caste-free Hindu society,

    in Tamil Nadu, as far i known, these things won’t happen coz dalits are making good earnings and they know their rights and though they are politically divided they unite and seems to be at least bit educated….

    all i can say is KNOW YOUR RIGHTS and fight for it legally or morally whichever is possible, if you do not get justice then go for moral law…simple HEAD FOR HEAD, LEG FOR LEG…

    Jai Hind

  111. 111 Roy Davidson

    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

    That’s the only solution. Otherwise how would the womenfolk of the murderers really realize that crime of what their men are doing. While the dalits were fighting against the uppercaste all these years, these women didn’t do anything about it. Including on September 29th.

    The only solution seems to be a armed retribution.
    We see the barbarious treatment of dalits all over the country every day and nothing done about it by the govt. Its time for a national uprising like that which happenned in tamil nadu may years back.


  112. 112 Anasuya

    The incident speaks of the beastly behaviour of humans with no humanity. Those guilty should not be spared and imposed such a punishment that similar incidents do not recur.

  113. 113 Gohar Ayub

    These ppl must be fucked first by elephant , than by donkey than by horse than by a man, son of bitches.. they were just simply the mother fuckers, though i am MUSLIM and from Pakistan but i was schocket afther looking at the pics of that innoceent girl,

  114. 114 Gohar Ayub

    Nagsen sonare on Oct 26th, 2006 said:
    Khairlanji incident is an end of imagination.You are more than 250 million in India but so timid and unconcerned for what is happening with our mothers ,sisters and brothers.Muslims are less than half of our population but nobody dares to commit such atrocities.They are always confident that if any attack /atrocity on them by any person/community ,their community shall take revenge and protect them.We have have not created such a feeling of brotherhood amongst our community and mejority among educated and elites are of the opinion of merry go making and enjoy life.They feel that we have nothing to do for community and Babasaheb has already done everything


  115. 115 DAVID BANDI

    Most grusome. We tend to raise our voice only when such incident we come accross. We as responsible citizen must persistantly fight against such incidents. The culprits of
    Kherlanji massacre must be punished.

  116. The Khairlanji incident is a dark blak stigma on humanity.I am surprised about one thing that there were protests and agitation when 9/11 happened in USA.If we can stand unitedly to condemn the 11th sept terrorist attack in the USA Then we should equally vehement in protesting against cast terrorism and the brutal attacks on Dalit and attrocities done to the people in our country.But we could not see this happening.Have we become so insensitive?If there is pervasive cast discrimination and baised view of the upper cast members of the society to the masscare like this then in future also this paradox of silence and inaction is a live threate to the more than 165 million Dalits in India.

    Now the state invetigation team will invetigate in the Khairlanji brutal killings but the need of the hour is these type of cases should be handled by the very independant machinary and for that i would suggest the ICC International Criminal Courts should be established in India.

    We all at Sahyog Trust’s Human Rights and Law Defenders (HRLD) strongly condemn the brutal rapes and killings in Khairlanji.We see it as a attack against Humanity.

    -Adv Asim Sarode
    Human Right Activist(09850821117)
    Human Right and Law defenders
    # 302 Anil Hosing Society
    Opp.Kamala Nehru Park,
    Pune-4 (Maharashtra)

  117. 117 PRASHANT



  118. 118 swati gurbhele

    hiii frds
    my only request to our people is to plz plz plz unite now.and dont bother for the consequences.those criminals must b destroyed not just according to law.that will b nothing for them.they must b destroyed by public only.this is the crucial time and we should not agree with any political funda!in fact the way those killers treated priyanka……..every woman of the world shoul come in front not juct the dalits!

  119. 119 sam

    This episode has left scars me, I find it shameful to call myself Citizen of secular India that 2 in year 2006.
    Everybody is talking here of getting justice to the people dead, the justice is not only for them. It is for every secular citizen of India. By getting fast justice example will be set.
    But do you think by giving punishment to 39 people we are going to get justice.
    All such things are happening cause we are not yet able to practice secularism.
    Its shameful to see educated people intolerant about religion/Caste/gender.
    We all say Indians are our brother and sisters, but keep ourself distant from so called people of lower caste/religion. I donno who is coined this word lower caste. People who are shouting on the top of their voice for justice I just want to ask one question , How many of you can accept a person in your family to come from another religion. If you take even a moment to answer this that means your education has failed to make you a perfect secular….
    Till we don’t change ourself our attitude towards society as whole , some Priyanka will get raped some Bhotmange family will get murdered. Let us change ourself, people around us then only in true meaning I feel we will be getting Justice.
    Let us all accept and follow Humanity as religion.
    Praying to the God to rest all of this people in peace.

  120. 120 Gunjan


  121. 121 J Gajbhiye

    Hang the culprits.


    this is very inhuman act by cast hndues .. guiltymust be punshied as early let us unite for justic..we should think to avoid all such incidents should not happend again . i am in deep shocked

  123. 123 sameer kamble


  124. 124 Bhushan

    Punishment for such a brutal crime can only be DEATH to all the criminals involved.

  125. Dear FRIENDS,
    Let us unite and kill that wild human(animals) beings.
    Just fix the date and give open call(I wish to participate) to kill them all.Pl do not wait for govt/court…

  126. 126 Tarun.Das

    Kill the criminals

  127. i am still shivering on seeing the pictures. can i in anyway help, so that the culprits get capital punishment.

  128. 128 PANKAJ PATIL

    I read about this brutal incident in newspaper before a month. But I do not know what really happen with them. The villagers who are involved in this massacre should be punished in the same way as they treated with bhotmange family. We should not wait for the government to punish them. They also need to know what happens when someone beat them with the iron chain they also need to feel the pain what they had given to bhotmange family.

  129. Jai Bhim,
    It is very effective platform to us show all details of what incidents happened with all Dalit community in over all india. First of all i am very proud of you because you people are real soldier of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.
    Only reaction of all of us is not sufficient. I think if this type of incident happend with other community, will going to keep quiet?
    So now time is come for the real independence of us.
    Rebuild of our strenght and ready for the war of our existence.
    Why news paper”SAMARAT” shows all this photographs in the news paper?
    Becasue this type news must known to every Dalit brothers those who were not aware about how to use of internet.
    So my request is that ask this question to News paper “SAMARAT”
    I heard the news of Bhim sena and NCP had decided that they together come closer to fight against the issue like this. But now what happened that the promise made by them. Eventhogh senior of NCP told to newspaper that the issue of khairlanje connected with naxilist activities.
    This very sad for all of us. There is need to be come together of all Ambedkari organization on this issue and arrange a big rally to Delhi.Is there anybody else to hear of voice?????
    waiting for u r response.

    Rajiv & Mahesh

  130. 130 Fchandran

    It is indeed very shocking to read about these barbaric acts. On one hand we Indian wish to claim fame to the biggest democracy blah blah.. etc all the economic growth blah blah…and then you read this in the news and you think we are so pre-historic we need to come up with a new word for it.
    We can only hope that now it is published something will happen, but who is that one champion to take the action and help the poor father left behind.


  131. 131 Charu Shaligram

    This exmple tells us that India is still living backward class thinking like castism. We never ever be Superpower if such masscre will continue to happen in this so called “BIG” democracy country.
    Media should highlight such incident to pressurize the law & order to punish culprits as early as possible.

  132. 132 Harendra

    Just cut there genitals and and Naked pulling them on the streets.

  133. 133 ashish mundawane

    i am still shivering after ssing these pictures.
    these are horrible
    the punishment 2 this brutal act can only be DEATH

  134. after seeing the pictures one cannot imagine that people of such barbaric nature may be living in this world.such people have no right to live.Killing innocent people in such a manner will not be tolerated and will have to taught them a lesson now itself.All the 39 people should be tortured and killed .Their death should not be instant.They should know why they r being killed.
    The incident of khairlanji is very shameful,shocking ,barbaric and inhumane.

  135. 135 pradeep

    I do not want write any more. This is the right time we public should be alert. As you know goverment, politician ,law and admistration and media , Women soceity, wont help us. Just they know how to used this public centimates. Some where this people must laoughing at us.
    So, I am full confidient that we public can do very better way without help of these burocrats.

    Let us my plan is can we have the actual criminal photo on this website. Then I will tell what to do next………….. Please do quickly to get this criminal photo first

    Jai hind

  136. 136 Milind Jog

    Friends ,I’m an upper cast(?) hindu. Like every responsible citizen I felt ashamed and could not believe it is still happening. I want to say Sorry to all my dalit brothers. I can feel the anger and it’s justified too. No words of sympathy can cure this. The guilty must get punished and it should be a very severe punishment.
    Indians, even the so called bahujans (Killers belong to kunbi caste) can’t digest the progress dalits are making.
    Dalits have suffered a lot and still remained peaceful. The credit must goto the leadership provided by the tallest leader this country has produced, Dr. Ambedkar.
    I dont know what can change the feudal mindset that still prevails in Indian villages.
    Events like these just make you numb.

    I’m sorry on behalf of the Hindu society. You may not be able to forgive us but we are with you.

  137. 137 PRADEEP

    Really I am crying, what will be our future, how our children will be survive. Day by day our children also go in this path.

    raping, kidnaping, killing…….etc.

  138. 138 Rameez

    This incident is brutal… The young India should respond to this.. Not through terrorism.. But through a mass movement without Gun

  139. 139 Sanjay

    such a shameful,cowardice act can only be expected from a real hindu. such a response only can be expected from hindu media and such a non-activism can be expected from the hindu judiciary and only such ignorance can be expected from our hindu leaders such as …………& Rambilas paswan, Mayavati (yes they are now hindu, no more dalit) etc.
    After all we should not forget that theirs women, ladies were also treated by mongols, mugals & britishers in the similar manners. lets forgive them for their this brave act.

  140. I think it is nevertheless important as the Jessica Lal and the Priyadarshini Mattoo case. It is very very sad that even after 50 years of Independence a Dalit women is raped and killed in the Indian Society. But it only shows that the caste system is alive and sophisticated in this country.
    I am a Dalit software professional working for an IT Company in Mumbai. I would like to appeal
    to all the Anti-reservationists in this country and especially to all the Medical students who had opposed reservations that if you had really stood up for Equality and Merit, now is the time to show your concern for a Dalit family. My appeal also goes to the Youth for Equality and the Rang de Basanti Enthusiasts if they really stand for Equality. I would like to see processions in every major Indian city like they had opposed reservations. If they fail to do that, it only reflects their fickle mindset about being self serving individuals more concerned about their communities. And more importantly it reflects the Divided youth in this country who are divided not by any agendas of the politicians but by the caste system which they have inherited from their so called upper caste forefathers and parents.

    I only hope that the culprits of this gruesome crime will be given the very strict punishment . I would like to see them hanged till death.

  141. 141 Subhash Arya

    Speak Loudly MERA BHARAT MAHAN!!!!!!!!!!GURV SE KAHO HUM HINDU HAI………etc……
    These types of inhuman and devil activities are going on for last 5 thousands year on downtrodden people of India…..
    When this type of discrimination will stop…..I think never……and we are still looking India to be Developed country……

  142. 142 takshak shende

    jai bhim
    Hang all criminal behind this

  143. 143 PRADEEP



  144. 144 PRADEEP



  145. 145 PRADEEP

    FRIEND !





  146. 146 Shivraj USA

    This is a sadest incidance in Maharashtra in recent times.
    No doubt that the dalits should be united agaist the antracities caused by upper caste, but to me, it looks like a faluire of system as well. The collector, SP, and other officials should also be procsecuted.
    I read that there were several dalit officers who unhighlighed the case. Is this a change in mindset of these dalit officers.
    There are many shortcommings in Hinduism, which should certainly be addressed quickly. The untouchability should be wiped out. It brought a very bad name to a 5000 old religon.
    ==Shivraj USA

  147. 147 sam

    atrocities are bad and every human kind knows that.Despite this happend. I guess punishing culprits will be against the “Amnesty Principles” as they only desrve Death Penalty.

    But important question is when this all is goign to stop?
    How many lives its going to take ??

    what is govt. doing ? what are educated people doing?

    I guess we all have to chip in before things get out of Humanity.


  148. The whle incident is full of shame to the whole mankind and the culprits should be punished but in proper and legal way. Let’s not get over emotional and propose to break the law because that will only complicate the matter & will not helpful in short and long run.

  149. 149 Shrikant

    I agree with Sunil (and mamy more above) who says ..
    “Dear FRIENDS,
    Let us unite and kill that wild human(animals) beings.
    Just fix the date and give open call(I wish to participate) to kill them all.Pl do not wait for govt/court…”

    Just wanted to add here ‘These Animals shall not be killed immidiatly, they should be beaten first, then we shall put some salt and mirchi powder on them then we shall take out their nails, then eyes, toung .. keep them alive for a day then we should chop their fingers then pams then hands .. still we shall keep them alive … then we shall take them from various towns and villages .. publish widely .. the impact of their ‘Did’s and then probably use the same method what they used to kill ‘Priyanka’.

    I am sure if we do above .. there will be enough learnings for next few hundred years.

    let’s fix the date ..

  150. 150 PRADEEP

    Ya Srikant, Oviously thats we public to be done. But not in a hurry manner first all we need the all photo of all culprit and there address. Then we will plan………….

    I appeal do not go violently, otherwise unessary some more people will by this dirty burocrats…………

    And one thing I want to put your notice, this politician are waiting for this type situation………they can easily play your centimates. Ultimately we public be the great loser.

    So, please think thoroughly………….

    I request to atrocity brothers please collect all those culprit photo with address and evidences. Please do not go away from political or any pressure.

  151. 151 rajesh

    kill that wild human animals

  152. Hi,
    “Hang till death” who has done this!!!…If require the complete Villege…

    I feel its worst of it the Castism can do !!!
    Guys If you require any kind of help from my side ..I am always there…

    Youth come ahead and be united..The time has gone…
    I am a bramhin by cast..but I feel shame of myself if my previous generation have done like it long back too…But Generation has chnaged…In my family I have never seen any incidents…

    There is “Hatered” which needs to be lower down…

    But I wish to know more about the incident,b’coz,Thruth is something always differnt.There might be the case Poloticians might be using “Divide and Rule” Policies …Be aware of Politicians…But yah thats why I wish to know the thruth…Leader like Ramdas Athavale and Others poloticians can do whatever they want…

    ..How can the human beings be so cruel!!!…

    God cant save this country!!!Only Youth can save this country…
    aditya mandlekar

  153. 153 sumit bhuigal

    The hinous crime of the cowards be retaliated against the culprits in the same manner and the culprits be torn and tortured & burnt alive with their kith & kin so they also feel the agony.

    The developing buddha countries such as Japan (China, Thailand & other countries) who extend financial assistance to India should register their strong feelings to Indian Govt. to build pressure to curb such hinous frequent crimes against buddhists.

  154. 154 Abhijeet Gaikwad

    This is shamefull incidence. The whole village should be punished stop govt. funding to villagers isolate that village so they will realize what crime they have done.
    R R Patil is saying dalits will allow to have weapons for self defence in village with less dalit population. This will allow police to kill dalits sayin they are naxalite or terrorist like wise police are kiling muslims in name of terrorism.

    This is the reality of maharashtra which project itself as rational state and responsible ministers come up with such fancy ideas. Local media is neglecting the issue, creating that not very bad incident has happened. i should thank you for providing this link to express my view.

    i stronly condemn this event. Lots of dalits are converting to buddhism in 50th anniversary of Dhamma chakra Pravartana by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. These incidence are to stop this conversion and terror people from low caste. these are hindrance in their self upliftment.

    abhijeet gaikwad.

  155. 155 Anand Sarode

    It was a very shamful act which has happend in one of the developed state callled Maharashtra. All the culprits needs to hanged till death without trial.
    All the plotical leaders from the dalit community needs to the throuwn out the caste and should be allowed to call Dr. Ambedkar as hteir father as they have not done anything to support the vitims.
    They are only demanding money from the government. Why should they we are not beggers. Our father (Dr. Ambedkar)has done enough for us that we can win our bread and butter.
    They still are supporting the Congress & NCP as they are their father.
    The movemnt which was started by Dr. Ambedkar is notgoing forward but our leaders are oulling it backward.
    No Dalit leader has come on the roads to condem the ruling government. We the people are on the road to fight aganist the eveil forces and injustic done to our brothers 7 sisters.

  156. 156 Sandip Jadhav

    I saw the picture and want to killed those who don’t have heart. The Govt must hang them or cut their body part one by one let them live with all those pain.
    Babasaheb told us ‘Julm karnewala se jada gunehegar Julm Sahne wala hai’ , We all, our community must come and fight agains all these type of heartless people.

    Killed them hang them.
    sandip jadhav
    (00973 39224981)

  157. 157 rakesh Jagtap

    This matter should be forward to the specially formed fast track court and hope that the result must be lifetime prison but not death

  158. 158 Rajesh Badiye

    This is an ugliest act performed by anti social elements. These people must be punished mercilessly. This is a act against humanity. Citizen of India must stand against this act and take this matter till it resolvs. During this battle against this act, we all also should make sure that no more lives of innocent people are lost. There shouldnt be any political presence during trial and so called politician should not be entertained to a activities which can trigger communal riots. Its time for us to remain focused on fair justice and not to create chaotic situation.

  159. 159 zohar

    Very strict action must be taken against the guilty. and it should be such that it shoudld act as a deterrent for people who think they can get away with it.

  160. 160 Sanjay

    I don’t know how many of you have read this. Marathi newspapaers have reported that those who committed these heinous crimes belonged to OBC castes ( Kolar or Kalar and Powar ) and were not upper caste Hindus. The polce officers who investigated(???) this case and the doctor who performed the post-mortem all belonged to SC/ST. These people helped the murderers. Does anyone care to comment ? Why are Bahujans/Dalits committing crimes against other Dalits ?

  161. 161 Mangala Wankhede

    Jai Bhim to u all

    When killers of prime minister Of India took two decades to be hanged can we expect our Law &Judiciary to be faster for killing of an ordinary Buddhist family..?
    Only if We can do something about it..!!

    We the educated & somewhat financially can definitely do a lot for our people in villages by visiting them ,by helping them financially ,by guiding them about career & education ,by being with them ..from heart..! Our beloved Babasaheb felt it from heart , so here we are .Is it not duty of each one of us to take care of our people in villages & show them a way to better life?
    We may have to sacrifice a part of our personal wealth, time etc for this. This way we may prevent recurrence of Khailanji tragedy.

  162. What are we crying for ? Do we have any self respect? This had been going for ages India is 3rd Class Country All Indian Are MOther-F..k.r. This inhuman act should not be forgetten same treatment should be given to all villagers we should not give undue respect to indian law as it have failed to give justice all this years. All Dalits should come together and forget humanity. Just treat this sons of bitch lesson in same manner.

  163. 163 PRADEEP

    Dear Friends

    Still some my friends are talking about bramin and dalits.
    Already I mensioned earlier this is public fight with Goverment. Because Government is not putting effort to give punishment to these criminal. So, We have to fight for unhumanity. Please dont talk about castism, this is man made thing for there benifits we have to overlook it. Otherwise Beeing Indian, the named Indian cast will vanish. Please try to understand what I am explaining.

    More over I dont believe on talking, I belive on doing some thing. It is easy to talk, while doing it very difficult. So, do it. For the GOD shake, do not pull Castism here, it is directly scolding to all indian People. Please under stand all people of india is not bad. We indian main problem is that feel fearness of doing some thing alone. Thats oviusly, If we public will unite, it can possible. I belive every thing can possible if we unite and work together honestly.Only some people who are making very dirty work for there personal benifit. Actually they are foolish, they are forgeting that there won genertion will also face this difficulties. Just an example of some of the politician families are………………

    Simply kill and Hang this people, it is only you are using your mouth. Really can you kill them ?………please reply…

    lastly I request please for the God shake do not talk about CASTISM.

    We will kill this criminal, that is last source for the public……….But how……………?????????????????

  164. 164 SHIVAJI R.

    All the criminals included in this matter should be hanged till death as per the INDIAN CONSTITUTION….and those which are trying to hide the things or manipulating the whole incidents,that Maharashtra sarakar should give their resignations…..

    if they are giving some jobs or some rupees in lakhs,the question arises that in our country only this much is the price of HUMAN LIFE or a STREE CHARITRYA? So want to ask the question to respected Mr.Deshmukh & Mr.Patil is,how much prize they have decided for their own womens like for mother,sister,wife,daughter….etc…

    I know its very rude but the incident which had happened in KHAIRLANJI that is just a shame…if it would possible then i would kill those basterds…but its not possible..

    I just want to suggest one thing that,all the Dalit political parties should come together and should take the action against it…. And i want to request to the most respected person Mr.R.S.Gawai saheb,Prakash Ambedkar saheb,Ramdaas Atthavale saheb,Panther Jogendra Kawade,and all Dalit nete of India please take the necessary actions against it…


  165. 165 SHIVAJI R.

    All the criminals included in this matter should be hanged till death as per the INDIAN CONSTITUTION….and those which are trying to hide the things or manipulating the whole incidents,that Maharashtra sarakar should give their resignations…..

    if they are giving some jobs or some rupees in lakhs,the question arises that in our country only this much is the price of HUMAN LIFE or a STREE CHARITRYA? So want to ask the question to respected Mr.Deshmukh & Mr.Patil is,how much prize they have decided for their own womens like for mother,sister,wife,daughter….etc…

    I know its very rude but the incident which had happened in KHAIRLANJI that is just a shame…if it would possible then i would kill those basterds…but its not possible..

    I just want to suggest one thing that,all the Dalit political parties should come together and should take the action against it…. And i want to request to the most respected person Mr.R.S.Gawai saheb,Prakash Ambedkar saheb,Ramdaas Atthavale saheb,Panther Jogendra Kawade,and all Dalit nete of India please take the necessary actions …


  166. 166 swapnil

    to be hang till death
    is india changing?the thinking of people cant be change…….
    so many incident happend in india this is not the first one .we the next generation should think on that and take appropriate action.

  167. The incidence is very unhuman. Pepole from the lower caste should take revange in the same manner so that the victms will realise the pain. Congress and BJP people are the main culprit of this incidence and leaders from the lower caste are the main nutrients of these parties thats why agitations are leaded without any leadres. Untill the lower caste people would not become the ruler these these thing should not be stopped. Kill that bastered.

  168. 168 Dr. Archana Dethe

    It’s very sad to see that still there is caste discrimination
    persist in India. There is hatred, there is cruelty in our
    country which needs a full stop. It’s only in our hands..we
    the today’s generation have to take a step to stop this, I
    know its not any easy task, but we should at least
    try something for our brothers and sisters. Wining is not
    the thing, should be our motive “TRY”.. We should do
    something for these people, our people.. Though we don’t
    share any blood relation with these people but there is a
    Humanity alive in our heart which makes us feel pity for
    the girl, the mother and the boy after hearing the incidence.
    If there is nothing you can do, then I request you all to atleast
    forward this to everyone.. because even media is refusing to
    cover it, only because this family belonged to a SC category.
    I also got this news on 14th november and this incidence has
    taken place on 29th September 2006. whatever has happened
    gives me the shivers.. Now I can only do is pray to God to
    stand beside the father…
    -Archana Dethe.

  169. 169 Indian

    To be hang till death
    is india changing in 60 years after Independence?the thinking of people cant be change…….
    so many incident happend in india this is not the first one .we the next generation should think on that and take appropriate action. So what is the difference between Before independance n after Independance day? What are doing neta company n media also.When ganpati is drinking milk, all media n even our Neta also goes to that stupid thing.Continues tow-three days shows the stupidity on the every channel whole day n night.what happened right now to the media n Government?So please stop this cuelty, this is depends on only Government of India.

  170. 170 prashant

    this is nothing but politics.

    When people in nagpur were angry and killed 6 others what you will do now? This crime is surely like any other crime which happens in india, someone drives a car and which runs on some poor people sleeping on foothpath. The drivers were christians now you will say the same thing? that all christians are agaist people from andhra?

    think about it!!!

  171. 171 anubhav

    There is no “worst word” in english dictionary to put on those barbaric nonsense..
    but my question is that to whom and to how many people we are going to give punish. beause in every movement manu is taking birth in this religion. so it is very difficult to war with such mindset. if you think that their mindset would change one day it would be a great joke.even you waite for 3000 years it is notgoing to be change. so we are westing our time and energy bye staying with them.

  172. 172 Kishor N. Patil

    In the year of Golden Jubilee of DhammaChakra Pravartan,inhuman and brutal incident in Khairlanji shocked me.This is happened because they (culprits) think that Indian Buddhist does not have any support.They can not do anything like this to Muslims,because they know that whole muslim world are with them.This is high time for all of us to unite and fight against injustice.

    Strict action should be taken against those who are responsible for this barbarious act.

    Dear Bhaiyyalalji we are with you.

