Khairlanji: Court Proceedings 13th July


he court assembles at 11:15 A.M.The witness Yadnapal Khobragade is called in the witness-box.The defence lawyer Adv.Khandewle is ready to cross-examine him.

Adv.Jaiswal: So, Surekha Bhotmange is your sister.Right?
Adv.Jaiswal:Are you familiar with Rashtrpal Narnavare?
Adv.Jaiswal:Rashtrpal Narnavre is Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange’s sister-in-law’s son.Right?
Adv.Jaiswal : That means Rashtrapal Narnavare is your nephew.Right?
Adv.Jaiswal : Bhaiyyalal, Rashtrpal & Sidhhartha had familial relations & you too knew Sidhharth Gajbhiye.Right?
Adv.Jaiswal : Is it true that the villagers of Khairlanji had complained against Sidhhartha Gajbhiye?
(Suddenly the Hon.Judge notices that Adv.Jaiswal’s question are not based on the recorded evidennce.)
Judge:Adv.Jaiswal, from which record you are asking questions?
Adv.Jaiswal : Sir, it is written in the recorded statements of the C.B.I.
 (The Hon.Judge checks both the copies.He finds the descrepancy between them. Adv.Nikam too notices the difference in thecopy provided to him.)
Judge:Adv.Khan what explanation you have for the descrepancies in the recorded statements of the witness by the C.B.I.
Adv.Khan:Sir, in Photocopying the original a paragraph has  been missed.We will rectify the mistake. Meanwhile, the next witness be called.
Adv.jaiswal:Sir, we can not record the evidence of the next witness unless the whole records of the earlier witnesses’s statements are checked.There must be too the same mistakes .
judge:Yes,the past records has to be checked.I adjourn the court till 6th August.
 (The court is adjouned at 12:15 P.M.till 6th August due to the descrepancy of the witness’s statement recorded by the C.B.I.& provided to the the defence, judge & the prosecution.)  

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