A Communist realisation: class is pseudo, caste is reality


A day is not that far when Indian communists understand social evils are more harmful and dangerous than economic exploitations. It might be great revealation for political think-tank that caste virus is another WMD(Weapon for Mass Destruction). Caste is more conspicuous by its presence than class in India. Major leadership in political and economic front is dominated by Upper caste. Related statistics also tell us redicuous and skewed destribution of resources on castelines making caste a human-volcano in Indian subcontinent. Caste supremacy is continuing unabatedly at the cost of rights of marginalised dalits. 1/4th of the Indian population faces social auguries only because of they being born dalits. Such is a cruel reality. The castevirus mention in Communist mouthpiece is not a big surprise today, as Indian society is seeing its reflection in 21st century information world. Readers may like to go thru the following article and see for themselves whether Marxists are really concerned for creative democratic processes that would solve dalit sufferings ?or they are asking Dalits for easy Bolshevik revolution?

How blood can fight against mindsets when caste is notion of mind?


“No Moving Forward Without Fighting Caste”

ONE has to realise that the building of India on modern democratic and secular lines requires an uncompromising struggle against the caste based Hindu society and its culture. There is no question of secular democracy, not to speak of socialism, unless the very citadel of India’s ‘age old’ civilisation and culture – the division of society into hierarchy of castes – is broken. In other words, the struggle for radical democracy and socialism cannot be separated from the struggle against caste society.”

These are the famous words of late Comrade E M S Namboodiripad written in 1979. Almost after thirty years, it still remains an important task before the revolutionary movement in India.


The evil impact of the caste system on the life of the downtrodden can be seen all over India even after 60 years of independence, with caste Hindus in many parts of rural India considering even the touch or shadow of a low-caste person as polluting. The lowly ones have to live at the outskirts of villages, in most unhygienic conditions. They are denied the use of public wells and their children are not admitted to schools where caste Hindu children go. They are forbidden to keep cattle. Temples are closed to them; they cannot get the job of a barber or washerman. This oppressed section still receives sub-human treatment in many parts of the country, even though the country’s laws ban untouchability and discrimination.

Please read rest of the article here –>(http://pd.cpim.org/2007/0819/08192007_kv.htm)

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