    Kishor N.Patil,Pune

  173. 173 p kamble

    it is need of time that we should change our mother tounge and accept English as our first mother tounge.we should not forget that Nazi(Brahmins) first destroy our mother tounge that is Pali(script Brahmi)and then destroy Buddhism easily by changing meaning of word pali to sanskrute.
    it helps to learn Baba saheb’s volueme by every child,
    helps to get job/bissibess around world,
    right buddhist would get in administration,
    help to improve economic,media power,

    last just KILL THEM

  174. 174 raanwara

    I think you must” Unite ” all repliers and build a strong group so that we can fight with such situations strongly.
    There are many who doesn’t know What to do? How to react to this ?What next etc.
    forget about the leaders like prakash ambetkar ,gavai,athawle ,kawade etc they all are useless.
    Police / polititian’s are hopeless .
    Juditiary system is hopeless.

    We all educated people must get united and think what to do …how to do and give our brothers and sisters in our community guidelines as to how to cope up with the situations like this.

    I don’t know how but I think if we all come together some thing will happen positively rather than going behind these bloody polititian and expecting justice and all…

  175. 175 subhash ingle

    jai bhim.
    hang all the cruel people behind this incidence.

  176. 176 milind Nikalje_Pune

    All of the Villagers are guilty including Womens of Khairlange give them the punishment,Hang them til Death??????????

  177. hi ..
    my name is dhananjay sable. when i read about this news i really shocked.. n not fill well..!
    i want to request to our “PRIME MINISTER”. that plzz punished the guilty person. i want from you that hang them till death.

  178. 178 raju jaiwant kamble

    Lets unite and take the revenge. In buddhism there is peace but not at the sake of our life, buddha given us teaching that if anybody does unhuman things like this you should fight against it.
    this is a right time to come forward let there be “ek ghav don tukde”.

  179. jai bhim,
    wake up.

    now do not wait for our patience.our all budhist educated & non educated people will definately take revenge.
    today khairlanje tommorow will be our family so wake up….
    wake up….. wake up….. wake up…..wake up……….?

  180. The cruel incidents and looking the photos of mercilessness on site,the blood of everyones mustbe warmed up. we do not believe that govt.and cbi will give real justice to the victim and community as well. shall us be prepared against such crime?

  181. 181 Patelfd

    Hi Everyone,
    I think this is shame on “US”. I think we are in the root of all these problems, not the politicians, not the cast or the religions. People who did this should be punished, but where is our focus? On the religion, cast and people w/ power? Why? Why can’t we think as human? So what if I am not ‘Dalit’ as you guys are quarrelling; I can be anyone with human heart reacting on this issue and still be angry. It’s not cast or religion, it’s just people w/ power, and those people can be from any cast; they only have cast and religion of power and money. They use youth like us to achieve their goal, and in our anger we happily become their tools.

    This is our only problem as a nation that we don’t try to solve the problem, but we start blaming each other for those acts. None of the religions favor violence, but still there are problems in all religions because they have ‘people’ as followers. Please don’t involve cast and religion in this matter otherwise you are same as those culprits of this crime. Let’s just not repeat our past acts, and focus on current and future problems.

    And please don’t comment on our great nation, because we don’t know what is situation in other nations or religions. Instead, like some one above said, let’s react and think as a human, and punish the culprits of Priyanka together.

  182. punish there all people not govt but all dallits union & a new exaple of dallits unity so leets do it all readers of this sujectin give my “JAI BHIM” & “NAMOO BHUDDHAY”


    It is shocking manu is still active.Shame on us.It is collective responsibility of all sons and daughters of BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR to unite and agitate against such a atrocities by democratic way.It is also our responsibility to raise this issue in Indian Parliament and in UNO.,to garner support from other nations.Those my brothers and sisters are settled abroad should share this task. I register my protest in intense unification of word .

  184. 184 Dr.Kishor V.Bansod, Yavatmal

    If Govt.of Maharashtra fails to give proper Justice then only way is to do ‘TIT FOR TAT’ with all culprits involved in this case.So be ready.

  185. 185 Pooja

    I must say I’m thoroughly impressed by the work that has been put into this article…I think this should be published in main newspapers to bring it to the notice of the common man…

  186. 186 raviraj

    NAMSKAR,JAI BHIM,SALAAM WALEKUM(appologize for spelling mistakes)
    hello friends its really shamful and shocking event tht happened in kherlanji.Its undoubtful tht we have to punish those people badly for this. But plz friends dont call just DALIT parties or Panther or any1 else to help.they were one of us.we very clealy knew how all dalit leader handled this we have to gather in a group despite of any cast and all.its not first time tht we r seeing this incident but its first time tht we r gathering together and its really good plz if we will unite like this ,it will be more effective. young guns r tpower of nation so we have to do something like rand de basanti(doesnt mean killing like tht but make a strong channelto gain our rights ,noraml human beings rights)

  187. 187 Babu

    if we really want to take this case to its logical end by burning at stake those who perpetrated the crime against the budhists then…we may have burn a few dalits and obcs. not hindus! dunno what political great brains are working behind this? is it a christian missionary program?

  188. 188 vishal

    just kill them now

  189. 189 prasanna

    It indeed is a brutal act. A shame on all of us.The beasts who did this and those who tried to protect them MUST be given the harshest punishment under the IPC.WE must condemn this brutal act unanimously. Although the reactions and anger expressed is justificable, we must think that how many ATROCITY cases are fought upto the end on the judicial ground? In how many atrocity cases the real culprits are punished? Those who have done it are CRIMINALS, and criminals don’t have religion except crime!They are a blot on humanity and have no right to live.This case should be on the fast track court and justice shouldn’t be delayed.I remember a similar incident of Shelgaon (where four Pardhi- members of nodable tribes, including a women)were brutally murdered few years ago.What happened to the criminals who did this is unknown.Everybody forgets after they have another big issue. Ppl dealing with law should come forward and take this case to the logical end(that is hanging the culprits to death)

  190. 190 Babu

    vishal…any better ideas?

  191. 191 Babu

    thanks to electronic communication and media…this case received the maximum exposure and the maximum protest all over the country. i am sure things would quickly change for the dalit in india. but i am still not getting over the foriegn angle…

  192. this act is shame on huminity. like this act in india do maeans huminity’s shame to.who person is involve this act there was hard punish his lilke a ‘dead’her .& look other places do like this act. stop lilke that act do it unity for backword class people.

  193. 193 Babu

    too cruel! too sad the look of that deprived man…the father. doesn’t he have to live, wake and sleep every day with the horror of the decimation etched live in his mind? why is man so very cruel?

  194. my opinion is on that accident police wil be find the reale resone bhind that case cause heare one person is not victom heare all villegers are do that……………….

  195. 195 Kishor Kamble

    Jay Bhim Everybody!

    In this real guilty are:-

    1.Electronic media / Print Media : Full with communal people and never pay attention to the incidents against Dalit. The incident took place on 29th Sept. 2006 and Media published this 8-10 days later. Many of them didn’t publish that Bhotmange’s wife & daughter were gang rapped.
    2.Maharashtra Govt., Police & their officers : Full with communal & corrupt people. Most of the people are Hindus and have jealousy about Buddhists. Dalit / Buddhist officers also back them because they have to work with them in future. Some people are still in the mindset of Hinduism. Whenever Dalits come on street, police fire their guns without hesitation, On the contrary, police were just eye witnessing when Shiv Sainik were burring the Maharashtra when vandalism of a statue of Thackery’s wife, Meenatai had taken place.
    3.Dalit political leaders : Happy with congress, NCP, BJP, SS etc. in earnings on the power of vote bank of Buddhists & Dalit.
    4.Well educated Intellectual people form the community : Always keep themselves away from the community and busy in trying to become richer by any means.

    My questions:

    1.Where are the Human right commissions?
    2.Where are those OBC’s for whom Buddhists are fighting for their reservations?
    3.Where are other Scheduled castes and Tribes for whom Buddhist always care for their justice?
    4.Where are those ‘Shiv-Dharma’iest who say that they are with Buddhist in the war against communalism?


    1.The entire village must be punished. Electricity, Water supply, ration and all government schemes to this village must be stopped until they tell truth and real guilty get hanged till death.
    2.All concerned police, their officers, & doctors must be dismissed and send behind the bar.
    3.It is now high time for Buddhists to establish their electronic media.
    4.Stop backing all present political leaders. Youngster from entire India must come forward to establish integral political party with leader out of Maharashtra state.

    You may write me on:

  196. 196 nitin dodiya

    It’s Shocking…

    Kill them basters…

  197. It is a very brutal and heinous act done by uncivilised people and the uncivilised religion to which they belong. How is their religion which teaches to follow the quadruple division of the society very strictly and if any downtrodden try to come on higher strata then the blood of so called civilised boils and they always try to drag the feet. This family was educated, peace loving and civilised and was on the path of progress compared to others. It could not be tolerated by others. Until we act positively and actively, such type of incidence will happen repeatedly.

    Strict action should be taken immediately against those who are responsible directly or indirectly for this barbarious act. and kill them as early as possible or govt. hang them

  198. 198 Babu

    the way this incident is getting out of hand and national property getting vandalised i have my own doubts whether it is ‘the incident’ or the politics which is making itself seen! no doubt dalits will yet have to suffer a lot of sin for the political goals of some. dalits beware! do not get USED either by your own or by others. it is most important for dalits to GET A LIFE!

  199. 199 pradeep

    Is that true that Government of Maharastra has given the case to CBI ?
    If so when the result will come ?

    Or else this politician make preplan very nicely to dismiss this case.

  200. 200 Babu

    Dinesh Harne…

    “How is their religion which teaches to follow the quadruple division of the society very strictly and if any downtrodden try to come on higher strata then the blood of so called civilised boils and they always try to drag the feet.”

    Are OBCs and Dalits Hindus? I understood otherwise. The affair was entirely OBC executed.

  201. 201 Babu

    There is a need to have an All India capaign launched by NGOs with support from the Government to educate Hindus about the evils of caste system.

    When we faced the shortage of fuel our government launched the ’save petrol’ campaigns.

    It is high time a similar educational campaign, sustained over next ten years with proper feedback reports etc., is started to increase awareness amongst hindus (especially rural hindus) to bring them out of superstitious and age old orthodox beliefs and make them citizens of the new world. educating the masses is one quick way of accelerating change. not violence or dharna which can target innocents for political mileage benefits of some.

  202. 202 chanduji


    unless and until we the youth of INDIA form a government on our own and if the INDIANS realise that we are worth..
    we can then only change all sorts of these reservations and castes and kill those damn f****** b****** who did so…

    till that our f****** govt.. cannot even pluck a single hair from the root of the casesism and racism..

  203. 203 Shashi Sonawane - YUVA BHARAT

    This is a shameful act by the casteist, anti-human, anti-social elements of our caste ridden society. On the one hand, we had been celebrating the 50 years of Dhamma Diksha and on the other hand inspite of conversion, the stigma of Dalit has not vanished. The upper caste, OBCs still look down upon the Dalits.

    Vidarbha is facing immense problems. The imperialist globalisation is driving small farmers who basically belong to uppercastes and OBCs to commit suicide. Now Dalits once again are targetted on a massive scale. Atrocities to Dalits is not new. What is new is that the approach of the successive governments who create facade of abiding by the constitution and violate it at the very onset. The ruling class-caste has become shameless spectator. Hence, no steps against those culprits instead agitators demanding justice are brutally treated.

    This heinous act should not only be condemned but strong action from the oppressed castes-class should be taken. We the DALITS, ADIVASIS AND OBC’S should now unite to fight against the Brahminism and imperialist globalisation.

    Shashi Sonawane

  204. Killer should be Hanged till death.

  205. 205 Milind_Tembhurne

    People this is time to unite, Hanging them may not solve the purpose,there should not any bhoutmange family like this.Why this has happen?Why? Bcoz still after 60 yrs of independence we Dalits r not UNITED…….
    So be UNITED together.And show this people who says that they r of upper caste,what we r? Those people should not be hang this will be easy Death for them.They should be BURN in middle of square so in future no one will never ever dare to touch our FAMILY.

  206. 206 raviraj

    friends for all these type of incidents we have to unit.on orkut i have just opened t community named wake up plz if ru interestd plz join and share ur thought…

  207. Jai Bhim,
    I am thankfull to news paper ( SAMRAT ) for giving the website for details news on Khairlanje in its paper. .Its is too much to wait and keep quite for the law to punish the
    people.Now it is the time to do a new revolution for our identity for surviving in this Hindus society.
    As a BUDDHIST & DR. BABASAHEB SONS its is a big resposiblity
    on us too do something to stop this incident again and again.Come forward and contirbute your ideas to change this systems.And all the educated young people must come together and canvas the happening news to our people to fight.

  208. 208 Anand Kadam

    People this is time to unite. If we all make our unity then no one do this kind of cases. All the dalit’s politicians always fighting for the SATTA but they didn’t know the situation of their comunity.

    I have to include their name as Ramdas Athwale & Prakash Ambedkar & Anandraj Ambedkar what these leaders doing today all these leader only fighting about their SATTA not for their community. For khairlanji prakaran what these leader take the action.

    All dalits need to come together & fight against these kind of situations because their leaders come to their door only for VOTE not ealse.

    What the government do they will do only give him some amount but the Bhiayyalal, broken father don’t want the money he needs his reletives or Justice.



  209. 209 Shailesh Dongre, amravati

    Indian becoming terrorist country.

  210. 210 Mithil Kalambe

    I think, there is no proper social rights for DALIT PEOPLES in india. and the R.R. says the peoples who faught against this event all are NAXALITES, it means the all DALIT peoples are NAXALITES. It must stop…..

  211. 211 vishal gaikwad

    All villagers must and must be very higjily punished and also Cheif minister and Duplicate Home minister should be held as one of the accused and seperate file should be filled agaisnt them for the offence of protceting the criminals And Instantly their resignations must be taken by rajyapal.All these persons must be hangned till DEATH.

  212. Jai Bhim,

    Khairlanje Goan Mai BhoutMange Parivar Ke Saat Me Goanwala na jo Amanush Atychar kiya un lago ka (LING) katke unko jinda jala dena Cahiye

    R.P.I (ward President) Ghatkopar

  213. 213 Joy

    Bhim Putrano
    This is the new challenge for us
    to protect our selves from the “Manuvadis’s Brain” .
    they showed their cruality in the Khairlanje massacre.
    In the 21st century world is going to moon & trying to go to Sun Indian Manuvadi are untreating in our country it is really shameful to us.After BABA SAHEB we have no our power ful leader &so they are daring to do so.
    If they treat us it would be better to make our Own country
    than living unjustly.
    In Amravati, where the firing was happened it is just like “Jaliyanwala HatyaKand”. The Government is worse than British ruled seeing all the Khairlanje’s reports.
    This Government’s oppression must be crushed .

  214. 214 Pravin

    Dear All,

    I watched this news in Ireland and are no words to describe this inhuman act. I think this is a wake-up call for our community. As we are let down by our leaders ,now is the time that we all should take individual responsibility and help our people in whatever way we can.

    The India Shining Campaign is just a brain wash to coverup this type of incidents.

  215. 215 PRADEEP


    For the last source, Please wait for CBI RESULT. According to that we public has to take action. By that we need to collect all culprit photo and their address on the website.

    Definitely we will sucess…………..

  216. 216 Leonard

    only thing that the high cast people have which the low cast people do not have is the fallse pride and cruel intentions. If some one believes that he is much more important and has much influence in the socity because of his cast, he is a first class fool.
    For me all men and women are equal.
    For a dog there is no difference between the tast of a body of a brahmin or a body of a low cast person.

  217. its very very cruel! too sad the look of that deprived man…the father. doesn’t he have to live, wake and sleep every day with the horror of the decimation etched live in his mind? why is man so very cruel?

  218. 218 Omkar

    this is very bad …

    i cant belive its still happening in india …

  219. 219 dinesh kamble

    All the culprits must be hanged till death in that village.
    Those who provoked the culprits should be asked to do labourers work and pay the wages to poorest poor families of dalits.Financial penalty should be imposed on the entire village.Relatives of the culprits should not be allowed to contest for any election.
    dinesh kamble
    bahujan samta.

  220. 220 Sushil M. Shinde

    How can we say that India is a developing country when we see this kind of incidents in our country. No human being can do such an cruelty to another human being provided he/she is a human. If we look into the fact, the whole village was looking at this incident in front of their eyes but no one even thought of saving this poor family the only reason behind is just caste discrimination.
    I would like to bring into notice of all the readers that, this incidents r likely to occur again & again, bcaz the dalit leaders r fighting among themselves, they have nothing to do with their caste & community their only aim is power & money by what ever way they get it and there is no hope that they will get united someday. They are at a mercy of the top & higher caste leaders.

  221. 221 Munmun Deka Baruah

    It’s the fault of our education system….If the mob were educated , they would not have done this massacre….and the government is guilty for it too….these incidents are taking place in and around the poor villages of India….they shouild be well protected by any security means….

  222. 222 omkar

    what is this going in our India?
    Now i am thinking seriously that other are better than is case of human indiscrimation and it should not be tolarated.
    In one side we speak abt.culture and another side these things are going on in India.the people who did this should be punished.death is their panelty no others.

  223. just kill them now

    minakshi ingole

  224. khairlanji,incident remind me of stone age savagary where if you are not in their clan, your living is made hell on the earth.The so called Modern democracy of India ,is only for the upper caste racist, rich and mafia,for an ordinary Indian between police and politician’s nexus,it is a daily haulocast/genocide.Police is the largest organized criminal gang in the uniform,on the tax payers is an unbridaled hoarse, no body csn control it including the Prime Minister,who mentioned about police reform 6-7 month ago but, now it is muted.This is modern Darfur of Sudan, where janjvi’s are showing their true colour.For heavens sake don’t call you Hindus that you have a religion, you have given a bad name to religions of the world,What happened to ‘vasudev Baikutambakam”.may be we must blow the damn parliament house.

    RACIST MEDIA is worst than the South African Apartheid, who as a matter of conenience put lid on dalit issues–atrocities and their rallies, particulartly blacking out the Dhamma parivartan news, when news rooms of BBC is giving the widespread is disgrace to take a birth and call an Indian.dalit politiciand are impotent as well!
    Dr.Ambedkar said ,”Educate agitate and organize.”
    Minakshi Ingole

  225. 225 nitin &viju

    this HATYAKAND is to much aginst the huminty & there people show WILDNESS of man can not be goes his mind.

  226. 226 Shilpa & Virendra

    OH No……….!!!
    It is really difficult to believe, tat in this 21st century…there are people who are assaultin dalits…
    It is just as we are leaving in the era wen
    It is really humiliating….
    Definitely…whosoever done this, should be hanged in public…..but only question is that…….

    Acc to me the only thing to avoid such kind of “HATYAKAND”… is to “UNITE”…! We know the teachings of Dr BabaSaheb Ambedkar…
    “LEARN”, “UNITE”,AND “FIGHT”..!!!
    And above all He also shown us the “MADHYAM MARG” of Lord Buddha….
    So come, let us follow his teachings….!!!


  227. 227 umesh

    we have to get the polytical power in our hand.
    our polytical leader has to change their mind or we have to change our leader because leader making us “lachar”.
    according to following phrase..
    “People get the leader what they deserved.”

  228. 228 PRADEEP

    Dear friend !

    I think it going to be another 911. Because Indian Government is keeping quit and even though Media also doing same. Lets see what this CBI Dept. is doing ? How much time they are taking. I think they are help to the Government to escape…………..

    Do not you think so ?………….

  229. 229 Ascent

    Dear friends,

    I am continuously keeping track all the incidences and news aired after Khairlanji massacre.

    I believe the incidence which was taken place was not the natural anger due to some self interest of road blocking in Mr. Bhotmange’s farm. This would have surfaced a deep buried hate towards Bhotmange’s family. We need to understand a social psychology first before reacting wildly.

    In mediteriyan edge of history, the contemporary European & Roman’s use to keep Slaves for their day to day work. If any slave do not work properly or if try to run, there was an inhuman way of punishments. Slave was kept hungry for days together, or heat by hunters, or was left in front of hungry Lions etc.

    But still it was limited to particular Slave only who were not behaved not to the order of its owner. So many incidences were there the slaves were freed by their masters because of slave’s good behavior or his honesty helped their masters. How ever the slavery system was criticized by all the intellectuals when ever it was turned in to inhuman practices.

    Even US was divided in two parts on the questions of Negros. But Blacks fought for wellbeing of human society and made good examples.

    Even in India: Hasan Gangu Bahamani laid the stone of Bahamani Empire, who was a Slave. His master was a Brahman by religion. But Gangu Brahaman treated Gangu as his Son, though the Hasan was an Abyssinian (African )Slave, freed him and later he became an Emperor in Southern part of India.

    Similarly, the first lady ruler of India Raziya Sultan was a daughter of a Altumesh who was slave of Kutobuddin Aibak himself was salve in Ghauri’s camp.

    My intension of showing all this examples not misleads here any body. But want focus on the issue that though it was slavery system and though there were problems it was limited with an individual slave. Though there was treatment given to a slave worst than animals. There are some good examples of slaves had achieved good positions too.

    If you compare here mainly slavery concept was not there in India right from pre-historic period to till it was vanished from all over the world.

    Then what was there in India????
    In Roman empire, slaves use to come from (1) The soldiers from enemies who were caught in battle.(2) Children sold by slaves himself for work.(3)Those who are not able to perform any work on their own(from beggars).
    People of that time use to give them food and get labour work done in their farms, houses or for fighting against enemies in battle front as war opener etc. Once it is purchased there was no need of paying any salary afterwards. Thus it was adopted by the selfish society rest of the world (out side of India.)

    What about India: No where in India human being was sold or purchased for domestic work. But this was not nice picture, fact are even worst in India that time. No individual was forced to be a slave, but entire society was held responsible, and hijacked for purpose of doing sheet work for the ruling class. No freedom, no social rights. Every slave community in India was called servants by birth. They use to stay out skirts of towns. Men use to work in farms where as women use to do in houses of Zamindars. So many times young ladies of servant community take for granted for fulfilling the sexual needs of ruling segment.

    This harassment was gone years – Centuries together. Now slowly it is getting over from India.

    When it was started:
    The Muslim saints come to India, they come along the theory of equality that. There is no one superior over another by race, color, greed. And a true Muslim should try to stop all these nonsense. If it is there, it a duty of a Muslim to fight to wipe out the injustice. Fight for wellness, against injustice of any kind. The slaves, women were started receiving respects from Muslims. The re-verted Muslims freed many slavery states from Romans, Greeks etc. For example Spain, Rumania, Egypt etc. Not only slaves got respect the women & slaves given contribution in ruling system also.( Refer my example given above of Raziya Sultana & Qutubuddin Aibak. The Qutub Minar of Delhi was made in his memory). There fore the Islam was spread all over world in short period because of its revolutionary teachings “ All humans are equal and treated most respectfully”.

    I am not an advocate of Islamic theory here. My intension is that if the inherent teachings of any theory is good, the people belongs to that theory try to understand and practice much better even though they are misguided by circumstances around.

    Most of the Muslims in India were Dalits before. Because of practicing human values and given a social respect they were attracted to Islam. But due to upper cast influence some of Muslims were consider themselves a better race than the rest of poor segment of muslim society.

    Muslims not only gave the respectful way of worship which taught equality of all human being. No individual was stopped from entering in any kind of prayer houses. Also Dalits were absorbed in Army. Dalits were given power. There fore the upper cast burocrats kept their mouth shut, not because of the love suddenly increased in their heart but due to fear that now Dalits are no poorer, helpless. They regained their social reputation and capable to show their strength. They have the much sharper teeth as well to fix the communal minds.

    There was new class borne of fighters, in whose hand the Muslims gave arms, became new aristocrats. They forgotten their brothers in other segment of Dalit.

    Even the today so called Dalit leaders are purposefully forgetting the interest of Dalits. This is syndrome have caused the a Dalit helpless, further weakened.

    That’s why the incidences are surfacing, it could be a Khairlanji as well or could be Khandavvana burnt by Arjuna to Kill all Nagvanshis mentioned Mahabharata.

    Can we as an individual now come together and say. This is enough. We only can change the world. This is time no one from out side would come and give you the social respect. It is within; the question is that when we are going to stand once again.

    No matter who are we? What are our identity today ? Can we give a safe, respect full future to next generation?
    This is a call for every one who believes all human are same….please each one get one along ….convert that one in Ocean. An ocean of Prosperity, Equality, for which we are made for.

    Thanks for your patience,
    Jai Bhim

  230. 230 Adv.Pradhan sable

    Khairlanji Incident is the very Cruel and dirty of Uppercast community. This is the Stigma on the Huminity. In India cast system is very bad. Intellectual Personality as like Dr. Ambedkar , Mahatma Fule, M.K. Gandhi fought against Untouchabality; but this incident suggest that People are fighting with Community hate.
    Accused Persons must be Punished strongly, Death sentence or even Hardest Punishment to them.
    They Should be Punished U/S 302 of IPC. and They should be peanilise U/S 3(10) Of Atrocity Act.

