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Please see how Mr Punia, the Chairman of National Commission of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe,was shown gates & humiliated when he tried entering Puri temple in Orissa. We must know Mr Punia is used by Congress to get vendetta against first Dalit Government in Uttar Pradesh, the biggest state in India. Beware of Punia! Beware of Congress! Beware […]

FOLLOWING IS A SELF NARATION OF  A CASTE ATROCITY VICTIM Name: Barkabai Vitthal Thorat Age: 40 Caste: Mahar Address: Post-Gopinath nagar, Varvand, Block- Daund, Dist -Pune Family information: No. Name Relation Age Marital status 1 Datta Vitthal Thorat Son 25 2 Shankar Vitthal Thorat Son 22 3 Varsha Sathish Sasane Daughter Married, living in Shrigonda, […]

The name of the victim is Tanaji Aaba Misal,45 years age surviving with  wife, two sons and a daughter in Indapur, Maharastra a strong hold Shudras and hell for OUTCaste (now Buddhists). His daughter is married. His grandson is living with him. He is a daily wage earner.  He was working as a servant in […]

Recently a Dalit women panchayat president(Mrs. Krishnaveni) in Tamil Nadu was stabbed by a member of 4 people (Caste Hindus). She sustained serious injuries (15 stabs, Her right hear was cut, both the ankel and the knee was hit by the knife. She has to undergo 3 operations) and admitted in the Hospital. She belongs […]