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Tension prevailed in Gohana town of Haryana’s Sonepat district on Tuesday after a large number of Balmikis took to the streets and clashed with police to protest the murder of a youth belonging to their community. The Balmikis set ablaze a police check-post and damaged several Haryana Roadways buses at the Gohana bus stand last […]

Following is the peice wrote sometime back a letter was written by Atrcoitynews Columnist  to the author of the paper ‘ Mindfil Politics’. This question is still challenging  as “what’s that got to do with you and me and the situation that we find ourselves today?”. Imposing our views on others is not proper method and therefore we all […]

 Amarnath Tewary  from BBC reports from Dumka, Jharkhand  a sinscillating yet inspiring story of Mr Rajak and his Newspaper that keeps track of  caste atrocities & curruption in the region from last 21 years. This has been an incredible effort by any standards seeing the area rediculously dominated by rich & powerfull Landlords.  + Jharkhand: Gaurishankar Rajak is a […]

India celebrated its 60th Independence Day on 15th August 2007. This day marks a special remembrance in Indian life. It helps people from different walks of lifeto  retain in their heart inklings of freedom, freedom from hunger, freedom  from economic political and social ghosts. A contagion effect in all part of the world seen specially wherever […]

This article is brilliant piece of work by Mr C. P Bhambri published in todays`s  Economic Times . He contests that responsible governance is more important than stabile government sighting examples from progressive democracies like UK. It is quite pertinent to know Dr Ambedkar perspective on responsibility over stability. Indian scholars never paid heed to […]

 Anju Agnihotri Chaba, IndianExpress reports from Jalandhar…  A Group of Dalit families today alleged in a sangat darshan programme here that they have been living without electricity for the past one year despite having applied to the Des Raj of Nangal Karar Khan village alleged that five applicants of his village (all of them Scheduled […]

 Gurupreet Singh from PunjanNews line reports… FATEHGARH SAHIB: A woman belonging to Valmiki community(Dalit) and her two minor children were burnt alive in a devastating fire at village Hargana of Khamano sub division of district Fatehgarh Sahib.   According to information received, Kulwinder Kaur and her two children were alone in house when their house caught […]

Women from eight states congregated in here today at Jantar Mantar to register their complaints with the UPA Government. Their issues ranged from anti-women policies in special economic zones to crime against women in Jammu and Kashmir. The protest was organised by the All India Progressive Women Association (AIPWA) in the form of a Mahila […]

A Dalit boy in a Bihar village became blind in one eye after teachers of his government school, including the headmaster, beat him up severely for demanding more food during the mid-day meal. The headmaster has been suspended. Nine-year-old Navin Kumar Paswan, a Class 4 student of a government school in Aujapauchha village in Purnea […]

Globaljustice writes… “Every hour – two dalits(‘untouchables’) are assaulted, every day three – dalit women are raped and two dalits are murdered ….two dalit houses are burnt. Urban areas are also not immune from such atrocities” (Govt of India reports) Emily Wax came up with a detailed report on the efforts that target global employment […]

Emily Wax from Washington Post has shown dared will to write on the issue that Indian journailists often consider untouchable. She has come up with a detailed report on the efforts that target global employment competition for youth from section of society who had lost opportunities to caste mindsets. In a situation where Indian corporate are considering any sort of […]

A day is not that far when Indian communists understand social evils are more harmful and dangerous than economic exploitations. It might be great revealation for political think-tank that caste virus is another WMD(Weapon for Mass Destruction). Caste is more conspicuous by its presence than class in India. Major leadership in political and economic front […]

Mystery shrouds the death of 17-year-old Dalit girl Seema, who reportedly died after she was detained at the Gaur Police Station on August 15. Sources said the incident took place on August 15. Police had found Seema, a resident of Jagdishpur village, wandering near the Gaur Police Station and detained her for questioning. After interrogating […]

The severe floods in India, Bangladesh and Nepal make Dalits victims twice.  As it has proved in similar situations when natural disasters hit caste affected countries, their caste status puts Dalits at a disadvantage in the distribution of relief and rehabilitation measures due to “discrimination by default”, most recently documented in connection with the post-tsunami […]

Times Of India reports that Bihar govt. is goin to set new Maha Dalit Commission in order to look into the Dalit sub-caste issues just only to see if some dalits do not get more privilages over their brothers (even if upper caste continues to derive as much as it wants). Such commissions/efforts are considered as a step ahead […]

Tarannum Manjul from Indian Express, whose ‘Engineer story’ was reproduced on Atrocitynews on 15th August, comments on the article. We would like our readers to go thru it. She appeals to Indian consciousness to rise up against ill practices “Well thanks that atleast u have read and reacted to the story. But this is just […]