    I Pray to Lord buddha to give much courage Bhotmange Family for better Life.
    Buddham Sharanam Gachhami !Dhammam Sharanam Gachhami!
    Sangham Sharanam Gachhami!

  231. 231 Pankaj Dhakare

    this is worst massacre i have ever seen…
    but the agitations must be carried on, coz the system in india is not proper… only upper cast rules…this should be stopped. this can be done by the youngsters only…
    this is really stigma on the human society…
    it is real time to change the world, political views need to be changed…

  232. 232 PRADEEP


  233. 233 Adv.Varsha Kamble & Adv. Neelam

    Its really shame on to be an Indian, where innocent people do not even have right to leave, what does the state do whose duty is to provide security to the people according to the constitution. It is really shocking that till today none of the Organizations ie. Human rights Commission, nor the Womens Organisation who work for the rights of people had come forward and made protest against such injustice done to the Bhotmange Family. This itself shows that these institutions are only for the name and fame sake and just to get focus by the media. In our country there are only reservations , but there is no protection to this minor communities. Even in this modern and developed country no one would believe that such type of incidents happen till date. Unless and untill the poor people are been protected and till they get proper justice how come India is going to be called as a powerful country on the map of world ? From my point of view all these people who have comitted such dangerous and henious crime these people should be hanged till death, which will create detterence amoung other people who even think about commissing such an act.

  234. 234 Amol

    I really don’t understand what to say about this? when all these things going to stop……
    unless and untill somebody from us comes in front and raise a loud voice aginst this this will continoue like this
    so please be togather

  235. 235 Varun

    ssssssssssss…… Man this is disgusting !!!!!!!!!!!

    Cut Penis of those bastards and blast their Testicle with a HAMMER.

    A-part from all respect to the seat of prime minister of India …. since 1947 all idiots hv occupied it. stop lickin son..’s ………… n plz do somethin for this nation. educate people. plz plz n plz.

  236. 236 Babu

    from Varun’s: ‘educate people.’…that is a must an only education can make a drastic change. i already explained what type of education and who the target group. maybe someone else can think constructively rather than destructively.

  237. 237 Ascent

    Jai Bhim,
    Refer Kishore’s solution to stop such mascares in future. I would like to add here how do we overcome of social uncertanities. Can we form a small cells at every vilages, circles, wards to exposes the unfair behaviours are being purposefully/forcefully imposed with poor people.

    What should be the remady to control all these mischiefs.

    Lets……. Fabricate a stratagy ……….

    We have all type of people arround, Advocates like Ms Versha Kamble, Adv.Nilam & Adv. Sable and so on.

    Can we as a responsible human; contribute to make a roubust mechanism to counter the bloody castism.

    This is a call for every one who believes that all human are same…… Come together;please bring each one along.Let EVERY ONE convert that one in Ocean. An ocean of Prosperity, Equality & Safety, for which we are made for. And which is our birth right.

    You may please contacy me at

  238. 238 Ravi Kakde

    jai bhim , this all happens due to unsupport and unguidence to buddhist and other backward class people , who live by minority in villeges by our polyticians and social workers. our polyticians enjoy there life in their city homes, they dont interfare emmediately to liitle incidents till its changed in big incident. the killer must be hanged till death as early as possible. the government should be warned that if the incidents happens again like khairlanji, action should be taken emmediately , if govt. or police fails to take actions against the guilty , permission may be granted to us to make “DALIT SAFETY ARMY ” with arms like revolvers, kniff etc. to protect dalit in villeges. now we have to wait for court’s decision about this matter. Ravi Kakde ,Aurangabad. Emai:-

  239. 239 babu

    ascent’s thoughts are excellent. i think we must support such people who can take the country to a new level. like someone said ‘ask not what the country did for you…ask what you did for the country’…or something like that…i don’t remember ‘the what by the who’ but still…the idea is conveyed, i hope.

  240. 240 babu

    my own humble addition to what ascent already said…i had posted it way-up.

    educating the villagers and those highly rural and extremely orthodox hindus that times have changed and today we are a modern india looking forward to the 22nd century of dignified glory through equal participation of a casteless society. educating them about the foolishness and evils of casteism…not goiing to retype again. it is all there…way-up. maybe ascent can have a look at that too and assimilate whatever is useful…

  241. TO,

    SUBJECT: To ensure quick action and a speedy judgment in the Kherlanji village case in the State of Maharashtra.

    Respected Sir,

    The Kherlanji case in Vidharbha district of Maharashtra State is a dark spot for the whole Country and shows a big loop hole in the Governance and Administration of the State of Maharashtra and the Country.

    Our Country is in her transit phase from developing to developed is still not enroute to developed. The reins are still held by regressive thoughts, concepts, norms, values of the Caste & Varna system. The rural sector which constitutes a major chunk of Indian population is caste divided. The practice of untouchability in rural areas on the basis of varna system is a major issue. Secondary status of women, rapes, killing of women who try to protest gender, caste or class violence is a common phenomenon in “our rurals”. Politicians’ linked with goons, fanaticism, vote bank, dominant caste & developmental politics etc. is an everyday happening.

    The brutal violence, killing, rape of the members of the Dalit family in Kherlanji village of Bhandara district is one small example of the “natural phenomenon” happening in the rurals. Vidharbha- marred by developmental politics from West Maharashtra is one of the worst tales in the history of Indian Governance. The Government has set up a Samiti along with an enquiry by the CBI. What is left to enquire about this issue when the whole village was an eye witness to this incident? Moreover all these samitis, policies, reforms (majorly the land reforms) to develop the rural sector has failed to deliver justice. Then how can one rely on this Samiti for justice?

    Please ensure that this poor Dalit family gets free fair impartial justice- at the earliest. Please ensure that there is no conflict between Bharat & India.

    Thanking You in Anticipation.
    Yours Faithfully,


  242. 242 Ascent

    Thanks for the responses. We are the people from land of Rama, Krishna, Budhha, Mahaveera, Jyotiba Fule, Gandhi and Babasaheb. We also had n nos. of good hearted people in past, yes we call them Saints. Nanak, Kabir, Tulsidas. Also we have Sufie’s of Ajmer, Gulbarga, Delhi, Khultabad who were taught us the way of equality.

    For example in Hinduism: Many Avatars were of God appeared on the Earth to guide the people, help the people or they worked to wipe out evilness and to establish peace on the earth.

    Dispite of all the Avatars, Saints, social reformers, Prophets. We all forgot their teachings,we all human behavied worst than animal cwenturies together. We have not left any stone turnning to humilate the mankind.

    Now no body would come from heaven to rescue us. We only we together have to get reed of all badness. Lets start it now.

    Please forward your ideas to me; how do we go about? What should be our line of action. lets give a start to end up evilness from surface of the Earth.

    For example some of friends suggested in their comments:

    Dalits all over India must be trained in different protective weapons and arsenals including guns for self protection

    2.Mahendra Salve:
    All people those have commited such criminal offence they have to be punished. Because this is not first kind of event that happened. we have to gather and call the people from every part of the counrty & show them our strength.That they have to get somewhat fear in their mind & each part-part of their body should be thrilled to even think any vulgarity about us


    4.Nagsen Sonare:
    We must start working towards long cherished dream of SEPERATE SETTLEMENTS of Babasaheb in every Taluka and every District. People should not shy for keeping self protection arms with them

    Need to block the national highway no. 6 which passes through Bhandara district unless those guilty people are hanged by court or we need to hang them in Public.

    6.Mahesh Rangari:
    There are people in Inida who can kill any one in 20,000Rs. We will collect money and teach those inhuman bastards lession!!

    7.Alpana Bose:
    Right that we should not wait for the government, but not by shedding more human blood. WE ARE BETTER PEOPLE MY FOLKS!! LETS SHOW THEM THAT WE ARE NOT LIKE THEM!!

    8.Salman Usmani:
    the ideal solution seems that, anyone, who lives close to this area, should go and after investigating, kill the culprits.

    9.Vivek Sakpal:
    i feel its time we set up parallel govt for justice of our ppl a parallel system like the naxalite movement is the only answer to the country who doesnt treat us like citizen

    10.Santosh Gaikwad:
    To be clear, don’t leave the politics. Why should we give the decision power & ruling power in the hands of useless peoples?

    11.Dr. Sanjay Khaparde:
    We must completely eradicate Caste System from our lives/ society, then only we can say that the Justice is done to Bhotmange family. Mere, punishing the culprits is not enough.

    It is time for us to form revolutionary outfit to fight atrocities

    all i can say is KNOW YOUR RIGHTS and fight for it legally or morally whichever is possible, if you do not get justice then go for moral law…simple HEAD FOR HEAD, LEG FOR LEG…

    all i can say is KNOW YOUR RIGHTS and fight for it legally or morally whichever is possible, if you do not get justice then go for moral law…simple HEAD FOR HEAD, LEG FOR LEG…


    I don’t know how but I think if we all come together some thing will happen positively rather than going behind these bloody polititian and expecting justice and all…

    17.Kisor Kamble:
    I don’t know how but I think if we all come together some thing will happen positively rather than going behind these bloody polititian and expecting justice and all…

    18.Ravi kakde:
    permission may be granted to us to make “DALIT SAFETY ARMY ”

    Friends, just open up !!, come orward. We need a young hearts form every segment of society.

    Thanks for your time.

  243. 243 nipun kumar

    they wll never understand…. they are supressing us from last 5000 years ….

  244. 244 babu

    ‘they wll never understand…. they are supressing us from last 5000 years ….’

    as per govt records it is 3000 yrs. but i have my doubts about this too. brahmins were never rulers. and india for past 3000 yrs was ruled by various guys as follows:

    200 yrs persian
    1000 yrs budhists
    1000 yrs muslims
    200 yrs portugese
    200 yrs british

    which means, in the past 3000 yrs somewhere towards the begining period india had some hindu rule for only 400 yrs!

    there is a lot of political play for gains of whom i dunno! let us make ourself strong by real knowledge and challenge truthfully those who mislead us. otherwise we become toys to be used and thrown.

  245. 245 rajesh

    BABU: @which means, in the past 3000 yrs somewhere towards the begining period india had some hindu rule for only 400 yrs!

    dear BABU,why r u protecting brahmins? r u yourself a brabmin? whatever u are, i would like to tell u that even though they were not the rulers, they always had the power of state due to religious nature of the state, and sactity of hindu religious books was always there for them. either being a religious gurus, minister for advising the king or performing rites. it is precisely for that they still having power even in democracy!and they don’t want to make way for others like dalits, muslims,buddhists etc..
    they are still doing their homework through continuing with caste system. tell me name of atleast 10 hindu gurus who are fighting catism through preaching as well as through their deed.

  246. 246 Warne R

    Dear Indians and mainly the Maharshtrians,
    It has been found that such incidences are taking place all over the country and in the state for many years. Every time either the voice is raised or the case is diffused due to pilitical pressure.

    In this case politicians and mainly from the RPI and all Dalit leaders are trying to make big issue against the establishment.

    Mr. R.R. Patil has not instigated such massacre or the rape it is the villagers mentality which should have been hammered by the other villagers or surrounding villages without the intervention of the police.

    Mr. Bhotmange who is the lone survivor in the family can not get his dear ones again. However he is well compensated by the Government monetorily and offerd him a job also. Now he is now made an object against Governmen.

    By burning the shops and damaging public properties neither Bhotmange is benefitted nor the Dalits. Any bandh hence forth will reduce the sympathy towards the affected family nor they will get the help

  247. Dear all dalit freind
    We all people need to come on street and fight for this
    we should not depend on our govt.and our dalit MLA’S.
    They all are helplesss.So come on friends we all will
    fix up date and time and we will make this happen.
    If this is the senario then what futre for our next gentration.

    We are not suppose to thing that somebody will come and sort out the thing.We all people need to go Khairlangi and find out the culprits and same punishment should be given to
    all that 50 or 100 peoples.

    Pravin Adsule

  248. 248 kamlesh kathane

    JaiBhim to All Friend,

    This is the time,when we have to unit ,and to show that how powerfull we are……so that this incident should not happen in the future……Fire that all bloody bastered…..come on Bhimsainiko the time has come now…


    Ek BhimSainik

  249. 249 Ascent


    Dear Babu,

    We need to understand who has played a role of making a big gap between two sect of society. one is rulers and others are so called servents.

    Just take a look on the statics mentioned by you:
    200 yrs persian
    1000 yrs budhists
    1000 yrs muslims
    200 yrs portugese
    200 yrs british

    1.This is not a complte data. Just Start with mythological story: Parsurama was a son of Brahmin teacher, who had killed all Kshitriyas atleast 7 times. Then for decades who have rulled afterward?
    2.Chanyakya who was a brahimin and expled out from Budhist Maghada teritory, have become the reason of falling the Maghada empire, by consprancty.
    3. Hemadripant again a brahmin priminister to Yadav rullers who had killed many poors in his period.
    4.Akbars time the priminister was Birbal a brahimin.
    5.Krishnaji Bhaskar one of the brahmin associates of Afjal Khan who was plotted a trap to Kill Shivaji.
    6.Purniya pandit was a brahmin, how was become a reason of
    falling the mysore.
    7.Peshwa from pune, who not only cornnered their master rullers but killed maratha hero Mahadji Shinde, they troubled Holkars and lost Panipat to Afgans.
    8.Nizam of Hyderabads primminister too was a brahmin.

    This is just a tip of iceberg. Though the rullers were changed, but key positions always were in hand of upper cast brahimins. by which they could assured their upper status for decadeds together. In british rule all the offices were operated by most of brahmin officers.

    Today also 95% of private sectors’s key positions are occupied by brahmins. They ensures that none of other segment get easly recruted. Thus MNCs & other profitt segments are being utilised by thease peoples. just go & see their posh colonies where the managers CEos of the companies leaving in high style.

    This is reduculas if some one try to come up it is allthe time supressed by in name of religeon n cast. How long we all people are going to allow all the nonsence.

    Now just talk about other leaders:
    Jyotiba Fule was terribly tourchered by brahmins of Pune. Including hiring proffesional killers to end his social reforming live.
    Dr.B R Ambedkar was given troubled and now his followers and his fellow comunity is tourcherd every day.
    Gandhiji is being asasinated(charactor assasination) every day by brahmins and their associates.Just because he took away the freedom movement from brahmin leaders like BG Tilak & Ghokhles.

    The way Gandhiji told Bririshers ” Leave India, or else we shall drive you out of the country”.
    Similarly this is the high time to tell all brahmin tactifiers:
    1. Vacate all key positions of devlopement, let others show their tallent & utilise it for building a peacefull society.
    2.”Stop misguiding, poor people; or we will make your mouth shut for ever”.
    3.We shoud ask them “You also have to clean toilets, sweep muncipality roads every morning…are you ready, better you start now.”

    I am sure thease Guies are not going to listen because,” Laton ke bhoot batonse nahi mantein” —> GHOST OF KIKS(on back),DO NOT UNDERSTAND WORDS TOLD

  250. 250 Ascent

    I am sure thease Guies are not going to listen because,” Laton ke bhoot batonse nahi mantein” —> GHOST OF KIKS(on back),DO NOT UNDERSTAND WORDS TOLD

  251. 251 Ascent

    So, Dear Mr. Babu, please try and understand, who is responsible to make bloody diffrences & distance between good hearts. Please go and tell your brahmin friends, this a awakning call. Otherwise get ready to be kicked off. We wait no longer, we shall drive out beyond Himalya from where this sheet comunity came and spoiled our beloved land.

    Jai Hind

    Sorry Brodminded Brahmin brothers: no heart burn please. Lets come forward and change this horrible potray of ours society. There is no intension to heart you. But facts are facts, our forefathers made the roads with many dividers. This is our duty to rejoin the road and make a highway of prosparity which leads us to a sensible & healthy society.
    I will wait for your suggesions.
    Please contact me on

  252. 252 amey

    Dear Friends………

    I am AMEY……….am a member of a Brahmin family……..I know I may not be a welcome on this community…..but still let me have a word………I have read the posts above……….I find that everybody here is accusing Brahmin community for this act…….whereas the reality is as below………I agree with all of you that those involved should be given the worst possible punishment according to the Indian Law. But please have a read at the news line below.

    “On September 29, 2006, four members of the Bhotmange family belonging to the Dalit underclass were slaughtered in Kherlanji, a small village in Bhandara district of Maharashtra. The women of the family were paraded naked in public, then gang-raped and murdered. The criminal act was allegedly carried out by assailants from the Kolar and Powar castes (classified as Other Backward Castes by Government of India) for “opposing” the requisition of their field to have a road built over it. There were allegations of the local police shielding the alleged perpetrators in the ongoing investigation.”

    So this clearly reflects that it is a dispute within the backward classes themselves……..which led to the rapes & subsequent killings.

    I completely agree that before Independence, Thousands of Dalits,Harijans,etc. communities have been facing hardships & some of them are still facing them in remote parts of India. But of all of you please try & understand that now that literacy is widespread, the number of such incidents is coming down. I will repeat my words, “ALL THOSE WHO ENGAGE IN GIVING ATROCITIES TO DALITS SHOULD BE GIVEN DEATH SENTENCE WITHOUT ANY MERCY”.

    But I do not want to lose so many people from the Hindu community. I would further go & say that even all Buddhists are my brothers & sisters.

    We should certainly unite & punish those who have given atrocities to our BELOVED SISTER “PRIYANKA” !!

    Please try & understand that the selfish republican party politicians are trying to potray this incident in suh a manner to reap maximum benefit from DALIT vote bank. They want to bring about VIOLENCE, ARSON, LOOTING and hence CHAOS
    in the society. They are unhappy when we Indians stand united as ONE FAMILY. They want to break INDIAN society into HINDUS, MUSLIMS, SIKHS, CHRISTIANS, BUDDHISTS etc.

    Please do not fall prey to their selfish plans. Please listen to your conscience. Before committing any mistake any act THINK WHETHER OUR BELOVED LEADER BABASAAHEB WOULD FEEL PROUD OF US.






  253. 253 Jadhav Sanjay Jagannath

    I waw under wrong impression that our home minister is a very good person. But the way he stated in this matter showed how mad and manu minded he is. I request all my dalit bandhavs should not stop protesting against this wicked thing unless accused of this case hang till deth. If court will fell to do so then we must get redy to kill them. If we want leave freely and breath freely we should have to take serious action against this bad thing and bad people.God buddha tough us non voilence but for self defence we must fight aginst bad thinking and people.Ab hame it ka jawab patthar se dena he

  254. 254 rajesh

    dear sisters and brothers,
    never fall into the trap laid down by person like AMEY because they want to blame others for their crimes which they dont want to acknowledge. they also realised that this incident has united all the sc’s and st’s which constitutes about 25% of indian voters, which could cost dearly to the political party of brabmin t.e. BJP and its guardian RSS.
    so please remain united and keep the objective of finishing the end of brahminical rule-political,cultural,religious and economic.

  255. 255 Adv.Milind Kadam

    This incidend is very cruel and inhuman. It shows that although Indians are living in 21st Century and living in modern technological world but Indians are fails to protect the persons uptill now they are called as Untouchable Specially the persons belonging to “BUDDHISM” Now in India there is 50th Anniversary to Dhammachakrapravartan done by Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar on 14th Oct.1956. But now a days there are many Atrocites to Buddhist person and the persentage of this is highly in Maharashtra State though it states it is a secular state It clearly shows that M.S. Government in the name of secular state Protect the Persons who are doing the Actrocities towards Buddhist Persons.

    I suggest to Central Govt. go in detail and Punish all persons U/S 302 Of IPC and Atrocities Act U/S 3(10) to the persons to commit atrocities and protect the persons to commits the Atrocities.
    There should not be bann on the persons who are raising the voice against Actrocites by legal way. And there should not be undue force by police on these persons who are trying to stops the Actrocities on Buddhist Persons.

  256. kill that basterds.

  257. 257 Amey

    Dear Friendsssss….(Especially Rajesh)

    If my words are sounding like trap to you……then I will not blame you………It is our history who is the culprit….How many of you agree that the Indian History that we learn today in our books is written or rather influenced by BRITISH. Naturally they made the historians write that Muslims killed Hindus, Hindus killed Muslims, Brahmins killed Harijans, Marathas killed Harijans etc.

    But they never wrote…..BRITISH killed Harijans, BRITISH killed HINDUS, BRITISH killed BRAHMINS, BRITISH raped INDIAN women, BRITISH converted half of the poor populations to Christianity.

    Did u never observe that……please open your eyes.

    I am not a supporter of any political party.

    As of now I am just a student.

    My parents never taught me to hate HARIJANS / MUSLIMS / SIKHS / CHRISTIANS.

    Now that you have opened the subject about BJP & RSS………….let me bring out some interesting facts…..

    When the earthquakes struck Maharashtra, Gujarat mainly who were affected…………The poor & downtrodden people…….i.e. the HARIJANS / BUDDHISTS etc from Latur district……..WHO came to their help ??
    When floods affected SURAT ……..who came to their help………..When bombblasts affected MUMBAI…….who came to our help……….When ORISSA was struck by Cyclone ….who came to their rescue………??

    Friends………our REPUBLICAN PARTY OF INDIA is nothing but a collection of most SELFISH people in INDIA.

    Same is the case of CONGRESS / BJP / SHIV-SENA / MUSLIM LEAGUE.

    Boss ……..there is nobody to help the poor & downtrodden…..he has to help himself……!!

    SO FIRST & FOREMOST GET EDUCATED…….WE ARE READY TO HELP YOU WITH RESERVATIONS……..BUT WE ARE NOT READY TO OFFER RESERVATIONS TO OBCs……..becoz they are already rich people…….only SC / STs deserve reservation.




    Please post your comments as early as possible.

  258. Dear Friends

    The Khairlanji incident is an eyeopener and it is also a slap to those who are dreaming to see India as the World Super Power ! The incidents also exposes the true picture of Indian Nation. Hope that atleast hereafter nobody can fool the world community by singing the song of India’s greatness.

    A word of advice to those who reacted very strongly.Lets unite first.then thnk of the strategies to be adopted and ways to address such incidents.We shuild not rely upon the Govt, Police and the legislatures even the judiciary.These Institutations are not ment for us as they are not represented by us trully. We will have to march ahead with our own moral strenths to bild a new Buddhist Nation.It will be a nation of our dream wherein everyone will enjoy freedom and there will be no place for barbarism and killings like Khairlanji.

  259. 259 PRADEEP

    Dear friend !

    I think midea has stop shouting. And goverment is keeping scilent after handling to CBI .
    Now my qestion is whether we should rely on this or not. Friends ! Please every body give you opinion in short YES or NO. We need know how many we are……………………………………………………………………………….

  260. 260 rajesh

    dear amey,
    will you answer me of following questions?
    1)who wrote manu smiriti,? which has divided society in chaturvarna,and place of human being is assured by birth only
    2)why most of the goverment jobs and minister (important department) are occupied by brahmin only?
    3)why brahmin thought that sc’s and st’s would stick to hinduism only, despite of their apathy towards their fellow dalits. missionaries atleast doing some good works like education and social works.
    4)who are you to offer us a right of reservation? we got it through constitution which has adopted by all of us. t. e. you are bound by it.of course we got it as a compromise for not demanding separate nation, this compromise really made a great loss to our society, because we are just been a silent sufferer till now.

  261. 261 Amey


    I respect your opinion………Let me answer your questions one by one…………!!

    Ans. 1] You are talking about Manu-Smriti………Now tell me how much from the Manu Smriti is observed in today’s world ? Why are we bringing in some book which even the Brahmins or Kshatriyas don’t consider sacred ??

    Ans. 2] You are talking about important departments in government…….!!

    Indian government ======

    Example no.1 – Prime minister of India = Manmohan Singh Religion – Sikh so Non-Brahmin

    Example no.2 – Sharad Pawar – Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution

    Caste – Certainly Non-brahmin

    Example no.3 – Ram Vilas Paswan – Minister of Chemicals & Fertilizers and Minister of Steel

    Caste – Dalit (Harijan)

    Example no.4 – S. Jaipal Reddy – Minister of Urban Development

    Caste – Reddy (declared as schedule cste by government of India in 1951)

    Example no.5 – Arjun Singh – Minister of Human Resource Development

    Caste – Bhaiyya – speciality = staunch supporter of Reservations.

    No need to give examples in Maharashtra State Govt. because there is no brahmin minister here………..I m putting the list of Maharashtra state ministry……….

    I m leaving it you to determine their castes & the number of Dalits in Maharashtra government…..

    Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh
    Shri R.R. Patil
    Shri Narayan Rane
    Shri Chhagan Bhujbal
    Shri Vijaysinh Mohite-Patil
    Dr. Patangrao Kadam
    Shri Ajit Pawar
    Shri Satish Chaturvedi
    Shri Jayant Patil
    Shri Ashok Chavan
    Shri Harshvardhan Patil
    Shri Ganesh Naik
    Shri Vasant Purke
    Shri Dilip Valse Patil
    Shri Anees Ahmed
    Shri Anil Deshmukh
    Shri Balasaheb Thorat
    Dr. (Smt.) Vimal Mundada
    Shri Chandrakant Handore
    Shri Manohar Naik
    Dr. Vijay Kumar Gavit
    Shri Sunil Tatkare
    Shri Ramraje Naik-Nimbalkar
    Shri Babanrao Pachpute
    Shr Vinay Kore
    Shri Suresh Shetty
    Shri Dharmaraobaba Atram
    Dr. Sunil Deshmukh
    Dr. Rajendra Shingane
    Shri Siddharam Mhetre
    Shri Hasan Mushrif
    Shri Ravishet Patil
    Shri Rajesh Tope
    Shri Baba Siddiki
    Shri Dayanand Mhaske
    Shri Ranjit Kamble
    Shri Jayprakash Dandegaonkar
    Shri Rana Jagjitsinh Patil

    Ans. 3 – I agree that missionaries do some good work….let me bring into light that the biggest criticism towards MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY (I hope u know this organization…) came from ORISSA which is state with DALIT minority ?? Graham Staines was burnt alive in ORISSA itself by a Bajrang Dal activist group & their leader DARA SINGH was an OTHER BACKWARD CLASSES person……..later dara sigh was hanged…..Amazingly for you RAJESH the missionaries are converting the poor Buddhists & not only Hindus…….So don’t be surprised if one day majority of Buddhist population starts going to the CHURCH…..!!

    On the contrary the VANVASI KALYAN ASHRAM which is an Hindu organization is doing two jobs
    no.1 = helping the poor & downtrodden with food, money , education
    no.2 = putting a stop to conversions to Christianity.

    Ans. 4 – By we I mean the people other than Backward classes
    & I know we hold no authority……Now that you are talking about separate nation….please see at Pakistan’s example……Who benefited from Pakistan’s separation ??

    NEITHER INDIA NOR PAKISTAN !! ONLY the BRITISH suceeded in their DIVIDE & RULE POLICY……………ALAS We are foolish people to still not realise this fact……..!!

    Now let me tell you that the surname AMBEDKAR itself is a BRAHMIN surname………..did you know that ?

    Respected BABASAAHEB’s original name is BHIMRAO AMBAWADEKAR.

    & Let me tell you the fact the person who inspired him to carry out the movement was his teacher Mr. Ambedkar from the BRAHMIN community…..he was so inspired by his teacher that he even took his name……..& I know nobody must have told this story to you because these Republican party politicians have a proper Anti-BRAHMIN propaganda…..Nevertheless we will even bear with it.

    But we do not want to be seperated out from our own brothers……i.e. the DALITS / MUSLIMS / SIKHS…….

    Rajesh………..I understand from your tone that you are under somebody’s influence………& the words that you are writing are not your own words………You seem to have been inspired (unfortunately by the wrong people) to write what you have written.

    Even from today’s incident of Kanpur……it is clear that these POLITICIANS want to get mileage for UP elections……and clearly the people who are targeting DALIT vote bank have committed this heinous crime……..
    I know you will guess their names…….!!


    Please do not take inspiration from wrong people …….

    Take inspiration from K R Narayanan…..our Ex-President
    (he was a DALIT….do you know that??)

    Why did he never criticize Upper Castes……?? Because he did not have a pessimistic approach in life…!!

    Now answer only one question from me …………..

    You will acknowledge that


    EVEN IF THE GIRL & BOY ARE BOTH FROM BACKWARD CATEGORY BUT DIFFERENT CASTES. THEIR PARENTS OFTEN GET SUCCESSFUL IN AVOIDING SUCH MARRIAGES……..I know you do not have answer to this question………….So please let us get united……& make INDIA a great nation…..

  262. 262 raanwara

    Dear Amey / Rajesh stop it now…
    Instead, Both of You Should Try and Find Out ,How You People Can Help The Poor and Dalit’s Upliftment……
    Every Educated and Good Human Being Should Try to Stop Such Foul Play in Any Part of India with Any Comunity.

    It Is Not True That Every One From Upper Caste Is BAD.

    There Are Good Human Beings Also.

    In India “They” Play Very Dirty Politics.

    Kanpur Incident Is Also An Example Of Foul Play They Use to Play.


  263. 263 amey

    Dear Raanwara,

    I regard your advice as that from an elder brother and I will obey it….!!

    I promise you that I shall not argue with Rajesh anymore….
    Let us all live together happily & peacefully……

  264. solution on khairlanje like problem


    (1) Unite Republican party of India again
    original founded by Dr.B.R.Amebdkar

    If not possible
    (2) Assasinate those leader who had broken it and then unite it.

  265. 265 Milind Jog

    Dear Friends,
    I see a lot of talk against a particular community. It so happens that I’m also from the same community and it disturbed me. We can not change what’s happened in the past. However we can work for the future. Every community needs introspection. Today Brahmins have become easy whippings. However the fact remains that they do not control/influence the society.
    And despite that these kind of incidents keep happening.
    Give me one example where Brahmins have killed/raped dalits. And it’s foolish to say that they influenced massacares like khairlanji.
    Yes the community has commited several historical wrongs which can not be undone but they have also done a lot of good things. Blaming the community is the easiest thing one can do. That needs no introspection, no thinking. Central and state goverments are not run by Brahmins.
    There are several Dalit officers. The perpetrators were not Brahmins. So why is the community getting blamed time and again. We don’t feel happy when dalits are tortured. In fact the entire community lives under feeling of guilt.
    What has Dalit leadership done for Dalits. Babasaheb was a leader par excellence. He was the probably the best this country has produced. However there’s a complete void after him.

    These so called leaders of Dalit community have done nothing for the community.The only thing they looked after is the personal interests. They did not do anything after Khairlanji. Has anybody shown any vision for the community. The only reason that the community is making progress is because of Babasaheb’s vision. His mantra of education and empowerment.

    If it solves you problems then outcast all the brahmins, don’t allow them to be a part of your life in any way.

  266. 266 ashwin kaware

    kill those basterds wid equal cruelity, the same with which that they hav done 2 those poor helpless could they do this to a person alive,and beet them 2 death in such a unhuman manner.they hav done crime and the culprit should be hanged til death in public so that no1 repeats this thing in future,and underestimate our cummunity.this is all coz of the illeterracy in our country, as well as coz of people from upper caste, rich people and politicians who dominate us from ages and take everything 4 granted, and assume that they can do anything,anywhere and lets join hands and b a part of a new revolution,so that our future generation dosnt suffer from this kind of blunder………..

  267. 267 PRADEEP

    Hellow ! friends !

    what you are doing now ? Do you want justice or not ?

  268. 268 A good human being

    dear friends,

    All those people who have reacted to this henious crime in one way or the other are true human beings,.I am a Hindu but not just in name .I practice humanity everyday in real life,like many other good humans do,my heart was ripped apart on reading this incedent and I desperately wish I could make those innocent and brave souls alive again. I do not believe in any cast and practice hinduism in my own terms for the good of humanity.Shame on those people who call themselves Hindus and commit such dastrdly crime in the name of cast.
    They are not even fit to be called humans.We can’t blame any people, of any religion for the deeds we do, just practice true humanity,learn to respect all humans-but not beasts.
    Those beasts should be brought to justice,killing them is too easy a punishment for them.
    It is very easy to lecture,but hard to practice.This kind of incedent should never happen any where on earth.There are so may such beast lurking in our society all over.

  269. 269 amey


    i liked the way u put forward the same ideas as mine……but in a much amicable way………!!

    Can I have ur contact email ID ??

  270. 270 PRADEEP

    Earlier I had said why you taking the path of violence and killing yourself. This is what politician are wanting. They will use there benifits.

    Better you should go to Kherlanji and kill all the Culprit one by one.

    This will be perfect and wise violence against criminal. They never grow up again.

    This is what futer india is want to stop all criminal.

  271. 271 babu

    Dear Ascent and Rajesh…at the outset let me repeat what I had said right at the begining of my sodden journey through these columns of vile! That I am not a Brahmin but a Sudra. Now I do not know whether Sudra is Dalit or OBC but certainly I am not one who is a Vedi.

    My attempts here have been driven more by a nation thought than by a caste or class thought. Indeed my silent (or did I ask?) question in the statistics was…when so many ‘others’ ruled India how can I convince myself that the brahmin had the rule of the roost, albiet even as top advisors? Especially when so many brahmins themselves converted to Islam and Christianity, can I believe that these very fellows could have brandished their brahminical weapons of faith and hogwashed the brains of those who abolished Sati?

    Yesterday I was at Pimpri and had a narrow escape from my car getting vandalised. I had to take shelter under a bush car and all. To what purpose is the burning of public/private property? I witnessed the burning of a police bike and the scant police force deployed to handle muderous goondas had to abandon it all and take to their heels( afterall, they too are humans even though in uniform). From 9 am till 5pm I spent the time on the road watching all the vandalism and the burning of public/private property. Believe me, if this is the way we are going to express our anger at the ills of the downtrodden then I need no part of it! It also told me one thing…India is no better than any other rogue place on earth!

  272. 272 rajesh

    dear friends,
    let me make my views more open and straight.
    first of all not a single human being wedded to the idea of secularism and humanism never think about violence.but…….when the upholder of laws and ruler forget their duty to uphold law and provide justice , mere talking about non violence is simply cowardice.
    by following jungle laws would help in such situations.

  273. 273 rajesh

    dear secular brahmin friends
    i wish you should not get the feelings that we hate you all. what we are expressing is our life long experience with bad elements from your community. let me make you sure that there are sizable no. of castist brahmins in the small town and rural part of india where they are still spreading castist ideology and practice untouchability.
    they also treat those dalits in municipality service as a animal.even how many of your wants to work as a safai worker in municipality. you know that there is 100% reservation in these jobs for the sc’s. according to supreme court only 50% seats should be reserved for the total backward castes. now every one protesting against reservation in iit’s and iim’s but not a single protest was seen for voluntarily 100% reservation in safai work. any answer for that?

  274. 274 rajesh

    amey and milind, both of you share similar views because both of you belongs to same community. you would have expressed the same opinion in godhra carnage as we are doing now. apart from that i wish that you should also take views from the other side also then you people will understand our anguish.i hope you will get my point.

  275. 275 babu

    india’s problems are less caste oriented than class oriented. let me prove my point. when brahmins applied for the post of scavengers in up, the sc/st went on a dharna against it because the jobs were reserved for them! from caste one moves into class here. the class of the poor. whether brahmin who wants to clean shit or the sc/st who wants to protect his priviledged job it is the fight for survival.
    the mistake is nehruvian. nehru ignored india’s rural side and concentrated on urbanisation of india. as a consequence every poor villager moved to jhopad-pattis of the cities instead of doing his benchmark trades of farming and milching.
    china, on the other hand, started the other way around. it strengthened its rural side and created cottage industries for the peasants. it organised its farming under co-operative sectors which gave a living for every villager. those chinese therefore created cheap goods through manpower intensive industries rather than capital intensice industries. there wasn’t such a chasm of the million per month earning it guy and the nothing per month earning village guy. this chasm created anger and what we see happening in india today is the explosion of that anger. rightly so!
    you guys who are fortunate memebers of the sudra community are adding fuel to the fire. you say all upper castes are bad. then go do social work like aruna roy,nikhil dey etc. instead of shouting at the top of your voices from some foriegn shores. let the indian in you crave for a change in the rural set-up of india…the china model. otherwise, some might be burned like the french revolution style and those burning may not wait to check whether you are a brahmin or a rich dalit! rajesh…you call me a coward and you think jungle law helps? well…that is because you do not think deep nor do you look beyond your nose tip. if you start thinking the horrors of a civil war would loom large on your horizon too. work towards avoiding it at any cost rather than advising short measures like a boss who wants only his promotion and let the company go to hell.

  276. 276 babu

    ‘let me make you sure that there are sizable no. of castist brahmins in the small town and rural part of india where they are still spreading castist ideology and practice untouchability.’

    rajesh…you rightly said the above. in one of my messages in this column i spoke of educating the rural folk against the evils of casteism and their ill-existence in modern India. i did not see anyone commenting about the same. instead i found people constantly talking about lunching et all! even ascent did not see the point in what i was driving at. all the superstitions exist in our villages. not in towns and cities. one needs to eradicate castiesm from the villages many of which are still in the dark ages. educating should be the first step towards conserving the indian society. eradicating should be the next best step. otherwise, read ‘mein kampf’ by adolf hitler. you would get the idea why i say so.

  277. 277 Milind Kashid

    It is one of the greatest crime directed against Buddhist community,because they can not tollerate the progress of Boddhist Community so they they commit such crimes.The acused person must be punished.

  278. 278 Milind Kashid

    It is one of the greatest crime directed against Buddhist Community. Because so called Highercast notables can not tollerate the progress of Buddhist community.
    Accused persons must be punished.

  279. 279 Milind Kashid

    It is the one of the greatest crime directed against the Buddhist community. Because so called Highercast notables cannot tollerate their progress.
    Accused persons must be punished.

  280. 280 Pardeep

    Hang these ppl…

  281. 281 Milind Jog

    Rajesh, I don’t consider myself as a Brahmin or Hindu. Birth is a mere accident.And I don’t want to be in a situation where I have to defend a caste just because I was born in it.
    No sane person would support violence. Godhra and Khairlanji are equally deplorable. And so was the retribution that followed in Gujrat. It’s not justified. It’s preposterous to think that just because I’m upper caste I don’t feel for the khairlanji victims.

    The bigger question is how do we come out of this vicious cycle. Dalit’s have suffered and everyone accepts that. But at the same time we need to ask the question about the leadership and vision. Lack of it will create chaos. Dalits should not fall into the trap in which the black community in America has fallen. You are united , have access to education and jobs. The way is only up. There will be incidents like Khairlanji . And it depends on us how we want to handle em.
    Perhaps a strong reaction is necessary to repond to these situation coz the goverments are inefficient. But incidents of statue desecration should be handled more carefully. It not only gives bad name to the community but innocent people lose lives. It hurts the very purpose.

    Everyone in this forum is educated. And you guys will not be the part of that mob. But uneducated dalits who resort to violence will be affected.I have read comments about going to Khairlanji and killing everyone there. Easier said than done. It will never be done as we all have become a part of the system. Such baseless comments have no meaning and I’m sure the middle class irrespective of caste is the same. Only talk no action. But these very people instigate the gullible and uneducated masses. We all know who suffers in the process.

    Why are we focusing on non issues and wasting our energy. The bigger task is to take the movement forward. There is a lot of dead wood there. Getting better people to get involved in active politics. Have a clear agenda for next ten years and also making the leadership accountable.
    Your vote is a very powerful weapon. But it’s misused by people like Ramdas Athavale. He’s not the only one ,there are several others. Do we really know the direction where these people are taking us. It’s time for change. Otherwise dalits will be used only as a votebank. As a community we may not be large enough to grab the power but we are large enough to shake the power for sure. Is that power being used?
    Your calling names to other communities will not solve the problems. Dalit movement should not restrict itself to just responding to the situations. It should be more proactive. A handful of Dalits have progressed but what about the ones who are left out. This is a problem for the entire country. Poor masses from all the communities have been left out. Ordinary people like you and me can try to make the difference and we need to join the hands.

    Your well meaning brother

  282. 282 Milind Jog

    Babu ,
    Your comments are really insightful. Thanks. Keep them coming.

    Ameya my email id is

  283. 283 PRADEEP

    Dear Milind

    Really I apriceate your thinking. Then proceed for next…………………………

    Do not make late…………………..because another criminal is coming up………

    We neesd to clean this, general public want peace and honesty…………………

  284. 284 Amey

    Hi everybody………

    Now I feel this thread is becoming mature enough… accept each other’s views…….!!

    Thanks to Ascent / Rajesh / Babu / Milind & all those who have posted their valuable comments…….

    First thing that we all should & we all will ensure is to


    ……Let all the candidates have a poor profile……….we should choose the most bearable one………I think that can prove as a good initiative….

    I will start this with myself……Till date I have never missed a single election & also will not miss even one in the future………

    VANDE MATARAM…………….!!

  285. Kherlanji Hatya Kand Ke Aropiyouki Narco-Test & D.N.A. Test Hona Chaiya.

    Mr.manohar kedar
    13/116- Ramabai Ambedkar nagar
    Ghatkopar -Mumbai.400075

  286. 286 PRADEEP


    Actually what you are saying, it is not getting clear.
    Please explain again.

  287. 287 babu

    whatever should come out of these deliberations let only the positive building blocks be identified. an idea need not come out necessarily from ‘criminal minds’. let there be mature ideas that can create changes socially which can lead our nation to prosperity through overall development. one model i liked was the ‘e-choupal’ by ITC.

  288. 288 rajesh

    dear friends,
    can we move further? i think time has come to go and work with the people. mere talking on blog ,while sitting in a cosy room will not going to solve our problems. let’s make a forum through which we can start activities like education ,spreading concepts of secularism and try to bring out people from mindless hindu rituality. all of us can contribute through whatever way, either financially or providing voluntary helps, in terms of human resources. i think money would not be a problem as most of us can finance such activities by curtailing our leisure expences.

  289. 289 babu

    rajesh and others with a positive bend of mind:

    please read this:

    maybe we can do some idea copying to start with an implementation.

  290. 290 babu

    I am copying and pasting from that site for the immediate benefit of the readers:

    About eChoupal
    ITC’s International Business Division, one of India’s largest exporters of agricultural commodities, has conceived e-Choupal as a more efficient supply chain aimed at delivering value to its customers around the world on a sustainable basis.

    The e-Choupal model has been specifically designed to tackle the challenges posed by the unique features of Indian agriculture, characterised by fragmented farms, weak infrastructure and the involvement of numerous intermediaries, among others.

    ‘e-Choupal’ also unshackles the potential of Indian farmer who has been trapped in a vicious cycle of low risk taking ability – low investment – low productivity – weak market orientation – low value addition – low margin – low risk taking ability. This made him and Indian agribusiness sector globally uncompetitive, despite rich & abundant natural resources.

    Such a market-led business model can enhance the competitiveness of Indian agriculture and trigger a virtuous cycle of higher productivity, higher incomes, enlarged capacity for farmer risk management, larger investments and higher quality and productivity.

    Further, a growth in rural incomes will also unleash the latent demand for industrial goods so necessary for the continued growth of the Indian economy. This will create another virtuous cycle propelling the economy into a higher growth trajectory.

    The Model in Action:

    Appreciating the imperative of intermediaries in the Indian context, ‘e-Choupal’ leverages Information Technology to virtually cluster all the value chain participants, delivering the same benefits as vertical integration does in mature agricultural economies like the USA.

    ‘e-Choupal’ makes use of the physical transmission capabilities of current intermediaries – aggregation, logistics, counter-party risk and bridge financing –while disintermediating them from the chain of information flow and market signals.

    With a judicious blend of click & mortar capabilities, village internet kiosks managed by farmers – called sanchalaks – themselves, enable the agricultural community access ready information in their local language on the weather & market prices, disseminate knowledge on scientific farm practices & risk management, facilitate the sale of farm inputs (now with embedded knowledge) and purchase farm produce from the farmers’ doorsteps (decision making is now information-based).

    Real-time information and customised knowledge provided by ‘e-Choupal’ enhance the ability of farmers to take decisions and align their farm output with market demand and secure quality & productivity. The aggregation of the demand for farm inputs from individual farmers gives them access to high quality inputs from established and reputed manufacturers at fair prices. As a direct marketing channel, virtually linked to the ‘mandi’ system for price discovery, ‘e-Choupal’ eliminates wasteful intermediation and multiple handling. Thereby it significantly reduces transaction costs.

    ‘e-Choupal’ ensures world-class quality in delivering all these goods & services through several product / service specific partnerships with the leaders in the respective fields, in addition to ITC’s own expertise.

    While the farmers benefit through enhanced farm productivity and higher farm gate prices, ITC benefits from the lower net cost of procurement (despite offering better prices to the farmer) having eliminated costs in the supply chain that do not add value.

    The Status of Execution:

    Launched in June 2000, ‘e-Choupal’, has already become the largest initiative among all Internet-based interventions in rural India. ‘e-Choupal’ services today reach out to more than 3.5 million farmers growing a range of crops – soyabean, coffee, wheat, rice, pulses, shrimp – in over 31,000 villages through 5200 kiosks across six states (Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan)

    The problems encountered while setting up and managing these ‘e-Choupals’ are primarily of infrastructural inadequacies, including power supply, telecom connectivity and bandwidth, apart from the challenge of imparting skills to the first time internet users in remote and inaccessible areas of rural India.

  291. 291 Ascent

    I am wondering that very few ladies responded to this subject. Please come forward and express your views. This is more important.
    Waiting for your valuable inputs.

  292. 292 SHELAR RAJU

    remember, this shamful crime is happened in 2006 where the India is said to be progressive country & our leader claimed in world that we achived 100% equality. How hippocratic they are? Brother the attitued of the Indian upper cast would be never changed. khairlanje Masscre is the peak of their highly posionous attitude.
    I appeal to all youngester in India to unite and ready to “PRATTIKRANTI” to teach lesson to such blind Religion followers.

  293. KHAIRLANGI This is not the first incident HAPPENED WITH DALIT FAMILY.This shameless event enlighted only because of dalit’s awareness. After 4 months common people come to know this “HATYAKAND” SO the question comes “wht the hell this media is doing”
    Now we all dalit are aware but wht will be the next action? riot is not the solution. We will show our mob power.
    for that we hv to be “shashankarti jamat” —- DREAM OF DEAR BHIMA” so the only way to come togather and that is happening, which is very harmful and going to create big problem for “MANUVADI”
    KHAIRLANGI Accused person must be punished by the common people (as per their wish) with full grant of govt.

  294. 294 babu

    no revenge talks please! any further ‘violent’ demostration of strength would only make the dalit cause weaker. public sympathy towards the community would also get affected. right now the atmosphere is good for appealing to the heart…show of strength would only create fear and uncertainity.

  295. namo buddha

    desha madhala sagarat haramkhor prani too
    brahman hazaro varsha apale loka brahmananche gulam hote.
    tumhala vatata asela ki brahman loka chup basale astil pan nahi te loka kahi na kahi karat asatat
    te loka dusaryacya khandya var banduk thewon goli chalvat astat

  296. 296 babu

    rajesh…on your message 288.
    there is a social group i am associated with very thinly(in the sense of a great fan). it is called mazdoor kissan shakti sangathan(mkss) formed by an ex-IAS lady (aruna roy). she has done yeoman service for the peasants and poor of haryana. maybe we can get associated with her group instead of re-inventing the wheel…just a thought. mkss was in a way responsible for the current rti(right to information) when they first got the rajasthan govt to invent that on behalf of the dalits who were being exploited by officialdom.

  297. 297 babu

    nishantlabhane…i could not understand what you were saying. please do repeat in english for the benefit of all non-maharashtrian members here. thanks.

  298. 298 Roshan Naik

    its black spot on humanity and shame on indian culture. treat them like they have treated to those innocents..

  299. 299 A good human being

    Castism should be banished from the Hindu religion and from the Indian society.I am a Hindu but have never differentiated between upper or lower casts and most of the Hindus I know of are shocked at such crimes being committed in some parts of India in the name of cast.The people(BEASTS) who do commit such shameful acts are just afraid of losing power or material whealth and are miusing their power and Hindu religion –they call innocent and hapless people un-touchables or whatever and yet rape the women,I fail to understand how they go home and face their mothers,or daughters or sisters????

    It is painful to hear or read about so much suffering being caused by a handful of people,while the rest of the town/vilage and politicians do nothing -or too little too late.This is a BIG SHAME on India.The REAL/true education against castism needs to be implemented in Schools and at home especially where it more prevalent or India can never get out of this vicious cycle.
    The pictures and addresses of these people who commit these crimes should be posted world wide with a big banner of “Shame on you -Leave this planet”.

  300. 300 PRADEEP

    Friends ! Its enough now.

    Now proceed for killing that bastard Teacher sarpanch……………….

    Lets Kill that bastard……….with sivierly torchor, so that every criminal should felt fear to do any more crime again.

    Come on……………Do not make late otherwise this dirty politics will kill the public and as well as public property for there personal benifits.

    Who will kill this bastard he will be getting rewarded definitely…………….

    Come on my all friends………………..

  301. 301 Dr. datye

    PRadeep says this rotten Sarpanch of Kharilanji was a Teacher. This explains why we have such bad education system at primary level. I am a believer of Emasculation as the only punishment for such blots on humanity. If justice is delayed or denied, and both are possible with our shitty politicians around , people will take the direct route and lynch the man. This would not be a murder but a ‘vadh’ .

