Throw out NCSC as Punia, the Chaiman, thrown out of Puri temple: Reason being Dalit


Please see how Mr Punia, the Chairman of National Commission of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe,was shown gates & humiliated when he tried entering Puri temple in Orissa. We must know Mr Punia is used by Congress to get vendetta against first Dalit Government in Uttar Pradesh, the biggest state in India.

Beware of Punia! Beware of Congress! Beware of Contractors of Hindu Gods!

The Puri district police on Saturday denied that chairman of the National SC/ST Commission P L Puniya had entered a Kali temple at Ranapada village near Brahmagiri. A section of the media had reported that Puniya had entered the temple, breaking an age-old ban on the entry of Dalits into temples in Puri. Infact he is denied the entry. IIC (Brahmagiri police station) Debi Prasad Dash said Puniya, along with senior officials of the commission, visited the temple but did not enter it.

Puniya and Jajpur MP Mohan Jena along with several officials had visited Ranapada, about 30km from Puri, on Friday following allegations of atrocities against the lower caste people in the area. The villagers had earlier moved the commission after some upper caste people from neighbouring Nuapada village allegedly assaulted three girls inside a temple in August last. The upper caste people had allegedly humiliated the girls by calling them “untouchables”. During his interaction with villagers, Puniya was informed it was against traditions to allow dalits into the temple. Stating that there was discrimination against Dalits in the village, he said he would take up the matter at the national level. The commission would also seek a report from the state government asking it to explain as to why law had not been enforced to protect the interests of dalits, he said. “The lower caste people of Ranapada village are still going through sleepless nights. They are a frightened a lot,” Jena said. “The Dalit people narrated their plight to the commission chairman. The Centre would seek an explanation from the state government on the issue,” he added.

“The upper caste people have socially ostracized the lower caste people in the village. The district administration should come to their rescue,” said Bibhu Prasad Tripathy, counsel of the lower caste people. Local police said the tussle between the upper and lower caste people had led to skirmishes. “There were minor clashes between the two groups. We arrested a number of people belonging to the upper caste society for suppressing dalits,” the Brahmagiri police station IIC said. Puri district collector Fakir Charan Satapathy said, “There is no tension in the village right now. Nor have they been socially boycotted.”

Source: TOI

4 Responses to “Throw out NCSC as Punia, the Chaiman, thrown out of Puri temple: Reason being Dalit”

  1. 1 0x101

    Without reservations SC/ST were uneducated untouchables in India.
    With reservations via Poona Pact SC/ST are educated untouchables.

    Forward caste community is manipulating SC/ST people with Reservations/Poona Pact etc.

    300 million SC/ST community should seek Autonomy/Homeland where their children can live with dignity.

    They’ll be 14th biggest nation in the world.

  2. 2 Kumarpushp

    160 million dalits and 120 million muslims should join with Pakistan to punish the Hindus and their hindu led government.Punia is a harijan who is being used against mayawati government.Punia is shameless congress bumm licker MP who doen not have guts to fight with barbaric Hindus.It is better to Bomb the Kali temple so solve problem once for all or convert all 80 dalits to Islam or buddhism.

  3. 3 ajay singh jatav

    puniya is a slave of congress and dog of soniya gandhi he must die after this humilation otherwise he should join bsp to fight against castiesm


    Dear Puniyaji,
    Please earn your dignity by using your power as a chairman of NCSC under Article 338 of the constitution of India and prove yourself that you are a right person who can hold the post of chairman of the NCSC. You are the representative of all dalit people of India, your insult is considered as the insult of all people of dalit please dont let them down . keep your head high and deal the upper caste people with iron hand.

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