India gained political freedom on the eve of 15th Agust1947; exactly 60 years back. It was freedom to elect own government by casting the vote, the government who will be more responsible to its people than just being stable. If we see general scenario how much political freedom has helped  common man atleast to dream and to train into the principles […]

CASTE-BASED RESERVATIONS AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT IN INDIA: K. S. Chalam; Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd., B-1/11, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Area, Mathura Road, New Delhi-110044. Rs. 275. The merits and the demerits of caste-based reservations have been debated for well over a century, but have failed to bring the proponents and opponents of the issue together. […]

                                                                                            The government’s flagship Mid-Day Meal scheme for schoolchildren in the age group of 6-14 is doing fine except in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya and Haryana. A first-of-its-kind study of MDM commissioned by the HRD ministry also revealed an interesting fact that caste discrimination in serving food did not exist in caste-ridden states like […]

Atrocitynews already covered this story but Smruti Koppikar from Frontline explores further the story of Madhukar. She depicts how Indian psyche is  still instilled with obnoxius caste virus, operates against Dalits even if he regains his status by better education, kills him at last. Madhukar a well educated person was awarded death for digging well. Is this growing India,or […]

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Km. Mayawati has took a new initiative by providing voluntary reservation in the jobs of industrial units set up with the assistance of State Government, educational institutions, infrastructure facilities, service sector projects and disinvested units. With this initiative, a new chapter will be opened in the private sector by the […]

‘Citizen’ of India writes…. Where is mainstream Indian media, I think it lost sense of its duty. Most of the time I found Indian media personal either ignorant on such issues or many journalists in India dont know Indian history, civics, geography, and politics. The Indian judiciary: We need to study and to see  the space occupied in […]

The court assembles at 11:30 A.M.At the beginning,the defencce lawyer Adv.Sudeep jaiswal seeks for the adjournement of the court citing the reason of  pending of the petition against the re-examination of the witness Suresh Khandate.Following  is the discussion between him & the judge. Adv.Jaiswal: Sir, the proceeding should be adjourned since the matter is subjudice […]

In an important happening, Khairlanji Massacre gets notice of the Media crossing country barriers one more time. Chanel 4 and BBC team were in Bhandara town on 6th August with Atrocitynews correspondant to take  stock of the situation.  It’s not surprising when they learnt Khairlanji Massacre (wherein Priyanka and Surekha alledgely raped and murdered in front of crowd of […]

he court assembles at 11:15 A.M.The witness Yadnapal Khobragade is called in the witness-box.The defence lawyer Adv.Khandewle is ready to cross-examine him. Adv.Jaiswal: So, Surekha Bhotmange is your sister.Right? Wit:Yes. Adv.Jaiswal:Are you familiar with Rashtrpal Narnavare? Wit:Yes. Adv.Jaiswal:Rashtrpal Narnavre is Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange’s sister-in-law’s son.Right? Wit:yes Adv.Jaiswal : That means Rashtrapal Narnavare is your nephew.Right? Wit:Yes. […]

The court asembles at 11:15A.M. Judge:Since the defence should not get the undue advantage of the witness’s contrdictory statements, I allow the public prosecutor to re-examine the witness Suresh Khandate. Adv.Jaiswal : How can the court allow the presecution to get the witness re-examined We will challenge the decision in the High court.We are moving […]

Proceeding on 11th July   The court assembles at 11:15 A.m.Adv.jaiswal is ready to continue his cross-examination of the witness Suresh Khandate who is standing in the witness-box. Adv.Jaiswal : Have you said to the C.B.I. & Magistrate that Jagdeesh shouted saying ,”where r the inmates of the house? search them & kill them “? […]

 The court again re-assembles at 3P.M.Adv.Jaiswal is ready to cross-examine witness Suresh Khandate who is already standing in the witness – box. Adv.Jaiswal: You have said before this court that you heard Jagdeesh & Vishvanath sreaming  ”banish those Mahar Caste people from the village’. Is it true? Wit:Yes. Adv.Jaiswal: But that is not mentioned in your steatment […]

An Indian American, who made millions as a neurosurgeon and lived a lavish life – once owning a Rolls-Royce – five Mercedes-Benzes and an airplane has donated $20 million (Dh75.2 million) to his native village in Kerala. Dr Kumar Bahuleyan, 81, who was born to a Dalit familly in India, decided to donate his personal […]

The court proceeding was delayed by 25 minutes because accused came late . Adv.Khandewale informed court that accused were served the food late. He requested court that they be given food before other inmates so that they could reach  the court within time. The court work then started at around 11:30A.M. Adv.Jaiswal(to the witness): You have said that that the C.B.I.recorded the statements correctly […]

Eight Dalits were hacked to death in broad daylight on August 6, 1991, with over 400 people chasing them. Special court assembled;the judge felt that it was not the rarest of the rare cases, which attracted death penalty. The massacre of Dalits by a Hindu mob is certainly not the rarest of rare cases, it is […]