    I am born as Brahmin and I proudly say that my parents inculcated the highest values in me – of treating all humans as equals and all life with dignity (I am talking of our animal friends who are sufferers no less) and imparted good education despite a very humble beginning.
    I spent my childhood in a village playing with so called ‘dalit’ and ‘harijan’ friends and shared their plate for lunch on a regular basis. My parents always helped the poor and needy though we found it difficult to make two ends meet. There is a talk of Brahminism as the root cause on various forums. Not at least in maharashtra! I am very much interested to know any record of such atrocities done by brahmins in any part of India. I am a very well traveled person, in India and abroad. I have lived for many years in rural India especially in UP and Bihar and have NEVER read or heard or seen any brahmin committing such horrendous acts in the post independence era. I would be enlightened to know about this for sure.
    I strongly feel there are only good and bad people in all sects of humanity and we try to brand them all in the background of such black deeds.

  302. 302 PRADEEP

    Thanks Dr.Datye.

    Really we are making late, otherwise we will all in behind all criminals. We need to show our public power………………..

    Please come on my dear friend, No need to wait any more…………..

  303. 303 PRADEEP

    Friends ! just realise it perfectly what this politician are doing, it nothing but there benifit…………
    just see this………….–a-fiery-winter.html

    what for these plotician, there no sorrow in there face after such unhuman happening.

    Please understand this politician, they are not for public, they are playing with our centiments, morality, honesty………………….

  304. 304 rajesh

    dr. datye
    you must have travelled a lot but not in the areas where this problem exists, moreover this kind of atrocities could not be in your side as this only happens with dalit. for knowing all these we have to have first hand experince, then one can have real perspective.

  305. 305 SPRADEEP

    Frinds ! Just realise it thoroughly How this politician activity, There is no sorrowness in there face.–a-fiery-winter.html

    How this politician are playing with our centimates, morality, and honesty. What ever they will do, there not a single benifit to the public. They understand this public are just like water ball, so after sometimes it will automaticly get destroy or some body will do.

    Please do not make late, otherwise this policiticiam will killed more public and fire the public property.

    Recently one politician says that as they fire two/three motor cycle then only this public has grown up. Just you realise personally , what happen to that motorcycle owner, he may get it from loan. So what he will think now, he must be angry to to us that Dalit rally had damage my vehicle. Just think about train, 1 TRAIN BOGI, what will the cost of it? its approxmately 800000~1000000. where this money is coming, this rich business and politician, there not given any tax, they are theifing out money. Only we poor public paying the tax perfectly. Ultymate our money is getting worst like this.

    Untill unless we indian people do not understand about public property. we can not get good future India. There wont be shining India.

    Just you think next, for purchasing this train, again politician will get drain out the money.

    Please realise it…………………fo the god shake.

  306. 306 PRADEEP

    Dear Atrocity brother

    What you are doing ? Why you taking out my document. Are you these politician…………

    Do not you like the public should something good ?



  307. 307 PRADEEP

    Frinds ! Just realise it thoroughly How this politician activity, There is no sorrowness in there face.–a-fiery-winter.html

    How this politician are playing with our centimates, morality, and honesty. What ever they will do, there not a single benifit to the public. They understand this public are just like water ball, so after sometimes it will automaticly get destroy or some body will do.

    Please do not make late, otherwise this policiticiam will killed more public and fire the public property.

    Recently one politician says that as they fire two/three motor cycle then only this public has grown up. Just you realise personally , what happen to that motorcycle owner, he may get it from loan. So what he will think now, he must be angry to to us that Dalit rally had damage my vehicle. Just think about train, 1 TRAIN BOGI, what will the cost of it? its approxmately 800000~1000000. where this money is coming, this rich business and politician, there not given any tax, they are theifing out money. Only we poor public paying the tax perfectly. Ultymate our money is getting worst like this.

    Untill unless we indian people do not understand about public property. we can not get good future India. There wont be shining India.

    Just you think next, for purchasing this train, again politician will get drain out the money.

    Please realise it…………………fo the god shake.

  308. 308 dharitri bhattacharyya

    I never imagined that such gruesome killings could take place in today’s India, in a progressive state like Maharashtra. But I do not understand why the whole issue has become upper versus lower caste and Hindu versus Buddhists. It is the result of dominant group committing atrocities against minority group. WHat is important is such atrocities should not happen to anyone. I am sure in a village,locality..where dalits are a majority, upper caste people can also be subjected to the same brutality under similar condition. Last year in December one woman was raped in train coming to Mumbai by dalits who were coming to Chaityabhoomi and I do not know whether the perpetrators have been punished. You can not exclude the Hindus from joining in the protest. They do not have to abandon Hinduism in order to convey their anguish. I totally agree that caste system has no place in modern India and all people irrespective of caste, creed, religion should condemn khairlanji killings.

  309. 309 PRADEEP

    Mr.dharitri bhattacharyya

    I am not saying about caste, I am saying about clean out this bastard criminal. I am saying about public power otherwise as you mension another one women has raped, like this same think will occur again in some where. Please do not talk, please do something…………………..

    For the God shake , Please do not speak about caste,

    Please save indian public and future children of india. Do not forget you are also part of it and your children . so we need , Their path should clear, so that they can take to india in good future. That will verymuch satisfication after all we die by finishing this Bastard bad thinker………………

    First of all we need to kill that khairlanje teacher…….

  310. 310 dharitri bhattacharyya

    Dear Pradeep, I am Ms. dharitri, not Mr.
    Are you sure about the teacher? Hasn’t he been arrested?
    Can anyone tell me what is the latest position in Khairlanji? How many have been arrested, what the police is doing, I thought after so much protest, police has to act now.
    What action do u think is appropriate for the dalit doctor, SP, police officials who covered up the incident. This only proves that it is not a caste issue and it is a direct attack on Indian democracy. All Indians should protest not just dalits. I am not for killing anyone, but what about organising a protest march to khairlanji. WHats the use of protesting in mumbai.

  311. 311 Ascent

    JaiBhim Every one,
    This is not good to incourage n exite people to go on road & ask them to take away any life. Let the law work on criminals. We need to ignite peoples mind by telling them to just wokeup. Please do not follow mad roads of inhuman way. No religeon teach us a cruelty. But yes some of the mischiefs for their own benifit takes missadvantages of the religeons.

    In this board also I have observed, some of us have tried to do so!

    Please do not missguide people. There is conspirancey and unjustice faced by we people from decades ago. We were in majority that days and as we are today, only difference is we are scattered in small groups. This is due to Divide and rule of so called schollers.

    Just forget what we are, from which group do we belong, remember only we need to get our position of 5000 yrs ago. No one is going to serve this in a plate. We all need to scarifies so many things.

    Come, lets open the door of new revolution……free from fear, Iqulab ….Zindabad….

    Waiting for your response !!!

  312. kherlanji goan me hamare bhai aur bahanon ko jis tarah amanush atychar karke mara hai usi tarah un gaon walon ko char (4) ke badle hum 400 marenge phir. aak bar bhimakore gaon ka itihaas dohrareng.

    jai -Bhim

    Mr.Babasaheb Salve
    13/116- Ramabai Ambedkar nagar
    Ghatkopar -Mumbai.400075

  313. 313 Ascent

    Dear Dharitri,
    Yes, this is the way we should go about. Please put your more inspiring thoughts on this board. This would diffenitly help all of us.
    Good job,Keep it up.

  314. 314 Dr. datye

    Hello Rajesh,
    Well, since you already soemhow know I have not visited the areas where these things happen, the chapter is closed for me. My observation, as a scientist, is made with lot of thought and judgement. I have indeed seen lot of cruelty handed out to less powerful people (economically or otherwise) and especially animals across India. My comment made earlier is restricted to Brahmins only. There is rampant Untouchability across North India and I was shocked to see it and intervened on every occasion.
    I put two examples from my vast experience – one about human other about animal. I was driving through Orissa in Summer few years back and stopped at a roadside tea stall for a cup of tea. A dog took shelter in the tea shack to save himself from the extreme heat. The stall was was already crowded with people. The shop owner, before anybody could react, poured a part of the boiling tea water on the dog. The agonising cry of the dog still gives me shivers. What must have driving this man do to such a thing – I still have no answer.
    Second exaple – again a summer afternoon and the place was a desert road south of Jodhpur in Rajsathan and temperature around 45 degrees. The road had no traffic due to heat and I saw a sole figure standing on the roadside asking for a lift. I stopped the vehicle and opened the door to save the man standing in the heat. The man got into the car with luggage and numbed me by straightaway asking my caste. He said if I belonged to any other caste he would get out and die in the hot Sun. This is (wretched) life.
    I see Education as the only hope for future!

    Dr. Datye

  315. 315 Prashanth Pillai

    Man, reportedly the most civilised living being in the world!
    This incidents really contradict this statement. Even animals dont kill another animal other than for food.

    How can you blame a person if he turns into naxal if he suffers such injustice.

    Its a shame on the part of the government, the police force, the media and all those who had to witness this horrenduous crime.

  316. 316 Skhobragade

    Jai bhim

  317. 317 Skhobragade

    Jai bhim

    there is a big conspiracy of doing this type of massacre in Khairalanji.but those who are involeved in the conspiracy means the root of every problem of india would not affect any time,tis is te history. therefore if we blow to the root of the problem then only every problem of india will stop. becasue all the time root of the every problem not suffered anything, if he will suffer then only everthing will stop.

    Namo buddhay

    May all living beings be happyA

  318. 318 PRADEEP


    I think you waiting for another rape and another killing public life. Are you wake up to all criminal ? Common my dear friend all criminal, let do another horible incident.And after that join politics, no one will harm you…………….

    Is that you want to say………..?

    You are talking about law, just you think that icident if you are there then what will do ? You will wait for law to save you……………

    Really by writing this I am crying…………… Because unecessary we killing the public in rally and public property. We should now clean top now……………

    I am worry very much about our future……….our children …No one can sleep well in the night because something may bad thing is coming…………….

  319. 319 Ravi Kakde

    To, AMAY dear freind , the member of brahmin family(formerely dalit’s enemy). first thing you understand that we dont appose brahmins, we appose to brahminism and its dirty mind behind the politycs and social activties. ur explaining that no one is minister from brahmin community in the state or central cabinet. its true. but your argument to save brahmins from this alligations that brahmins are behind this incidents like khailanji. But the brahmins were established caste system and punishment system to unfollower of caste system before thousnds of years ago. that had been growing up till india acceptes the constitution of india. after independence of india its 60 years later dalits are still not having their rights to walk frankly, talk frankly , for this now brahmins are not responsible but brahmins godfathers are responsible for this it means ur their heirs , finaly brahmins dirty mind of that time thinking is responsible for all this happening in our democratic india. you must agree with this , and as brahmins helped to improve caste system , their heirs means people like you must have to try to destroy this caste system not only discussion. you r saying that ambedkar surname is given by a brahmin, its true i have already told that we are not against brahmins but against their dirty minds. the brahmin like ambedkar are not seen mostly to help dalit or others.

  320. 320 Ravi Kakde

    the people like you only stand for explain brahmins side , i am suggesting you that you must work for destroy castism from india like brahmins , who were helping babasaheb not only expalining brahmins side. its your duty like persons get propety coming by father and godfathers. you must active for wash your fathers and grandfathers bed thing they have done before.

  321. shame on deshmukh n aaba..! do hell with their law..!

  322. shame on maharashtra govt.

  323. 323 PRADEEP

    Where is Mr.sunil ? Please explain your feeling to our brother who are waiting for Law and order.


  324. 324 babu

    just another ‘only chat’ forum?

  325. 325 Ascent

    Bhai Pradeep,
    Please calm down. Every one of us is crying.We should maintain our strenght of mind.We are not only true Indians but we are followers of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. We respect the law which is above all in this country.

    There is two ways to stop such crimes in future:
    1. Take the route of present judiciory system. believe the criminals will get the punished which will any way punished.
    2. Educate people to stand on truth, knowledge and wisdom.

    I am with you, we all can begin a new road of safety. This is a time to device a social security system to protect our brothers and sisters where ever it is needed.

    Please comeup with your ideas how we should start. ” SAFETY ” for every one ?


    There is no alternative way, please prepaire your self for long term plan of action.

  326. 326 dominic

    Reservation policy has backfired, and created deadly rift between dalits and others, even including other backward classes, more so when the job opportunities are dwindling day by day and competition is fierce. Even Dr. Ambedkar had not envisaged reservations to last more than twenty five years or so.

    The subsequent governments have used these reservations for vote bank policies. Reservations for muslims is another volcano which would have tremendous repercussions for the indian society. Reservations could be alright upto the stage of education, even say for getting jobs, but reservation benefits at the time of promotion too is simply too much from the point of view of others.

    I think these lopsided policies may have taken their toll and hence the subsequent erruptions. At the same time, the killings were too brutal to condon, and should be condemned roundly. There should not be a repeat of Khairlanji at any cost.

  327. 327 PRADEEP


    I want to ask you one think, I am not asking the days.
    Please tell me how many years it will take to clear ?

    By that time our children also facing same problem what we are now ?

    Do you agree ? You have to dear…

    See Sibu soren got into Police custudy after 12 years. Then tell me where is Law ? Still now he had not left his MP seat. Still it is not clear that whether he get imprisonment or not. Because Lawyer are serching a way for him how he can little from his political carrior. Do you ?

    Another our Midea is like SARE MARKET. Sometimes they come with lot of new then after vanish fully. I am seeing some of the news midea used say like that we first new chennel who got this news first. What does it mean ?

    It is right time for use public power, there should not be any more waiting. we want to see india in clean country before we die…………

    Another thing I thinh Nagpur Women they have forget how they kill one rapist when he was asved from law. That is required now.

    Simply I will give a hints if 1000 people give one one slap this bastard teacher automaticly he will die or he will be mad.

    Please common my Public power do not wait for Law and Speeched. We need to peace now atleast for our children.

    We have to reply to our children, what we have done yet.


    Another think I want to clear to my indian friend I am neither NETA,RICH person nor a Naxalites. I am neither a dalit nor a Bramin,or any other caste. I am just a simple Indian and I proud to be a Indian.

    I always hoping when we could rich to our old True and Honesty ege. I always crying while prey to god everyday, I used to say I am very very sorry my mother India that I could not do any thing for you. Please kill me……………….

  328. 328 PRADEEP

    Lastly to Police Brother, We know you are help less. you are bounded with you job and superiors…………no problem……..You are also simple man like indian public.

    Please help us on your way. I think there is no need to explain how…………………….?

  329. 329 Amol Kale

    After 59 of indai’s independence it is redecules to see about this incident held in khairlanjee. I wll only say do hell with the law & order which do not support the dalit & innocent people.

    Do hell with Vilas Rao Deshmukh Sarkar

    Do hell with R R Patils Law & Order.

    At last I will pray to god that may the Soul get rest to the innocent peoples who were kill in Khairlanjee.

  330. 330 PRADEEP

    No Mr.Amol now God also help less, so We have to proceed for kill this Bastard…………..

  331. 331 Kishor

    Dear Rajesh,

    Jay Bhim & congrats!! The way you are arguing with MANUWADI people, I think you should have got tremendous support. However, I didn’t find it. Please don’t feel alone. If you have any idea to get together please do write.

    Now to ……………

    Dear secular Brahmin friends,

    As we always say, we are not against Brahmin. We are against Brahminism. Remember, Dr. Ambedkar burnt MANUSMRITI by Brahmin person. There were many Brahmins behind Dr. Ambedkar’s revolutionary. We always respect them.

    However, I found hardly any Brahmin of ‘that’ nature now. Would you please answer me the following questions & tell who are the mastermind behind following acts.

    1.Why Babari Mosque was demolished on 6th December only?
    2.Why ASHOK STAMBHA has replaced with Mr. Gandhi’s Photo on Indian Currency notes?
    3.Why Nuclear Tests are carried out on the occasion of BUDDHA PAURNIMA & named as “….AND BUDDHA LAUGHED” (aani Buddha hasla)?
    4.Why Buddh Gaya’s MAHABODHI VIHAR is under Brahmin mahants? Would you tolerate if Buddhists capture Siddhivinayaka temple under their people?
    5.All cricket playing countries’ logo is their national symbol. India is the only country whose logo is some meaningless circle instead of ASHOK CHAKRA, Why?
    6.Why we had to fight 14 Years to get name of Dr. Amdedkar to Marathwada University?
    7.Why your (yes your!) print & electronic media always neglect 6th Dec, 14th April, Buddha Jayanti, Dhamma Chakra Pravartan Din?
    8.Why SATYANARAYAN MAHAPUJA is carried out almost in each government office that too on the occasion of 26th Jan, republican day? What is the idea behind hanging photos of Gods (especially Hindu’s) in Govt. & public offices? (National heroes like Gandhiji, Subhashbabu, Sukhdev, Bhagatsing, Tilak, Ambedkar, Shivaji maharaj, Jyotiba Phule etc. are acceptable. If any body puts Buddha’s photo, I would strongly oppose it) Also, almost all Bhumipujan – inaugurations of govt. offices, buildings are performed puja according to the Hindu religion. Why? Are you ready to file complaint / case against them? (One can very well follow his/her religion at home & in private life. For that no need to go on govt., or public platform).

    9.We know that Brahmin never commit crime openly. They keep their gun on the shoulder of upper casts or OBC and fire. Kharlanji’s incident is the product of their cast base system. If we want to stop such incidents, we have to destroy the cast base system; it means we have to destroy the base of HINDU religion. Are you ready for it?

    10.My dear friends, do you (must) know that Nathuram Godase killed Gandhiji in the costume of Muslim to spread Hindu-Muslim rites. Unfortunately (?) some people identified him and thus could avoid big violence among innocent people. (A group of Brahmin planned Gandhiji’s murder.) Also, the murder of Gandhiji named as VADH. Who? Why??

    11.If we study entire Indian history, we would find whoever fought against castism and talked about equality has either disappeared (killed!!!) automatically or has big question mark on their death.

    Few names

    1.Gautam Buddha
    2.King Bruhdrath
    3.Saint Tukaram
    4.Saint Ravidas.
    5.Sai Baba.
    6.Shivaji Maharaj.

    I am not going to the level upto RAMAYANA , MAHABHARATA and many PURANS.

    Hope you got what I mean………!!


  332. 333 PRADEEP

    Dear Friend !









  333. 334 PRADEEP


  334. 338 PRADEEP












  335. 339 babu

    Let the medium of communicaton be english please.

  336. 340 PRADEEP

    Dear friends !

    I want to ask every one in this atrocity forum, please give your reaction.

    1. Whether we should wait for the Law to give punishment for 12 Years ?

    2. Whether we should kill the criminal by any means now ? It will be the quick action. No need any more protest because we are killing our people as well as wasting public property.

    I am eagerly waiting every one answer………….Please

  337. 341 Milind Jog


    I think this forum is not meant to discuss means to take revenge. There is a much bigger focus and purpose. Please don’t abuse it. We don’t live in jungle raj. There is a framework and people can get justice within the framework. For every action there will be a very ferosious reaction.

    Babasaheb never had to use any stones. He used his brain and heart. And his legacy will drive evryone to the correct path. We need to show some faith and use all the legitimate ways to get justice.

  338. 342 babu

    pradeep…if we start killing on our own then soon there would be someone gunning for you!

  339. 343 PRADEEP

    Mr.Babu and Mr.Milind

    Very nice answer from your side. Thank you very much.

    But I want to realise you heartly and I am very very sorry for to saying this.



    I waiting for reaction from all member who are seeing this forum……… Please

  340. 344 pradip

    Dear Amey & M.Jog,

    It is not a surprise that you write in support of Dalits. Ranade, Gokhle, Agarkar, Atre also did the same. But all of them erred in genuinely convincing the dalits that they are supporting dalits cause of humanity (Exclude Tilaks son who was staunch follower of Babasaheb). Only for one reason. They all did not go in their upper caste to make change in attitude of those people, nor did they leave their superiority complex. Superficially saying what you do is good to read, try telling the same to your UC and bring revolutionary change in their thought process by action. Try going to OBCs and tell them that all the hatred towards dalits has been rooted intheir minds by your forefathers taking support of sacred texts(Want details?).This may make us think that you are true. There is reason for this staunch stand. The past is full of people like you who talked in support of dalits but never did anything concrete. On the other hand UC instigated OBCs to fight against SC/STs on plea of caste hierarchy. Let me tell you one thing, according to DNA analysis by Dr. Michael Bamshad, University of UTAH, USA has proved that OBC, SC, ST, NTDT, VJNT & converts are blood brothers and the DNA of upper castes males match to Europeans (A Times of India (20.5.2001) report headlined, “Upper caste male more European” by Chidanand Rajghatta)
    So we conclude that UC are invaders as per AIT. Then you are not even Hindus. Tell me can you find word Hindu in Vedas, Ramayan, Geeta, Upnishadas? No. Because this word was first used by Islamic invaders for Indians who lost their land to Invaders. Aurangzeb imposed jizia tax on hindus. UC went to him and told that they should be exempted from this tax as they are also invaders and not Hindus, and they were exempted. Lawyer of Afzal Khan (Krishna Bhaskar Kulkarni) tried to kill Shivaji, and as he was wearing iron cap under his jire top, he was saved then Shivaji had to kill that lawyer. So take some concrete steps and then come back to us if you are genuine.

    History what is taught in school & Colleges is written by those who knew to read & write in those times. This game is understood by prominent reformed marathas like Mr. P. Khedekar, Mr. A.H.Salunke, Mr. M.M.Deshmukh, Mr. Ashok Rana and many more.
    Media covers the help extended by RSS & BJP alone and ignored other organizations. Can you tell why only dalits of those places do not receive help while others do get in ample?

    Please let our leaders be with us and we will do what we feel is right about them? Why you bother?

    You only know few rich OBCs out of 54% . what about others please do not generalize on few examples.

    Hence, the Marathas , who have defected from Hinduism and formed their own religion SHIVDHARMA 2 years ago, are requested to go all over India and spread the message among the misdirected OBCs that by DNA analysis OBC, SC, ST , NTDT, VJNT and converts are blood brothers and the DNA of upper castes males match to Europeans.

  341. 345 Snehal Arya

    I am a follower of Sanatana Dharma. It is very unfortunate that this barbaric incident happened. I have to say that who ever did this are none less than Mohammed Afzals of the country and deserve no lesser punishment.

    I belong to Gujarat. I want to know how much of atrocities are done on dalits of Gujarat. Maybe Maharashtra, M.P and some other states where dalits are being victimized need a leadership change.

    At the same time Buddhists need to look back at the religious books of Sanata Dharma. Just the Manu Smriti is what they are clinging on to.

    Who ever is behind this website deserves applause for bringing to light the plight of dalits in their own land.

    • Your website is so epic that my mouth bleeds when I look at it. There really is no substitute for human connection. Your posts are shocking. Thank you for this post, I found it to be very encouraging.

  342. 347 Srilal P.

    Dear Frieds of this foram

    We buddhists do not kill. Therefore, please do not say that we must kill them. We must force authirities take preventive measures and spread the word of Lord Buddah. Forgive these mad people.


  343. 348 babu

    there are very good debators here. (applause!0. unfortunately i do not see too many good ‘executers’. time to execute (not execute=kill, pradeep) but to somehow put to action a plan that will in whatever small way improve the lot of the dalits. i am no leader as i do not have any leadership qualities. but i know how to do a job properly if someone else can do the thinking.

  344. 349 Dalit Eye Opener


    Often the minor divisions among the Hindu society along the caste and class lines are magnified many fold by some for their narrow political or bigotted interests. However these detractors as well as the majority of Hindus worldwide are unaware of the fact that contribution of the GIANTS from the so called backward castes to Hinduism and India is GLORIOUS, as illustrated below. All Hindus (including DALITS) are and will be proud of this contribution.

    Although I personally do not believe in caste system, I am including the caste of these great souls only to make the point.

    Maharshi VALMIKI – Fisherman (intially a highway robber) Composer of Ramayana, Lot of Hindus from Pakistan belong to the so called backward “Balmik’ caste.

    Maharshi VED VYAS – Son of a fisher woman Matsya Gandha Composer of Mahabharat which also contains Gita Maharshi

    MATANGA – A matang (harijan caste) & Guru of Shabari Shabari – A Bhil (adivasi tribe)

    VIDUR – Son of a dasi, Devotee of Krishna, Chief Minister of Hastinapur In well recorded history following individuals have made great contribution to Indian History and Hinduism :

    Chandragupta Maurya and the Maurya Dyanasty – – Maurya originates from Muria, a tribe which used to collect Peacock (Mor) feathers, also goat herders.

