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He comes from rural India. He belongs to Mr. Gopinath Munde, President, Maharastra  BJP, on a caste strand. He strikes Hindu code of life, everyday. What if he talks about his version of caste pain?  Please listen Mr Tandale, from Wada in Thane district. He finds it rather difficult to get away with the pain even if he comes from little better Wanjari Caste which now considered as Notified Tribe […]

Several upper-caste children have allegedly refused midday meals prepared by Dalit cooks in an Andhra school, sparking fears that one of UPA’s key welfare schemes could be turning into a platform to perpetuate caste prejudices. The authorities of the Zilla Parishad School at Sundaragiri in Karimnagar ‘ slain Maoist leader Kishan’s home district ‘ have […]

A man was today sentenced to six- month imprisonment by a local court for abusing a youth in name of caste. Additional Sessions Judge A A Sayeed also imposed a fine of Rs 1,000 on the convict, Suresh R Sonigra (40), a local estate agent. He was found guilty of passing casteist remark against the […]

Pic01 : Neeraj Kumar was found dead in a field A low-caste Dalit boy has been killed in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh for sharing a name with a man of a higher caste, police say. They said Neeraj Kumar’s father Ram Sumer had been asked to change the names of two sons […]