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Today is the 5th Anniversary of  Khairlanji Atrocity (Day: 29th Sept  2007).  This atrocity questioned interest of masses to  Human values.   Though it is one among the 368 Notorious Atrocities committed on Buddhist Converts, Khairlanji Atroricty had all caste dimensions of un-civil Indian Society in pronounced way. Witnessing people in general, social activists, lawyers, doctors, politicians and Buddhist Monks congregating […]

Shooting at Paramkudi is one more bead in chain of incidents that have occurred Dalits in India. It is very typical of police-forces, government and media the way they have responded to the incident. Oppression of Dalits is very much observable throughout India. They might assert themselves through legitimate means of agitation for equality, opportunity […]

Eighty-two of the 97 people accused in the Mirchpur killing of a 70-year-old dalit and his physically challenged daughter were acquitted by a Delhi court for lack of evidence. The then SHO of the area, Vinod Kajal, was also acquitted by the court. All the arrested are from the Jat community, who allegedly killed Tara […]

Nation has forgotten that there is  25%  almost Quarter of India suffering class called Dalits living in despicable condition with respect to Law, if they rise to their cause what will happen to this Nation no-one knows !!  Please find the folloiwng Fact Finding Reprot on Paramakudi where the tally of dead Dalit activists has […]

The police action against Dalits in Paramakudi leaves indelible scars on the psyche of the oppressed people all over Tamil Nadu. A large number of people on their way to Sekaran’s memorial and back were stranded in the town because of stone-throwing, setting of fire to vehicles and throwing of petrol bombs by a Upper […]

President Asif Ali Zardari on Friday took note of media reports that the scheduled caste Hindus (Dalits) were denied humanitarian assistance and entry into relief camps allegedly for being “untouchable” and has called for a report from the provincial government. President Asif Ali Zardari on Friday took note of media reports that the scheduled caste […]

Following piece is a reflective thought from Yogesh, who is studying in Nagpur University  B.A. ( Ambedkar Thoughts). He is amidst writing a Novel ‘ The Sentient Being’. He has just finished his 150th poem.  This particular writing gives a sense of direction to the conflicts arisen/arising in the day to day struggle for equality. Please go thru the piece  and comment>>   […]