    Khushru Khan – A lower caste Hindu forcibly converted to Islam, ruled Delhi for 4 months,called himself Hindu Pad- paadshah, hastened the decline of Khilji empire

    Hemu – Dhansar (weighman in the market), Ruler of Delhi for 1 month. Fought with Akbar and was killed in the 2nd battle of Panipat (Nov.5, 1556)

    Most of the MawaLas- Kunbi, Followers of Shivaji Maharaj including Tanhaji Malusare, Yesaji Kank, Jiva Mahale

    MalharRao Holkar – Dhangar (goat herder) the royal Sardar of Marathas

    Ahalyabai Holkar – Daugther in Law of Malhar Rao, She built Ghats on Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, rebuilt temples including the temple complex in Ayodhya

    Sant Tukaram – Kunbi caste (Tukaram calls himself a shudra)

    Sant Rohidas – Chamar(cobbler) also called Raidas, Guru of Mirabai

    Sant Namdev – Shimpi or Darji (tailor), his work is included in Guru Granth Saheb

    Sant Janabai – Dasi, domestic servent in Sant Namdev’s home

    Sant Chokha Mela – Mahar (harijan)

    Sant Soyarabai – Sant Chokha’s wife (harijan)

    Sant Goroba – Kumhar (potter)

    Sant Savata Mali – Mali (gardener)

    Sant Narahari – Sunar (goldsmith)

    Sant Sena – Nai (barber)

    Yug Pravartak Dr.B.R.Ambedkar – Mahar (harijan), chief architect of Indian constitution

    As is evident, the TWO GREATEST EPICS OF THE HINDU CULTURE, namely RAMAYAN and MAHABHARAT, ARE WRITTEN BY TWO GIANTS WHO BELONG TO THE SO CALLED BACKWARD CLASSES. Also one of the greatest dynasties in Indian history was headed by so called backward class ‘Mauryas’.

    The saints and the swords (of MawaLas) of the ‘backward’ class Hindus also contributed to the resurgence of Hinduism and Hindu nation when it was being dominated and crushed under the heels of foreign powers.

    I do know that during some periods there were atrocities perpetrated by upper class people. But can we deny the contribution of Acharya Chanakya in establishing Maurya dynasty, or contribution of Sant Ramdas and Dadoji Khondadev in inspiring Shivaji? Thruout Indian history Ramayan & Mahabharat have been revered and retold for generations by ALL hindus. Bhagavad Gita, Hinduism’s holiest scripture comes from Mahabharat. All Hindus consider these as their own scriptures. If the caste and class divisions were indeed as severe as they are protrayed, then why would generations of all the ‘upper caste’ people hold these two epics by two ‘backward’ class people in the highest esteem ?

    No Hindu should consider himself to be a backward class or of a backward caste Hindu because we all belong to the class of Ved Vyas and Valmiki. It is time the so called backward class Hindus (like myself) recognize our contribution to Hinduism and feel justifiably proud. It is time we throw away this yoke of mental servitude of feigned superiority or inferiority of some class and caste.



    Readers, please feel free to add to this list the names of great men/ women of (so called) backward classes from your state who made great contributions to Hinduism and India.


  345. 350 Dalit Eye Opener

    Hindu Deities, Sages and Saints Who were not Brahmins

    “The origin of Sages, Truth and Rivers are unkown”—Mahabharata

    This appendix lists some non-Brahmin or mixed caste great Deities, Saints and Sages of Hinduism. It will be apparent that these great men and women are responsible to a great extent for the development of Hinduism and that the title ‘Brahminism’ is rather a misnomer for our Dharma.

    1. Sri Rama: He was a Kshatriya belonging to the Suryavamsa. His life is the theme of the popular Hindu epic Ramayana. He is considered the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who in turn represents the ‘Preserver’ aspect of God. He is considered an ideal son, an ideal king and so on. Hindu Utopia is often called ‘Ramarajya’, i.e., ‘the kingdom of Sri Rama’.

    2. Sri Krishna: He to the belonged to the Yadava sub-caste. The Yadavas are currently enumerated amongst the ‘Other Backward Castes’ (OBC’s) in India. He is considered the most popular deity of Hindus, and revealed the ‘Bhagavad Gita’, which is the bedrock of modern Hinduism, and summarizes the philosophical teachings of all Hindu scriptures in a masterful manner. He is considered as the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

    3. Lord Shiva: He is often termed as a ‘Kirata’ in the Puranas. The Kiratas would currently fall in the ‘Scheduled Tribes’ (ST) category in modern India. He is considered as a representation of the ‘Destroyer’ aspect of God and is one of the chief Hindu deities. He is the chief subject of numerous Hindu scriptures like the Shiva Purana, the Kurma Purana and so on.

    4. Maharshi Aitreya Mahidasa: According to tradition, his mother was a maid named ‘Itara’. This Rishi is credited with the compilation of the Aitreya Brahmana and sections 1-3 of the Aitreya Aranyaka (the latter contains the Aitreya Upanishad- one of the 10 canonical Upanishads for Hindus) belonging to the Rigveda.

    5. Rishika Lopamudra: She was a Kshatriya princess from Vidarbha, who married Maharshi Agastya. She is the Seer of some verses of the Rigveda. Several edifying dialogs between her and Sage Agastya are recorded in the Puranas.

    6. Maharshi Vishwamitra: He was originally a Kshatriya named ‘Vishwaratha’. He is credited with revealing the ‘Gayatri Mantra’, the Hindu prayer par-excellence. He was elevated to Brahminhood because of his spiritual luster.

    7. Maharshi Veda Vyasa: He was the son of a fisher-woman named Satyavati, from Rishi Parashara. Considered the greatest Rishi of classical Hinduism, he is believed to have give the 4 Vedas ( = the most authoritative scriptures of Hindus) their present form. He also compiled the Mahabharata and the Puranas, which are the mainstay of popular Hinduism. He also authored the Brahmasutras- a text considered as one of the triple canon of Vedantic Hinduism (the other two being the Gita and the Upanishads). His birthday is celebrated as ‘Guru-Poornima’ by Hindu monks every year. All Hindu monastic orders trace their lineage from him and a popular saying goes: “vyasocchishtam jagatsarvam” meaning that so great was the learning Rishi Veda Vyasa, that even his voluminous writings represent only the periphery of his knowledge.

    8. Maharshi Matanga: He was the son of a Shudra mother and a Vaishya father. In fact, Chandalas are often addressed as ‘Matanga ’in passages like Varaha Purana 1.139.91

    9. Maharshi Valmiki: He was descendant from Sages but had become a chandaala (= an outcaste) named Ratnakara, because he took to murder and highway robbery. He was reformed by Prajapati Brahma and was inspired by the divine Sage Narada to compose the Hindu epic par excellence- the Ramayana.

    10. Rishika Sulabhaa Maitreyi: She was a Kshatriya lady who promulgated the Saulabha Shakha of the Rigveda. She is counted among the revered teachers of Rigveda to whom respects are offered in texts like the Kausitaki Brahmana. The Saulabha Brahmana is now lost but is mentioned in the Kashika- a commentary on the grammatical text named Ashtadhyayi. A dialog of Rishika SulabhA with King Janaka of Videha on spirituality is recorded in the Shanti Parvan (12th book) of the Mahabharata.

    11. Mahatma Vidura: He was the son of Maharshi Veda Vyasa and a maid of King Dhritrashtra (the father of Kauravas in the Mahabharata). He is a wise man in the Mahabharata and counseled many towards truth. His teachings are collected in the ‘Viduraprajagar’ section of the Udyog Parvan (5th book) of Mahabharata.

    12. Gautama Buddha: The founder of Buddhism belonged to a marginal Kshatriya tribe called Shakya. He lived and died as a Hindu, although his followers founded a new religion in his name. He advocated the supremacy of good ethics and morality over philosophical speculation and ritualism. He is considered the 9th incarnation of Lord Vishnu by devout Hindus.

    13. Mahavira: The 24th and the last great Teacher of Jainism. He belonged to the Kshatriya Licchivi tribe of Bihar. He advocated vegetarianism and the centrality of compassion in Dharma.

    14. Bhakta Nammalvar: The foremost of the Alvar Vaishnava saints, he was a Shudra by birth. His composition ‘Tiruvayamoli’, which is in the Tamil language, is considered at par with the Vedas by the Sri Vaishnava Hindus.

    15. Sikh Gurus: All the Sikh Gurus, from Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh, were Kshatriyas. The teachings of the first 5 and the 9th Guru are compiled in the Adi Granth- the Sikh scripture. In the face of Islamic persecutions, they revitalized the Hindu community of what is now Pakistan and parts of Northern India and preached the simple path of performance of good deeds, devotion to God by recitations of His names and singing of His glory and sharing of one another’s joys and sorrows without regard to caste.

    16. Saint Kabir: He was brought-up by ‘Julaha’ couple. Julahas are a Muslim caste of weavers. He preached in the language of the masses and many of his verses are common proverbs in North India.

    17. Narsi Mehta: He was born in a Vaishya family is a renowned Vaishnava saint of Gujarat. One of his compositions- “Vaishnava Jana” was a favorite of Mahatma Gandhi. According to some however, he was a Brahmin.

    18. Saint Tukarama: He was a Vaishya who composed touching poems called the ‘Abahngas’ on devotion to God. These compositions are recited with great fervor by numerous Hindus, especially in Maharashtra by the members of the Warakari community.

    19. Saint Ravidas: He was a cobbler, and therefore of Shudra origin. He advocated Bhakti and 16 of his compositions were incorporated in the Adi Granth- the Sikh scripture.

    20. Saint Mira: She was a Rajput Kshatriya princess of Mewar and devoted her life to the service of Lord Krishna. Her beautiful poetical compositions addressed to Lord Krishna are recited with great fervor by Hindus down to this day.

    21. Swami Vivekananda: One of the foremost reformers and teachers of modern Hinduism, he was of Kayastha subcaste of Bengal. He spread the message of Vedanta in the United States and Europe and his writings and speeches are contained in “The Collected Writings of Swami Vivekanand.” He founded the Ramakrishna Mission- a religious organization to propagate the teachings of his Guru Swami Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. In Bengal, Kayasthas are considered as Shudras.

    22. Vatsa, a descendant of Kanva RV 6.1; 8.8 etc; was called a Shudra-putra (Panchavimsha Brahman 14.66).

    23. Kakshivat, a Brahmavadin, was the son of Dirghatamas by a Shudra maid servant (Brihaddevata 4.24-25).

    24. According to Mahabharata (Anushasana Parvan 53.13-19), Sage Kapinjalada was a Chandala and Sage Madanapala was the son of a boatwoman.


  346. 351 babu


  347. 352 Sagar Jagtap

    This is very bad in country like india. who is showing that we have different culture , different Laguage , different people , But we united, what it show indian people tendency. people are educated but still belive in caste.

    it is aslo shameful Buddhist people in india becoze they still not united.
    this incident continously happen still we do not gather.

  348. 353 Dalit Eye Opener

    Backward-caste Hindu Warriors

    1) Ahilyabai Holkar – Daugther in Law of Malhar Rao, the Holkars were from the tribal Dhangar caste of Maharashtra. She was a member of the Malwa Dynasty. She built Ghats on Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, rebuilt temples including the temple complex in Ayodhya. She was the queen of Indore.

    2) Hemu (Hemchandra) – Dhansar (market weighman), Ruler of Delhi for 1 month under the title ‘Raja Vikramaditya.’ Fought with Mughals (which was then headed by Akbar) and was killed in the 2nd battle of Panipat (Nov.5, 1556) including Tanhaji Malusare, Yesaji Kank, Jiva Mahal. Hemu was on the side of the Suri Dynasty to expel the Mughals from India.[1] He was beheaded by Akbar’s army and his head was sent to Kabul as a sign of ‘victory’ to the women in Hamuyun’s harem[2] and his torso to Delhi (for exposure on a gibbet.)

    3) Khushru Khan – A backward-caste Hindu forcibly converted to Islam, ruled Delhi for 4 months, called himself Hindu Pad-paadshah, hastened the decline of Khilji empire.

    4) Sudas – also a Shudra. Sudas of the Puru Dynasty is one of the most celebrated kings of the Rigveda, being the hero of the Dasarajna war, defeating the Irani tribes.

    5) Vidura, born to a maid and became advisor of the king of Hastinapur. [1] He is further thought of to be an avatar of Yamraaj [3]


    1) Most of the Mawalas – Followers of Shivaji Maharaj
    2) Malhar Rao Holkar – Dhangar (goat herder) who became the royal Sardar of Marathas. He was appointed by the Brahmin Peshwas as all Hindus and especially the Marathi at the time were uniting against Islamist domination.


    1) Bhil Kingdom of King Guh (From Ramayana)
    2) King Guh was a great friend of Rama. He was a member of the Nishadha tribe, which is also called Shabara (e.g. Shabari).
    3) Bhil Kingdom
    4) Bappa Rawal (also Kalbhoj) was raised by Bhil and became king when 18 years old, protected Bharatiya culture and religion. He was the eighth ruler of Guhilot Dynasty (vansh).[4]
    5) Chanda-Sirpur Kingdom
    6) Chandella Kingdom
    7) Deogarh-Nagpur Kingdom
    8) Garha-Mandla Kingdom
    9) Gond (Gondwana) Kingdom (10th century-18th century)
    10) Rani Durgavati was of Chandella-Gond heritage and repreatedly fought with the Mughal dynasty. She said, “Better to die free than live as a slave,” referring to Mughal domination.
    11) Meena Kingdom



  349. 354 Dalit Eye Opener

    The editor of this blog has my email address. If he wishes to write personally to me he is welcome.

  350. 355 Dalit Eye Opener


    Tradition is unanimous that Sri Rama was a Kshatriya whereas Ravana
    was a descendent of Maharshi Pulyatsya and was therefore a Brahmin.The
    Jyotirlinga temple at Rameshwaram owes its existence to the expiation performed
    by Lord Rama for the killing of Brahmins like Ravana.



  351. 356 Ascent

    Dear So called EYE OPENER,
    Majority Indians are misguided since 5000yrs B.C. by forefathers of peoples like you,
    First of all the word HINDU do not belongs to any tribe, ethnic group of people who were stayed,lived,living in this sub-continent. For your info this word is used by peoples of Parsia. Due to skin colour of the people here. According to Persian dixionery,meaning is Hindu = a black. Sub sequently this was broadly used by all forigners who use to call the local people as Hindu. This was not for any perticular religion. After all there was no such religion available that time, also none of the so called great books describes todays HINDU religion.Yes some times the forigners use to call criminals, road robbers as HINDU. We should not stick with the world Hindu which is forcibly pasted to our society a sign of crimanals, blak and so on. Because we are not criminals, do not belive black & white racism.
    Yes! we see Muslims Kings who invadade India and rulled, they have rescued us form slavery(from decades) of so called Kings who were fighting with each other continously for their own interest refer Mahabharata.
    So please do not try to spread more confusion within us. We now no more want to get diverted. The fusion process is already started, what ever we are now part of this land, could be Buddhist,Muslim,Sikh,etc. Those who believe we are blood brotehers of each other any way joining in this new revolution. If you people want to join in this you are welcome. If you are going to misguide, please stop now. Your game is up.
    Once upon time the Budhism was followed by almost every one. The brahmnical conspiracy made Budhism get outscirts of this country.
    Now we no more want to fight with each other, we no this is our land, if some one try to get benifit of dividing would deffinitly going to see its own real place, need less to say where…better you people just not only understand, go and educate your casties brothers. Because this is the high time to get your self of in mainstream of equality. Other wise there is be ready for results… this time we will win, because we know very well who is culprit.
    Jai Bhim

  352. 357 babu

    Ascent…clam up! Dalit Eye Opener has as much right to express his views here as you have. In fact many of the things he said were news to me. No one shall stop anyone else from talking or saying his peace. We shall move forward in an absolute atmosphere of transparency and true knowledge!

  353. 358 Dalit Eye Opener

    Dear Ascent,

    The term Hindu is derived from the Persian pronunciation of the Sanskrit word Sindhu (Sanskrit: िसन्धु, the ancient name of the Indus River), located in what is now Pakistan. The Persians, using the word “Hindu” for “Sindhu”, referred to the people who lived near or on the other side of the Sindhu River as “Hindus”, and their religion later became known as “Hinduism.” Prior to that time, Hindus had called their religion Sanātana Dharma (the eternal religion – see also Dharma), Vaidika Dharma (the religion of the Vedas), Ārya dharma (the noble religion), or mānava dharma (the religion of mankind). Eventually the word “Hindu” came into common use among Hindus themselves,and was borrowed by the Ancient Greeks as Indos, Indikos (“Indian”), into Latin as Indianus. and into Sanskrit, as hindu (हिन्दु), appearing in some early medieval texts.

    My idea was never to spread confusion but to remove it.

    If it is thought that Brahmins denied us of our rights. Actually the opposite is true. By shying away from our own identities we are letting them dominate us. What ever information was posted by was not meant to make anyone leave Buddhism.

    I am a non-believer in castes if any and every. The only reason why I posted the information was to spread awareness about the amount of good work that has been done by us in Sanatana Dharma. It strongly believe that Manu Smiriti which is a text of no relevance today was coined by Brahmins of them to dominate the lower caste. It was a text that was of no revelance or awareness of the scripture was not considerable until the British brought it into the limelight as an important Hindu scripture.

    When it comes to racial theology, The Varna of Manusmriti has been widely regarded as ‘race’ by colonial British rulers and has been used for studies like pseudoscientific race analysis and phrenology. The Varna of Manusmriti has been widely regarded as ‘class’ by Marxist analysts and has been used to justify various postulates on history and civillization. Prior to colonization, the Manusmriti was nothing more than an obscure text, long-forgotten and rarely used to determine what was acceptable social practice. Because the numerical presence of the Britishers in India was not substantial, the Britishers had to rule largely by proxy. It was important that their agents did not face resistance or rebellion, even in the social realm. Owing to its allegedly repressive and divisive character, the Manusmriti helped in preventing both individual and collective resistance to local authorities, who were typically upper caste and often Brahmin. That the Manusmriti represented an archaic and outdated social code didn’t matter.”

    I think it is time now to for us also to ask a few questions. Are we doing justice to ourselves. We have been spoon fed and it is time for us now to eat ourselves.

    Ascent I have no opposition to you or anyone else accepting any faith or following it. Buddhism is not only popular in India, it is a religion spread all over the world and for heavens sake don’t regards it as a religion of only the dalits.

    Jai Bhim

  354. 359 pradip

    Brothers & Sisters,
    On search throug web sites sponcering debate on this issue I came accross this:

    Load it with all the facts of history to reteliate as this page is supported by manuwadi media.

  355. 360 babu

    went there. but didn’t find it impressive. came back.

  356. 361 Ascent

    Dear eye-opener,
    Thanks for explanning us the word Hindu is it is not so easy to understand why Sindhu only became Hindu.

    I am just trying to understand with very little level of knowledge why the following things not pronounced by our old persian friends:

    Sindhu River( Presently Jehlam in Pak.)= Hindiu river
    Sindh(state in Present Pak)=Hind
    Sheer(Milk in Persian) = heer
    Samarkand(In Taziksatan)=Hamarkand
    Saher(a persian word meaning dawn_ = Haher
    Sohrab (a Persian warrior) = Hohrab
    Siddartha = hiddartha
    Sita = Hita
    Siriya ( neoubouring country to Iran) = Hiriya
    Saraswati = Harahwati
    Sanatana-dharma = Hanatan -Dharma

    Dear opener please open the eyes, such interpeteration is still not justified. And your instisting on it would be just confuse inoscent indians.

    Furthermore, a Persian dictionary titled Lughet-e-Kishwari, published in Lucknow in 1964, gives the meaning of the word Hindu as “chore [thief], dakoo [dacoit], raahzan [waylayer], and ghulam [slave].” In another dictionary, Urdu-Feroze-ul-Laghat (Part One, p. 615) the Persian meaning of the word Hindu is further described as barda (obedient servant), sia faam (black color) and kaalaa (black). So these are all derogatory expressions for the translation of the term hindu in the Persian label of the people of India.

    The real confusion started when the name “Hinduism” was used to indicate the religion of the Indian people. The words “Hindu” and “Hinduism” were used frequently by the British with the effect of focusing on the religious differences between the Muslims and the people who became known as “Hindus”. This was done with the rather successful intention of creating friction among the people of India. This was in accord with the British policy of divide and rule to make it easier for their continued dominion over the country

    I am sorry Mr. opener I would definetly not like to get called by any outsider as Black or Theif or a slave, and I am sure you too also.

    Hindu is not an Indian word, it is migrated from Iran. We just cant put a lable of insulting on our Chest as a victory cross.

    If you are happy to be continiued to called a Salve in our Indipendent country, this could be a part of shame.

    Main rahgir unka banjaoon jinki aanhke khuli hain …
    matlab naheen hain oonse jeenhone darwaza dilonka bandh kiya hain, aur khidkiyan bhi. pata nahi roshani our khuli hawa kahan se aayegi ??

  357. 362 Dalit Eye Opener

    Let me also begin with JAI BHIM,

    “Furthermore, a Persian dictionary titled Lughet-e-Kishwari, published in Lucknow in 1964, gives the meaning of the word Hindu as “chore [thief], dakoo [dacoit], raahzan [waylayer], and ghulam [slave].” In another dictionary, Urdu-Feroze-ul-Laghat (Part One, p. 615) the Persian meaning of the word Hindu is further described as barda (obedient servant), sia faam (black color) and kaalaa (black). So these are all derogatory expressions for the translation of the term hindu in the Persian label of the people of India.”

    That is exactly what happens if you have been parrot trained all your life. You are more happy to be attached to definitions that invaders of India gave to us. You have ignored the definition Sanatana Dharma altogether and settled down very happily for Hinduism.

    The Persians, using the word “Hindu” for “Sindhu”, referred to the people who lived near or on the other side of the Sindhu River as “Hindus”, and their religion later became known as “Hinduism.” Prior to that time, Hindus had called their religion SANATANA DHARMA (the eternal religion – see also DHARMA), VAIDIKA DHARMA (the religion of the Vedas), ARYA DHARMA (the noble religion), or MANAVA DHARMA (the religion of mankind). Eventually the word “Hindu” came into common use among Hindus themselves,and was borrowed by the Ancient Greeks as Indos, Indikos (”Indian”), into Latin as Indianus. and into Sanskrit, as hindu (हिन्दु), appearing in some early medieval texts.

    It is apparent from your discussions that you are not interested in upliftment of dalits but your primary goal is Buddhism. If you read all my posts including the one which was deleted from this website you would understand I have not said a single word against Busshism or it’s followers. That itself says how much of tolerance to others you have. The same can be said about Christianity and Islam that refute and debunk everything that is not Quran and Bible.

    I will do my work and spread awareness amongst dalits on how the upper caste kept them blinded all these years. At the same time I will also spread awareness amongst dalits how their own men are making sure they remain blinded for ever. Creating Dalits amongst Dalits.

    Jai Bhim.

  358. 363 Dalit Eye Opener

    There is a spelling error please correct Busshism to Buddhism. Nothing intentional. I am sorry.

  359. 364 Dalit Eye Opener

    Dear Ascent,

    The word India is the form used by Europeans over the ages.
    Even India is not an Indian word.

    Baba Saheb rightly says as mentioned in Article 1 of the Constitution of India – ‘India that is Bharat shall be a Union of States.

    Hope you try to be honest with atleast yourself. If you think being called even close to Hindus is slavery, I think you are a bigger slave if you sleep happliy being termed an INDIAN.


  360. 365 Ascent

    Sathi Eye opener,
    Jay Hind,
    Please, please do try and understand, I am not against you & your faith. I just want to make clear that the word which was not even our forefathers used. Not even by Krishna in Geeta. Why we do not disown this forign word.

    And about “INDIA”, this word do not relate to any Religious group. This was firstly used in Greek administrator Magesthenis, wrote in his book INDICA.

    If you have some apprihention about word INDIA, no body is going to force you to use it.

    Yes the language is spoken by majority of people “HINDI”, if you feel appropriate and most most of countries known by their language, for example: Arabia – Arbi, Pasia – Pharsi, England – English, France-French, Rasuia-Rasiun etc. Similarly we can use HIND (which is any way being used officially since a long). One can have its own debutes on it.

    How ever, as mentioned above there is no any intension to harm you or anybody. If you want to get called yourself a HINDU it your choise. We as an individual HINDI have a sincer respect to you and your thoughts.

    Bye the way the points of word “S” transformed to “H” refer above arical – 358. What do you think. Only Sindu is transformed…..and remaining words they learnt subsequently to pronounce. I think by that theory now we can make Sanskrit to “Hanskrit”. This would be a supportive action to you and all behind making Sindhu to Hindu.

