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Developing countries are the least racially tolerant, survey says, which claims western countries are most tolerant in the world where population would accept the neighbor of a different race. The global social attitude measured by World Value Survey over three decades. It was studied in 80 different countries to identify racial attitudes of individuals. The […]

Demanding the Government to bring the Equality Act 2010 into force to guarantee the protection against caste-based discrimination in the UK, the demonstration of thousands of thousands of protesters from every corner of London led Hyde Park to Prime Minister’s residence. The British government has passed the Equality Act in 2010 still over three years […]

Emphasizing social boycott by a caste panchayats should treated as an offence under the Indian Panel Code, the Bombay High Court asked the Maharashtra government to enact a strong legislative to curb social evils like social boycott in wake of incidence at Vairagad village in Maharashtra by caste panchayat. HC warned the caste panchayat not […]

Though her corpse signifies she was raped, murdered; postmortem report ruled it out. Even two days after no voice rose, no movement happened from activists and active persons in Jind case against the third autopsy report which ruled out the rape and murder of the Dalit College going girl of Baniya Khera village in Jind […]

Dalit Dasta Virodhi Andolan is holding a 2000 K.M. Padyatra (Foot March) in the districts of Malwa region of Punjab to eliminate bonded labour system, earth discrimination and atrocities against dalits, land rights and loss of employment due to mechanized farming. We are appending herewith a document on the objectives of the Padyatra for your […]

 Amarnath Tewary  from BBC reports from Dumka, Jharkhand  a sinscillating yet inspiring story of Mr Rajak and his Newspaper that keeps track of  caste atrocities & curruption in the region from last 21 years. This has been an incredible effort by any standards seeing the area rediculously dominated by rich & powerfull Landlords.  + Jharkhand: Gaurishankar Rajak is a […]

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Gary writes…. “Hindus have discraminated untouchables for the last 3000 years.Worst human rights violation in the world. Every day women are raped, dalits are being killed. Hindu priestes marry 7 years old girls to the temple, called Devdassi and use them as prostitutes. There childern are left to become beggers and prostitutes There is no […]