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‘Citizen’ of India writes….

Where is mainstream Indian media, I think it lost sense of its duty. Most of the time I found Indian media personal either ignorant on such issues or many journalists in India dont know Indian history, civics, geography, and politics.

The Indian judiciary: We need to study and to see  the space occupied in judiciary. Where is space for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes in it? See the criminal justice reform reports proposed by Justice Malimath which rediculously   infringe rights of vulnarable communities. We need a review of Indian judiciary and create a space for justice for every section of the society. This justice is missing since specially for the SC/STs.
In USA there are elected judges and nominated judges. On similar lines, we can have proportionate 50% of the SC/ST/OBC judges elected by SC/ST/OBC in Indian judiciary from small courts to Supreme Courts.There’r many more things need to be changed. Given a chance we can draft a Criminal justice reform bill which will target to curb communal riots and atrocities committed on SC/ST/ Christians /Muslims and other minorities.

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  1. 1 Amitabha

    How did Atrocitynews Forget to mention about Bahan Mayawati’s decision on Reservation in Private sector?
    This should have been the discussion point on this blog.
    Is it negligence or allergy to BSP?

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