    Please do not blame any one. The history was written bye those who were allowed to write and read that time. We common people was not allowed, if one try to do so was punissed seveorly. So we are not responsible to to twist the historical mislabeling to any comunity so far. Still the responsibility of thos so called uppercast people who have supported all the historical misleadings by forigners. In fact most of todays uppercalss were even forrign invadors of their time. For this I have proof. See their skin & eyes do not match with majority people of this sub-continent.

    it is better we all should understand as early as possible. We need to start a new society al together. And we can not carry all the burdons loaded by few smart crows in past. just keep away all our old outdated thought. Come and join to build a new society together.

    If you come along you are most welcome. If you do not come we are not going to force you. But please try and understand what you are tryiong to OPEN UP Dalits EYES, would rather making blind them in the name of your (once upon time ours) blind fathe of DHARAMA, has no relavence today.

    If some one do not co-operate us fine, but any try to divert our propogating the equality and making a society based not upon religion but on equal social right & responsibility. nedd less to say we are definitly not hasitate to tell them, just get lost out of our own teritory. Then please be ready to go to your forign identifiers for new word instead of “H”, and be happy for ever what ever they call you, because you have no choise to depend upon them.

    Rather this is a EYE OPENER to you guies, please open up not only eyes but ears also.

    ….at last waiting another word which is transformed by Persians which got currupted unintensionally or intenssionaly…..please take the help of schollers, mot of the schollers and historians are from your comunity, so there knowledge you can use….may be you have to request them to open their eyes and look for the “converted – H”, if there is any difficulty provide them a high degree of magnifying lence. If still you found difficulty ask your forignfriends to look from satelite….

    Once again want to assure,I have no intantion to take away your beloved HINDU identity from you please hold it firmly as long as you want. only sincer request is that, when ever you feel it is not your correct identity but it is a currupted form of Sindhu( just only for the people who leaved near by Sindhu river and was got a locational identity). Then try and find your right place. Please do not hasitate to come to us we all give you warm welcome. because we consider you our big brother but gone farther ahead from us, we are waiting you please return without your so called currupted identies.

    Welcome back…..

  361. 366 Dalit Eye Opener

    Dear Brother Ascent,

    Jai Bhim,

    “Still the responsibility of thos so called uppercast people who have supported all the historical misleadings by forigners. In fact most of todays uppercalss were even forrign invadors of their time. For this I have proof. See their skin & eyes do not match with majority people of this sub-continent.”

    It seems you have also fallen for the AIT Aryan Invasion Theory. So colour of skin will decide dalits now? You are even claiming to having proofs. BTW BABA SAHEB HAS REJECTED THAT THEORY. So you if you are bigger than him please leave out.

    By dear brother. Open your eyes, ears and the most important your hearts. I agree the wrong has been done. I am not against it. But do not confuse and wrong yourself and others even further.

    Since it is colours of skin that you are more comfortable with discussing now, let me deal with you on that.

    Why are Lord Rama, Krishna and Shiva always shown blue or black? Read one of my above posts.

    Sri Rama: He was a Kshatriya belonging to the Suryavamsa.
    Sri Krishna: He to the belonged to the Yadava sub-caste.
    Lord Shiva: He is often termed as a ‘Kirata’ in the Puranas.

    Rama is dark-complexioned, mainly bluish – a symbol of divinity. There are many references where you will find Krishna as the dark one. Have you ever wondered why Brahma, Laxmi, Durga are not shown as dark skinned? They are always shown as white skinned.

    You also mention
    “DHARAMA, has no relavence today.” In that case you do not qualify as a Buddhist.
    Ethically, Dharma means ‘right way of living’ or ‘proper conduct,’ especially in a religious sense. With respect to spirituality, dharma might be considered the Way of the Higher Truths.

    You end your reply with
    “Please do not hasitate to come to us we all give you warm welcome. because we consider you our big brother but gone farther ahead from us, we are waiting you please return without your so called currupted identies.”

    Again you chose to being personal and not only that you are rejecting your own identity, our identity. There are many missing links. Truth is in uncovering them with any bias and not by flinging filth on each other which you are doing in all your posts.

    Jai Bhim

  362. 367 dharitri bhattacharyya

    I do not understand what Ascent and eye opener are debating about. Origin of the word Hindu is not an issue at all. Everyone knows it is a foreign word and Dharma which means the true way of life is the correct word. Its how you conduct your life, not what you believe in, that is important. There is no war between Hindus and Buddhists. The issues here are how to destroy the evil caste system and how to ensure justice for the victims. And I do not think Sanatan Dharma is based on casteism and if you take it out the Dharma will collapse. It can manage pretty well without the caste system.

  363. 368 Dalit Eye Opener

    Sir Dharitri Bhattacharyya I agree with you. That is exactly I have tried to explain. Sanata Dharma has been forgotten. There should be no war between Hindus and Buddhists. In fact Sanatan Dharmis and Buddhists. Please read all my posts from the beginning. I have not even once said anything Buddhism, it’s followers or Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkarji. The opposite holds true for Ascent.

    Jai Bhim

  364. 369 Dalit Eye Opener

    Our philosophy of ‘Ekam sat wipra bahudha wadanti’ not only tolerates but accepts all other religions as true.

    The biggest wall that is in front of all Indians is that if THE WALL OF POLITICIANS. The solution is there before us but are we interested in catching the real culprits, THE POLITICIANS? The life of the four killed and butchered in Khairlanje should not go in vain. Politicians have some answers to give. Why is it that as soon as we have elections nearing automatically violence breaks up some where. The poor is deliberately made to suffer.

    I don’t see the point when Vilas Rao Deshmukh is seen on front seats attending his sons movie premiers, Sharad Pawar is seen debating on cricket and attending cricket matches in Abu Dhabi, while the poor farmer is committing suicide and there is no one to hold his hand.

    Come on Dalit get up and catch the leaders & politicians by the scruff of their necks. Don’t let them get away.

    Ek kadam hum badhe, ek kadam tum,
    aao milkar naap de, phasle chand tak

    Hum bhi dariya hai, apnaa hunar hame maloom hai,
    jis taraph bhi chal padenge, rastaa ban jayega

    Jai Bhim

  365. 370 babu

    the topic is how to uplift the dalits so that kherlanji doesn’t happen again. memebers please refocus on the solution making. thanks.

  366. 371 Ascent

    Dear Eye Opener,

    I am still waiting for you opinon on non transformed words starts from “S”.
    Please accept the truth that your identity is local but it and from abrod. As BG Tilak mentioned in his book Geeta Rahasya that ” ARVITAKS HOME” Aryans home at north pole.You are eliens to this land.

    So many times it was happened the traditions of Local Dravidians was adopted by forigner Aryans. Like thier festivals, Gods etc. There is no wonder that by showing that our God looks like you there fore we are one of localites. But reality is that the God of Aryans were mentioned in Rigveda is Indra, who was one of enjoying the dances of beutifull godesses in his court. Ifact Krishna the lord of milkman and farmers stopped his worshipping in Vrindawan.
    And above all Brahmins do not put the picture Rama and its idol in their house, why?

    Simalarly these manuwadi have claimed that the Buddha is 9th recarnation of Vishnu.It does not mean that all Budhist will follow you. Infact Buddha himself denied the existance of any power like GOD.

    And Siva was novere the lord of Aryans. It is still worshiped by south Indians as thier own lord.

    How ever you may not have answer to stilling away the lords of majority people, you have all the justifications since 5000years. To miguide inocents.

    Do you have any explanations on Trransformation of “S” to “H” then and then only come with your arguments, I am no more interested to argue with you for what you are.


  367. 372 Ascent

    Dear Babu,
    Still you not got the real thread behind those who diverts all of us from decades ago, by pulling us in such type of meaning less arguements. They want us to get involve in the faith what they believe is right and others should follow them. That what is happening, if some on from us try to overcome will be destroyeed like what happened in Kherlanji. Which was happend form since decade and would be continued for decades, if we donot wake now and stop all those myths which put the weight of so called traditions in name of wrotten religion. We would be allowing us to kill for decades ahead. Now we should work towards to identify the culprit behind such idology and ensure that atleast they could not make any nonsense hence forth.

    Dear all brohers it is our responsibility to make a new natiion where our identity is prominent, we should breath freely. There should not be a fear for us to be slaughtered by any so called bloody casties.

    I give a open call to come….come along…..come with open mind…come with whatever in tour hand….we must rais our hand to stop all the atrocities… we would make our own way….

    Kyunki…asal dariya to hum hain…..woh hain pani ke bulbulen….tarraten hain jaisen mendhak ….jab tak paani barasta hain….humen to badhna hain aage….aao….milkar saath badhe….


  368. 373 babu

    Ascent…for our own drifiting away let’s blame ourselves only! sharp brains, learned brains have these problems of the ego! let’s refocus. otherwise history will keep on repeating itself. and yet we are far away from any answer. i gave practical example of upliftment being done by aruna roy through mkss and itc through e-choupal. why not others too contribute on practical lines.

  369. 374 Dalit_eye_opener

    Dear Ascent my brother,

    The British ruled India, as they did other lands, by a divide-and-conquer strategy. They promoted religious, ethnic and cultural divisions among their colonies to keep them under control. Unfortunately some of these policies also entered into the intellectual realm. The same simplistic and divisive ideas that were used for interpreting the culture and history of India. Regrettably many Hindus have come to believe these ideas, even though a deeper examination reveals they may have no real objective or scientific basis.

    One of these ideas is that India is a land of two races – the lighter- skinned Aryans and the darker-skinned Dravidians – and that the Dravidians were the original inhabitants of India whom the invading Aryans conquered and dominated. From this came the additional idea that much of what we call Hindu culture was in fact Dravidian, and later borrowed by Aryans who, however, never gave the Dravidians proper credit for it. This idea has been used to turn the people of south India against the people of north India, as if the southerners were a different race.

    “Dear all brohers it is our responsibility to make a new natiion where our identity is prominent, we should breath freely. There should not be a fear for us to be slaughtered by any so called bloody casties.

    I give a open call to come….come along…..come with open mind…come with whatever in tour hand….we must rais our hand to stop all the atrocities… we would make our own way….”

    Thank you for revealing another divisive motto of yours to create a new nation.

    Shaivism is a south Indian religion and the Vedic religion is north Indian. However, the greatest supporter of Vedanta, Shankaracharya, was a Dravidian Shaivite from Kerala. Meanwhile many south Indian kings have been Vaishnavites or worshippers of Vishnu (who is by the same confused logic considered to be a north Indian god). In short there is no real division of India into such rigid compartments as north and south Indian religions, though naturally regional variations do exist.

    According to a legend, before Krishna was born, Indra, the god of Rain, was the chief deity of Vraj. Then Krishna instigated the people to stop worshipping Indra. Indra wanted to show his power over Krishna and brought about a cloud-burst which flooded the countryside for many days. People were afraid that the downpor was a result of their neglect of Indra. But Krishna assured them that no harm would befall them. He lifted Mount Govardhan with his little finger and sheltered men and beasts from the rain. This gave him the epithet Govardhandhari. After this, Indra accepted the supremacy of Krishna. The day after Deepawali is celebrated as Govadhan Puja when Mount Govardhan, near Mathura, is worshipped. The above is true. I think you will have yor own reasoning. BTW Krishna is loved and liked by all masses, classes all over the world.

    As for your asking, “And above all Brahmins do not put the picture Rama and its idol in their house, why?”

    I think there must me at least 10,00,000/- Brahmins named Ram in this country. Brahmins accept the fact that Lord Ram was an icarnation of Lord Vishnu who is supreme and had no caste.

    The relation between Hinduism (by Hinduism I mean Sanatana Dharma) and what is called Buddhism at the present day is nearly the same as between Judaism and Christianity. Jesus Christ was a Jew and Shaakya Muni was a Hindu. The Jews rejected Jesus Christ, nay, crucified him, and the Hindus have accepted Shaakya Muni as God and worship him. But the real difference that we Hindus want to show between modern Buddhism and what we should understand as the teachings of Lord Buddha lies principally in this: Shaakya Muni came to preach nothing new. He also, like Jesus, came to fulfil and not to destroy. Only, in the case of Jews, it was the old people, the Jews, who did not understand him, while in the case of Buddha, it was his own followers who did not realize the import of his teachings. As the Jew did not understand the fulfillment of the Old Testament, so the Buddhist did not understand the fulfillment of the truths of the Hindu religion. Again, I repeat, Shaakya Muni came not to destroy, but he was the fulfillment, the logical conclusion, the logical development of the religion of the Hindus.

    Hinduism cannot live without Buddhism, nor Buddhism without Hinduism. Then realize what the separation has shown to us, that the Buddhists cannot stand without the brain and philosophy of the Brahmins, nor the Brahmin without the heart of the Buddhist. This separation between the Buddhists and the Brahmins is the cause of the downfall of India. That is why India is populated by three hundred millions of beggars, and that is why India has been the slave of conquerors for the last thousand years. Let us then join the wonderful intellect of the Brahmins with the heart, the noble soul, and wonderful humanizing power of the Great Master.

    If you want to be religious, enter not the gate of any organized religion. They do a hundred times more evil than good, because they stop the growth of each one’s individual development…. Religion is only between you and your God, and no third person must come between you. Think what these organized religions have done! What Nepoleon was more terrible than those religious persecutions? If you and I organize, we begin to hate every person . It is better not to love, if loving only means hating others. That is no love. That is hell! If loving your own people means hating everybody else, it is the quintessence of selfishness and brutality, and the effect is that it will make you brutes.

    Sanatana Dharma accepts faith and devotion but not the limited form with which it is identified. Sanatana Dharma accepts all sincere efforts to find truth or to help other human beings. In this regard Hinduism can honor atheists, if they are doing good or searching for the truth. Hinduism values doing good more than the mere belief in God, which can be used as a mask for doing harm.

    “Sharp brains, learned brains have these problems of the ego.” Well said Babu.

    The big wall of Politicians combined + Media Mafia = BIG PROBLEM of this country. The sooner they are brought down the better.

    Thank you for whatever discussions we have had till now. I hope I am not categorized as belonging to any group, religion, caste or creed.

    I pray for the Buddhist family that was butchered by Caste Hindus. May god give strength to all and any of those who are fighting since time immemorial for this noble cause of rights & justice for the poor.

    Jai Bhim

  370. 375 Sekar D.R.S

    Respected brothers Jaibhim,

    Ther is no gurantee, that What we’ve seen and heard( Australian Graham Stainsand his sons burning in Orissa, Godhra incident in Gujarat, Kherlanji in Maharashtra etc) is not going to be the last incident. This should give us sense of alertness,prepardness to indentify our brethern forces and fight against the evil in any form with more courage.This is all happening because the educated mass are very much deviated from the idealogy of our Liberator Dr. Ambedkar and forget to utilize the key tool (i.e his writings in particular Vol 1,5&17) for our liberation. As long us we shrink our focus on reservation, promotion and Pettition we may get a Prize as Scavenger job To Cabinet Minister but the price is Atrocities of Kheranji kind.Let us empower ourselves with the weapon of Ambedkarism, that is the only weapon that has got the most clear focus on Bhraminism, which is the ultimate root cause of the problem.


  371. 376 PRADEEP



  372. 377 Dalit_eye_opener

    To Pradeep,

    Setup a toll free number that would be same across all through out India. The number could be accessible from every nook and corner of India. Help would be just a phone call away.

    It is ridiculous that a H.P printer cartridge can be easily order with the help of a toll free number. Why can’t the poor man’s voice made heard using the same?

    Every news channel has setup it’s number for helpline. But media mafia is with politicians. Both are hand in hand.

    The number would not only be used for registering complaints but also would give them basic information, rights information.

    Every village these days has a phone. The sarpanchs, mukhias are accountable if they do not register incidents to the authorities. I am not sure if such a number is there. The running, functioning, working as well as employees would be from you. We first have to stop repeat of the acts. Leaders are accountable.

  373. 378 Ashok Salve

    Jai Bhim

    Lets come toghther to kill this manuvadi thats time to teach these bastered a lesson

    think guyes this people are always negalete us time to time
    there is time to reborn Babasaheb once again!

    come on guyes lets unite and we are star it from our home
    its begain with our political leaders first we have to beat them on streat like donky & dog. In this sitituation they fight with each other rather than manuvadi

    come Let start

    Zunjar Mansa zunj de

    regard Ashok

  374. 379 PRADEEP


    I do not under stand what you are saying. Please explain me again.

    Now I think every body is cool……….
    Bhul geye Kherlanji Massacre…..Bhiayyalal family hadsa ko…………….

  375. 380 pradip

    Status at ULHASNAGAR

    The burst of anger from Ulhasnagar dalit youth in response to the supperessed feelings on Khairlanji erupted after Kanpur incident. No media covers that all the passengers of both the train were asked to alight as they meant no harm to them. No casualty reported is the reality. Later the Police started COMBIG operation and has arrested many innocent youths by entering the Dalit locality in the night , the arrest includes children and women. The target figure what buzzed is 2000 attests. Police has already arrested more than 400. Media also gives more importance to punish the ulhasnagar youth.

    Sindhis ( SHARNARTHIS) have banned all Dalits and have imposed social boycott. It is now difficult for Dalits to live in Ulhasnagar. This is what the Sindhis want. Their own land. The irony in PAPPU KALANI (MLA) got elected on RPI (Athavale) ticket. KALANI is sindhi. What is Athavale doing on this issue? He has not even visited Ulhasnagar. In fact, no leader has taken stock of situation. Local social activists are collecting funds from all known Dalit families for arranging the BAIL expenditure. Process is long and exhaustive. Our lawyers are fighting it out with support of social organisations.

    Need of time: These are the boys who did the bloodless display of anger only to show the solidarity to Dalit movement, Bhotmage Family & Arun Valmiki. They need moral support. Our organisations are requested to visit ULHASNAGAR and take up the matter in our own hands



  378. 383 Dalit_eye_opener

    Dear Pradeep,

    India being a big country it is not possible for you to reach and hear all atrocities. Also a lot of cases would be hushed up by politicians, media mafia, leaders or those who have more money and power. The Bhotmange case was one of the worst crimes, rarest of rare crimes ever committed in India. Also consider many such families, crimes that go absolutely unheard. Such gruesome cases, incidents happen more in the rural part of India.

    If we can’t reach them why not make it easier for them to reach us. I am talking of a toll free telephone number. 1 number that would be used for registering complaints, atrocities, inhuman behaviour, discrimination, exploitation of dalits. The number would also give basic rights, informations, also would tell a complaint registrar whom to approach and what should be the legal action. It should be run by your men who would then take on the respective authorities responsible. It should be publicized and made mandatory for every sarpanch, mukhias or whoever is the head of the village to make use of the number to lodge a complaint. My belief is strong that it is the leaders, heads, politicians, who are not doing their job. If a poor man wants to lodge a complaint he should have direct access to it.

    I hope my idea is understood. Please try to speed up the trial of the criminals.

  379. 384 kapil kamble,sujata Nagar,Oldpedgaon Road, Parbhani.

    this is a very cruael incidence about the humanity. This incident teach the buddhist community to aware this cruel nature of tthe hindu community. And we take the advanced step against them for our security and if when our community felt in the critical condition that time we must unite and fight against them.

  380. 385 babu

    my only suggestion to dalits: first, get out of the victim mentality. then and then only can you break the bond.

  381. 386 babu

    my only suggestion to those who suffer: first, get out of the victim mentality. then and then only can you break the bond.

  382. 387 Abhishek

    hello to all,
    I couldnot go through all the letters ,but had gone through the incident…I do agree that culprits should be taken to court…But question is this who will do this when the whole system is rotten?
    One more question were those culprits Brahmin,rajput, jain, agarwal, maheshwari, rajpurohit, choudhary , punjabi, sindhi kayasth or marathas what?

    first this thing should also be cleared before using words like upper caste and lower caste….

    One request to all previous writers in this forum :
    look how bad it seems when one’s life is taken so brutally…there would have been one or the reason but I guess there is no reason other than the TASTE for killing of millions of animals… there exists similarity …. is there no rights for helpless … please get united and leave eating Non vegetarian food ….Buddha was in favour of nonviolence but in today’s world in my surroundings what I see .. very few are following his PATH…

  383. 388 Roger

    [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL]

  384. 389 kamal kamble

    kill them

  385. 390 Sachin

    Now I am ashamed to call myself to be from upper caste. People should consider themselves to be upper or lower caste based on their deeds. There is nothing UPPER about this. It would be stupid of us to not do anything abt this act. LAck of leadership quality among INDIANs is the problem. The day we stop saying “This is not my problem and let somebody else take care of this and i shall support or follow him or her” we shall comeup. Else i will not be shocked to hear another incident like this.

    Rise your voice and unite. You shall be heard and also emerge victorious.

    Jai Hindustan….Jai Bharath..Jai India

  386. 391 babu

    as long as there are willing victims there shall be willing persecutors.

  387. 392 PRADEEP

    I think public become thanda at last. No problem lets wait for another victms same like this…………..

    This politician they know the nature of indian public very well. Thats why there enjoying there life roaly.

  388. verry sad cruel unhuman behaviour of socalled upper cast hindus they should learn how to behave as a human on this earth.

  389. so called upper cast hindus should learn how to behave as a human on this earth

  390. 395 doctorsrk

    The only way to end ‘caste’ is not by violence or protest, its by promotion of intercaste marriages. then only a casteless society will develop.
    But the psych of caste is deeply rooted in our society, even there are subcastes among Dalits, who dont marry each other. When there is division among dalits is still present, how can you expect the same psych disappear from the minds of upper castes((true upper, and the so called backward castes(Khairlanji atrocities were carried out by THE OBCs)))
    Thats why Dr Ambedkar possibly converted to Buddhism. But who cares about him?
    Most of the leaders just spread hatred, not unity. All the actions taken so far like affirmative action, enacting antiatrocities law and reservation have not changed the ground reality.

    The only way forward is to KILL THE CASTE, thats by intercaste marriages. But how thats going to happen, I dont know.
    How many on this forum who posted KILL, KILL will marry their sons and daughters to other castes ? Any answers!

  391. 396 PRADEEP

    Can any body tell me about CBI report. How long we have to wait more……………

  392. 397 Feroz khan

    hi all, i’m not from this caste or religion, but as a human being i think this act was horrendous and barbaric,how can some people be so cruel to another human religion gives you permission to kill innocent,irrespective of caste or race. i read some of the comments and i totally agree that the media is biased towards certain sect of the society and ignorant towards others.the people responsible for this act should be punished accordingly as they deserve it. i can’t believe that even today people are still running behind the same old bloody tradition that is responsible for the oppression of the poor and underprivilegde. people wake up , move aways from this shit of caste and relgion, there are other things in life that are much important than these man made traditions.
    finaly may god give strenght and support to the family of dead,and they soul rest in peace.
    Peace to all..

  393. 398 babu

    and…the heat is now cold. we shall await the next fire…forever and forever.

  394. 399 Ascent

    Dear Mr. Feroz Khan,

    It is true that no relgion talks about kill inocents. But what is happened is a reality.

    This is a politricks of those who want ot be superior and ruler. it has nothing to do with religion. The great religion supported huminaty. And the dirty opportunist of that reigion made the casts for their own benifit.

    They teaches haterate they talk very intollerance about others.

    These type of dirty minds are every where in all sect of society. It is like virus. Though they are few but carries a vast distruction capacity. Espacially they are there in political parties.

    We need to find out such dirty devils and need to find a perfect vacsin to counter them.

    Just get united.
    Dear Feroz you said you are not from this cast or religion, this is a half truth. Please do not forget your forefathers were from this dipressed class only ( if you are not Shiate). This is your first responsibility to come forward and help to liberate rest of helpless.


  395. 400 Feroz khan

    hi Acsent,
    you are abosolutely right, in every religion there are few so called fundamentalist because of which everyone has to suffer. in the midst of this power hungry and fundamentalist its the common man who suffers the most. but unfortunately,it is sad to see that even some educated people fall prey to thier ideology and stupidity.
    i don’t know about my forefather, which religion they were born into, but for me it does’nt matter. i believe crime against Humanity on the pretext of religion is the most horrifying thing someone can indulge into. what is more important is standing against injustice and oppression irrespective of which religion or caste it takes place.
    i’ll always support people that stand against crime that affect humanity and innocent.
    Peace to all..

  396. 402 diyana

    actually im same course with her. im so sad to hear that…..LAW MUST BE JUSTICE IN THIS CASES…SO PLS….KILL ALL THEM…..!
    KILL THEM…..!

  397. 403 babu

    that labour officer deserved the right punishment. well done women!

  398. 404 socially aware citizen

    Dear friends, atrocity news has done wonderful work to expose to the world various atrocities committed on downtrodden. i request u all to read story of Dadaji Khobragade from our community who has developed many rice varieties which have become immensly popular among the farmers. However Nalayak rice breeders of Punjabrao Krishi vidyapith at Akola MS have stolen his HMT rice variety and released it as PKV HMT. It is worst kind of atrocity committed by scientists of agri varsity lets expose these nalayak scientists to the world.Daaji is poor former who needs our help

  399. 405 Raf

    Dear My friends,

    we are really ashamed of Indians that such peoples are doing like that.

    Sure, we have to kill that peoples
    No more toleration and dont wait for Court/Govt.

  400. Just cant stopped my tears, when i read this, an indian friend gave me the url to read it. I’m not from the religion Hinduism. But i’m sure this is so barberic, that it gave me such a shock that i not yet able to get outta the picture of that innoucent girl from my mind.

    How can a human can do with another human giving such torture. there are extremists and they without knowing what they doing, just do it. Even there are classes as i heard and to my best knowledge, how the upper class person can think of someone like this who is from a lower class.

    Why cant these casting system be finished off for once and forever? I know i have no rights, but being a HUMAN, dont u agree with me regarding this kinda situation. What her fault, as she was born in that class? if you were born ? then ?

    I apologize if anyone hurt from my words…. but it made me hurt.

  401. 407 Arising Son

    @ XYZ

    Brother this is the reality of INDIAN CULTURE.

    • Every hour 2 Dalits are assaulted,
    • Every day 3 Dalit women are raped,
    • Every day 2 Dalits are murdered & 2 Dalits Houses are burnt in India.
    (Report of Ministry of Welfare of the Govt. of India 1992-1993)

    • 37 percent of Dalits living below poverty in India.
    • More than half (54%) of their children are undernourished in India.
    • 83 per 1000 live birth children born in Dalit community are probability of dying before the first birthday.
    • 45 percent of Dalits do not know read and write in India.
    • Dalits women burden double discrimination (gender and caste) in India.
    • Only 27 percent of Dalits women give institutional deliveries in India.
    • About one third of Dalit households do not have basic facilities.

    (Source: NSSO, Census of India and NFHS-II)

  402. My only question when the jutice will come???

    Im sure after reading the whole story twice, the guilty are still free and no justice been made uptil now. How long you all will live like this? how many more you’ll c to take action??

    Words can only bring strength, but time passing by and nothing positive is going on….

    Thanks mr. Arising son, for providing some facts.

  403. 409 Arising Son

    Justice n in INDIA only in dreams bro…. lets hope within 25-30 yrs some results come over this …

  404. 410 Man Singh

    criminals have no religion as a religious person will never be a criminal.

    landlords are the opressors historically and landless suffered.

    Anybody who tries to give such criminal acts a cast or religious color are definitely crooked people ready to exploit even death of dalit brothers for vicious religious conversion.

    I never saw landless brahmins or baniyas fighting or torturing Dalits anywhere.

    It is landlords historically appointed by Muslim invaders who treat all landless as slaves.

    Oh Indians get united today and bust the buble of asociates of foreign invaders who are ready to torture the landless, convert the dalits and others using terror, greed or crooked lies.

    Just be careful. negativities are in every community and need to be removed of course. But social ills can never be clubbed to religion or community.

    Just be aware of Jehadis naxalites and landlords. All of them are associates of foreigninvaders one way or the other.

  405. 411 PRADEEP

    Dear Friend !

    First of all Sorry for my comments. Is that you people making joke or debet compition.

    Or its a Indian mentality, only talking, no work.

    Sorry again.

  406. 412 Bahujan_one


    “criminals have no religion ”
    What is your religion
    By name it seems that you are from socalled hi castee.
    First go and ask your religious leaders are they ready to accept lower grade of cast & ready to perform the work what other are doing from several decades. Then talk about forign invadors. First of all the hi castees is a breed of forigners isnt it ??

    Maan na Maan main tera Mehamaan !!!

  407. 413 R.Prakash ,Kerala

    Dear bothers,
    Last58 years every day here one Khirlanji happens in the corners of India.We reaffirm always democratic,Progressive,Liberal mother of Democracy our Country is !.Every 3&1/2 hours in india a dalit is attcking by the non dalits.No one question the way non-dalits are doing.We are always proudly says we have President, Now we have Evn Cheif Justice of india too, But the untouchability ,The brutuality continues. how long we suffer this barbaric, inhuman practices.Do you feel We are also the aprt of this huge democratic country ??.
    Yes we are also the essential part of this country, we are also the citizens of this country.We are also very eqyual to any other citizen. So we need Justice,Equality like any other Non-dalits in India.We are not wait for the time for Right time.Rise,Organize ,And agitate against all type of these bloody, Blood sheding in human,Barbaric Practices.
    Jai Bhim

  408. 414 PRADEEP

    Dear friend

    Can we have same like recent the Labour Office has punish due to misbehave the women ?


    CBI investigation…………tien taien fishh….

  409. 415 santa

    Yes ! Like Nithari case in Gaziabad ? Who will kill this Khairlanje main criminal, he will get rewarded from hoted blood public which he can not imagine. Common…….but assure that he should be actual criminal.

  410. 416 zahid malik

    when a brutality occures,response brust out and then as it isnt transform in disciplined movenevent it soon be evaporated,
    the issuse dalits are facing need immediate help.the thngs discussings here are part of social auto mation and not help someone ,ho is in real danger.
    as a student and with limited intellect i will recommend dalits should be migrate to dalit concentrated areas and their media must shape a leader,a leader who can hail them out of savagery.
    as strong communities wil never give a chance to have leaders among them they must be wise to be stick with there leader.

    and secondly try to not to go for jobs,try to stablish some business like if you are a poor man do some job untill u have 50 ruppes,if u have 50 ruppes then go and buy something to sell again,the prosperity came from trading and business and it also brings cofidence and dare to save your rights.
    in last people who have conscious from other casts or religions
    try to pressureise govt ,to follow only one curricula in all over india,to harmonize the peope.and to break the class barrier.
    salm on those who are on right path

  411. 417 Milind Jog

    Old habits die hard. Mr. Ramdas Athavale and company has again made a fool of themselves. The whole idea of third front is ridiculous. It was muscle flexing, which went miserably wrong. I’m talking about BMC elections.
    This again shows how inept the dalit leadership has become in maharashtra. It won’t be too harsh if I can call it almost irrelevant. I sometimes wonder about the mediocrity displayed by dalit leadership and toleration by dalit masses.

    The drama goes on and on. Only the characters change. DO you guys really think that these leaders really care or give a damn about our problems. All the mainstream parties are smart enough to know this. Only when the state or central elections are round the corner, these clowns will get some respect(??). and then will be dumped in the garbage for another 5 years. Frustrating!!
    Wake up and dump these self serving leaders and join the mainstream.

  412. 418 sudhir rangari

    Dear Dalit Bandhav
    Jai Bhim
    its my great pleasur i got this sites …
    i am thankful and encouraraged them to all who have given the comments on khairlanji and who dare to stop atrocity…its a shamful incident happened in our country. no one support to them who doing this unrespectable,dirty and shameful job. its my houmble request to all dalit Bandhav gathering together and fights to all those things that should happened bad with our bandhav.

  413. 419 Dalie_Eye_Opener

    Jai Bhim,

    I am again posting after a very long time. Isn’t it shameful when a TV channel asks viewers to send an SMS for the news they like the most and want to see it over and over again? I think that is ridiculous!!! So it means we would have to watch Amitabh, Abhishek, Aishwarya, Amar Singh doing pooja ritual in some temple in India if a bunch of nuts want to see it and SMSs it? How is the poor or a victim going to be noticed if this madness continues? Don’t blame Amitabh if media is running after him. What can Amitabh do? I think media itself is only interested to show what is liked by those having TV sets, mobile phones. In short financially doing well. How otherwise their TRP’s would be taken care off? Under such circumstances Priyanka’s case will be soon forgotten, unless it is again brought to the notice of media. Why is it that the poor man has to be in lakhs to protest and get noticed. And a man like Sanjay Dutt needs to be only present himself and it becomes news and noticed by the media?

  414. I have no coments on this incidents because I am too an victim of disrimnation on bases of castsim by society people just because I am an Buddhist, and that too I am staying in city like mumbai. I can imagine about boothmage family from village? No one come to hepl not our leaders nor our samaj too first let anybody died fromour family then our leaders & samaj will react, fact is fact.
    we r poor from all the side, uppercaste caste peoples are on chair holding all upper post we cant do anything to them.
    we have lost the battles, our leaders give flase promices.
    my personal experience is to achive the satta rhen only possible to fight.


  415. Bramins must be punished. RSS HQ at Nagpur must be destroyed, other one day India will be finished. All buddists have to come together and form a RSS type organization. Buddists must need army for saving our people from the clutches of RSS. All buddists are requested to give finance for their safety, employment, medicine. All buddists must live separately from ST/OBC/Hindu/Muslims/Minorities.


  416. 422 P.S.ATTRI

    खैरलांजी मामले में सीबीआई की अर्जी
    नागपुर (पीटीआई) : महाराष्ट्र के खैरलांजी में दलितों की हत्या के मामले में सीबीआई ने सोमवार को एक विशेष अदालत से गुजारिश की कि गिरफ्तार किए गए 46 में से 35 लोगों को बरी कर दिया जाए। सीबीआई के वकील ने कोर्ट में इस आशय की अर्जी दाखिल की, हालांकि कोर्ट ने सोमवार को इस पर कोई सुनवाई नहीं की।


  417. we are losing waste our time. why not success our nation past 20 years? say ????? 1, ego proplam 2,community accupy 3, lazy 4, don’t do anyone

  418. 424 Atul Kumar

    That was really a shocking incident.

    When we the indiginous religios people of india are facing a grave threat from outside in the form of fraudulent conversions by missionary activity , Bangladeshi Illigal immigration and Islamic terrorism, some of us are fighting within and commiting such an inhuman/irrelgious acts which further get politically exploited and further rifts between the brother communities. Shame to the committors of these grusesome murders!

    The girl mentioned above did a right thing by raising her own standard in all respects with the help of light of education. And as mentioned in scripturers only that one is of high cast who do higher deeds, which prove her anoble soul and those commiting such a rare sin are definetly Demons irrecpective of the caste they are born, birth ! it hardly matters. So whoever want to rise can raise himself up and no one can stop them.

    Its because of these gory incidents our brether are forced to convert. Actually there is nothing wrong in converting but only when done after understaning one’s own faith and the other as well which u convert to. And as far as the religions of Indian origin are concerned they have most of the things common. So all the Indian religions viz Sanatan, Buddhism,Jainism or Sikism can be clubbed into Hindu/Indain term. So there is no need to convert as such there are so many aspects here adhere to any thing which touches your heart and mind. And if we go by understanding convertion within indian religions is not possible as such as they influence and are intermingeled in each other so much.

    So the bottom line would be people of indian religions must unite from within and without as we have so much in common and almost nothing to fight , just because of currupt political motives these issues are being executed. if we don’t then history will repeat see – what happened to indian relgious people in Afganistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Please beware and make sure it doest happen in the Remaining India.

  419. 425 kk

    CSTE…….that make the superior or inferior
    POLITICS…… kill the nation

    so kill ALL THOSE WHO…use this 4….?….?……?…………………………..

  420. 426 Krishna Kalyan

    Dear Friends,
    Jai Bhim!

    I read most of the discussion and thought I must say what I felt. First, the culprits must be identified. By this I mean those who did it and also those who are playing behind the curtains. Moreover, though it is absolutely right that Brahmins did and do worst possible things, today the situation has not remained so black and white between brahmins and others. As far as my experience is concerned both parties join often join hands for momentary benefits. So there is strong need to learn from past and the present. Finally, violence is no way out in any form though it is through words.
    Budham Sharan Gachhami !
    Dhammam Sharan Gachhami !
    Sangham Sharan Gachhami !
    is the only way out.


  421. 427 BASU


  422. 428 swapnil

    this is too much of hindu casteism.un sab loigo kohang kar dena chahiye jo iske aaropi hai. ki iske bad kisi ki aisi hiammat na ho.
    jai bhim
    namo buddhai

  423. 429 An Indian

    the bustards should be raped by bullocks nd elephants with the same cruelty as they did to the poor people.

  424. 430 vaibhav

    dear friends.
    jai bhim,
    this bastards must be hang till death in middle of shivaji park ground,dadar.
    i would like to join that.give me a open call.

  425. 431 shrikant

    who will stop this budha ya yudha

  426. 432 Anirudha

    What a shame for HUMANS BEINGS

  427. 433 vikrant

    humanity is dead wayback………only insane is alive
    is that wat we call a great country “INDIA”????
    Had these incidences been stopped from taking place anyway???
    did it happen just once or twice??.NO.INFINITE TIMES!!!
    do any sort of punishment for these cruel acts exists????
    these comments going to heal the wounds of the victimS N their families anyway????

  428. 434 Vidhi

    sometimes osho succeeds to make his presence felt but god fails.
    god is dead????

  429. we are saying JAI BHEEM……BUT we have not JAI ……because we have seen very very bad event become here……where our Babasaheb made Indian Constitution for SAMATA…….Dhammabandhuno Jage wha ani jage kara tarach Jaga nahi tar khane ani jagne ….thats not meaning to live its not proper life of Buddhisum…….more percentage of people not doing Acharan of Buddhisum hence we have not Jai.
    PLS do needful steps…..because Whole World being see peacefully religion as Buddha but we have lossing our peace and culture…..

    bye the way…

    Hang them till death by law … Delhi – Piller of Sansad..who has done this khairlanji

  430. 436 ganesh shinde

    do as same as they done with innocent priyanka and her family.

  431. 437 bharat

    there r fanatics in every community… but only one side is highlighted… in a riot no one is right & no one can be blamed specifically… but always only one community is targeted… u always see & hear in news that upper caste people tortured lower caste u wont hear vice versa which also happens… in hindu muslim riots also hindus are specifically blamed… i dont justify their mistakes… in communal riots both sides have some fault in them… this incident really shocks me so do many others which never came to news… until the govt stops being partial these things will continue to persist… someones mistake should not be generalized for entire community…

  432. 438 bharat


  433. 439 Abhinav

    It s a shcking incident….Whatever happend 2 priyanka & her family ws terrifying.

    All d people responsible, shld b HANGED TILL DEATH so dat d incident is not repeated again.

    D people who live in a caste-based society are ILLITERATE. Dere shld b no divisn in a society…no one is big… no one s small …every human being …all living beings ….r wonderful creations of GOD. One shld respect dis fact.

  434. 440 Neelima

    After reading about prinkaya iam shocked.
    I hope the law and the ruling party is not sleeping.
    if such incedients are not stoped.then what will happen of our country?
    even media did not highlited this epsoide?I dought is their any law in our country?
    if law is not going to help the same thing should be done to the people who are
    responsible for prinkayas murder.


  436. 442 Siri

    I feel there are a few question we need to ask ourselves which seem pertinent to the discussion
    1. How many people(irrespective of religion/cast/creed) are raped/tortured/molested in India everyday?
    2. How many of these incidents are due to cast/creed?
    3. Is media blowing things out of proportion?
    4. Are we Indians stop highlighting and as a result encouraging the cast system in our country?
    5. How many SC/ST brethren have helped each other?
    6. When do we people start helping the poor?
    7. Why don’t we have quality higher education being provided to the poor?
    8. Does it make sense to get emotional when such incidents occur?
    9. Why do we polarize instead of helping the victim?
    10. Why don’t we concentrate our effort to catch people who have conducted such heinous acts?
    11. On an average people live for 50+ years. How many youth are ready to pledge 5 years in these 50+ years for our country?

    We have to unite as a nation. We should never divide our country with religion or caste or ethnicity.
    The underlying theme should be that we belong to this wonderful country and live on this precious earth. We cannot change history, the suffering of communities but should ensure these thing are not repeated in our lifetime.
    We are humans have to coexist, have to learn tolerance. You’ll see horrible things happening on this earth but If you forget tolerance and coexistence what results is only hate.
    You could always hate each other for various reasons but we have to remember that we are all humans. Look at Africa, the cradle of humanity. Do we as Indian’s want India to be Africa?

  437. 443 avinash wasnik

    this was so crul that if you can catch them then instead of catching them shoot them there only……….HANG THEM TILL DEATHHHHHHHHHH

  438. 444 gautam londhe

    hang the culprits to death

  439. 445 lina

    i am surprised to read the incident judged on caste ground .But would like to ask you that in Bharat daily thousands of women in different caste category are been troubled ,raped,shot dead ,assulated that time no dalit speaks about the unhuman behaviour of the society people. Yes the incident was shocking but should not be analysed on catse grounds but on human ground and reactions of all of us should be equal for any women of any caste community . you are making the issue political and dividing the people on haterred ground dont make the issue of it come to the point of reallity and ask yourself a question why they where punished this way, what was their fault for which they had to face this situation. It is not the caste but the character of person who gets dignity and respect in the society as Dr.Baba saheb got.
    jai bhim

  440. punished vilegers

    We dont have to sit on keeping hand in hand , we have to protest. And the all people should be treated as they had treated us , our family & next time they would not dare to repeat the same act. All people those have commited such criminal offence they have to be punished. Because this is not first kind of event that happened. we have to gather and call the people from every part of the counrty & show them our strength.That they have to get somewhat fear in their mind & each part-part of their body should be thrilled to even think any vulgarity about us.Their womens also get such vulgar treatment.
    RACIST MEDIA is worst than the South African Apartheid, who as a matter of conenience put lid on dalit issues–atrocities and their rallies, particulartly blacking out the Dhamma parivartan news, when news rooms of BBC is giving the widespread is disgrace to take a birth and call an Indian.dalit politiciand are impotent as well!

  441. RACIST MEDIA is worst than the South African Apartheid, who as a matter of conenience put lid on dalit issues–atrocities and their rallies, particulartly blacking out the Dhamma parivartan news, when news rooms of BBC is giving the widespread is disgrace to take a birth and call an Indian.dalit politiciand are impotent as well!

  442. 448 Raju

    I am living at Bhandara. from first day, I am the eye witness and participants of all those movements which was struggled for the justice for priyanka and others. this is not only the simple case of social atrocity, but this is the political atrocity as the MLAs of Kunbi caste (this is OBC caste) from all political parties i.e. congress, NCP and BJP are involved in this atrocity. they are trying to save the culprits. Because these culprits are their relatives and party workers. but when they failed to do so, then they utilized there another party workers from Mahar caste or Buddhist, and they succeeded to brake up the movement. These mahars (or say buddhists) sell their sensitivity for sake of money, fame and power and brought Bhaiyalal for these demons.
    Dear friends, we have the dais for speak about others, but we not have dais for speak about these ‘bread of dogs’ who sell the community for their self interest. Counter revolution come with our own people. you tell me how we encountered it. Atrocities are used as the weapon, by the political parties which are in power to disconnect OBCs from SCs and STs for secure their power. As atrocity happen all OBCs are come together to oppose SCs movements and our sellable people are help them. Khairlanji is the best example of this case.

  443. 449 raj

    forgive and walk on


    the culprit should be punished.because it’s not a offence against any community it is fully violation of human rights.though the international convention speaks about the human rights but I don’t think any one fallow the eye of human right issue it is henious crime in this current the crimanal should be hang till death and if there is any greater punishment than death then I think it should be given like solitary confinement but it is not in india.
    Let us see what the court will do.because ye andha kanoon hai.
    jai bhim,jai maharashtra.

  445. 451 jyo

    to burn alive them by bahyalala bhotmange that will be the right dici

  446. 452 Sucheet Wasnik

    Dear Friends,
    This is not an solution to beat or kill some one.
    we are also equally (=)responsoble without unity we are 0.and still we are Zero.Forget what our Hopeless leaders says.We have to be united to secure our fiture other wise
    with in 10-15 years we still gone to be untochable & history will be repeate. So become united & be educatate to others who are not abel to study in school & collage “We are the Generation & We have to Secure our Fiture” So being united that no other incident cant happen.

    Jai Bhim…………..!

  447. 453 PARESH GULDE

    khairlaanji prakaran mhanje manvatechya Jaatila laglelaa Kalank aahe…………….

  448. kherlanji
    it is very shamful very human person,one thing i am surprised to read the incident judged on caste ground.
    now i can’t belive on justice system ….it is show that in india dalit always is very true kanun andha hota hai………i requst all youth pleas wake up.and raise
    your voice agenst dailt violence kherlanji……..plz
    Don’t look like hopeless person ?thing one WHY YOU BO
    RN ? WHO ARE YOU ? think……..

  449. 455 RAJ

    Dear all ,

    khairlaanji prakaran mhanje manvatechya Jaatila laglelaa Kalank aahe…………….

    ya kalank chya pathi mage je polotics rajkaran aani CBI ushira report chya dilaya baddal kahi tari karvahi karavi pahije….. he ghatna nirljaspad aahe…he ghatna tayncha layki nahi …. tya lokana kadak shasan zala pahize ……

    JAI BHIM ……….

  450. well this was not just about taking revenge against a family who made a complaint in police about those so called higher class(Bastards) but it was a utter jealous for the bhotmange family as inspite of belonging to a low caste and living in a remote place the kids(Priyanka and her bro )were doing great in acadamics and probably this was difficult to digest for so called higher class(Bastards). I agree with the point made by one of my brother that instead of feeling sorry about Bhotmangy Family we must gather together and toast their asses so crisp, so that no so called higher class(Bastards)should dare to think of doing anything as such, not even in their dreams.

    Jai BHIM

  451. 457 ram malusare

    i’m feeling very angry for that bastards who kill them.
    i think we have to shoot the accused row by row.

  452. 458 a b chandanshive,hwm

    khairlag hatyakandi responsible six persons senteced to death it is ok but who are freed
    due to lack of evidence also to be punished with puting new case against them.

  453. Namo Buddhaye,

    Let’s be unite, fight for our freedom from Hindus. We are BCI (The Buddhist Community of India)and our address is Buddh Vihar, Deena Garhi, Hapur Road, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.
    Our purpose is to boost 1. Shiksha 2. Rojgar 3. Parivaar 4. Samaj in our community with Buddhism. You can contact us on and 09359559338.

    Jai Bheem!!!!!!!!!!

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  460. 467 Aman

    Dear we have no rights to talk on it.the people who attacked on the dalit was not of any caste they was only “daanavas” because buddhism never say to kill the person who is lower caste or week its always say to love each other.this kind of persons are in every Religion either it is HINDU,MUSLIM,SIKH OR ISAAE..
    so stop blaming on perticullar ever religion you will find lot of such kind of inciedents..
    this is only the fight of week and strong…week are the people who have no control over his engry and strong are who fight against these people and left an inspiration to become human.. we should not feel sorry for these peoples..but upgrade our level of thinking only..

  461. 468 Bharath Kumar Yempati

    Hey ALL-
    Wantd to know if these Incidents are real …. Most of them look really Barbaric and pose a real sad picture of our INdian State of Caste Politics.

    I am from Hyderabad working IN IT field in IBM for Pune location and have been in US for 9 Yrs and have returned back becos of Caste Politics from indian Telugu people.

    Presently in Pune too I have come across situation where Brahmins and other Forward caste people workin with me in the same team were discriminating.

    I had to report to Police and get a Warning call from them to one of the team member who was abusing me at work.

    This all started in our ENgg. colege where we we had a Mis-understanding with some Brahmin and Reddy Caste students overa Project. ALl these guys say group of 5 were studyin on NRI money from thier Kith and Kin settled in US and were well off and quite Good built, brawny. Same Kids were Physically a friend of mine who belong to Lower caste.

    Me being More Extrovert and Outspoken in the class and having Local support in Hyderabad though belonging to Lower caste, made these forward caste guys to apologise in front of the entire college using Muscle Power(My Uncles were State Level Boxers and My Grandpa was Retd. DSP in Police).

    But after this Incident happened, I went abroad to US for further studies where I have come across this Guys to take revenge on me with the help of the USA( both while and Black dudes there) in New York, FLorida and couple of thr states. I was literally shocked how this small incident was permeating to US by our Idiotic Upper caste Indinas..

    I left US fearing further harassment from the ppl there and retrund to INdia to lead a safer life, pls help me in this matter if any…

  462. ve are not mhaer wen v r mhar hme un tenu ko bhaher nikal ker fassi dy ker unhy bhegat sing ko jisy mar tha wsy mar dena cahiy

  463. 471 Satish Kumar

    The Govt. has gone blind because of Curruption,Crimes n red tapeism .The criminals are walking freely.In our nation judiciary takes to much time to provide justice.Let us unite together to elect n send true n honest people to the parliament.Lets us bring revolution by raising our voices for Nation development.Because of ample people we are still a developing nation n not able to sustain our growth,n will keep on struggling for growth till the poverty ,curruption are eradicated.The political will power is not stong at all.Firm decision making is must.Please govt. awake n help those who are fighting to make India shinning ,bright,curruption free n poverty free.Jai Hind.

  464. Castism is a stain on Indian Society. If we have to free from this stain, we will have to follow the path of Dr. Ambedkar i.e. path of emancipation i.e. Buddhism. Also we will have to leave villeges peranently. and scheme of seperate settlement of Dr. Ambedkar must be followed.

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