7th Activist die; ‘Paramakudi’ Fact Finding yet another


Nation has forgotten that there is  25%  almost Quarter of India suffering class called Dalits living in despicable condition with respect to Law, if they rise to their cause what will happen to this Nation no-one knows !!

 Please find the folloiwng Fact Finding Reprot on Paramakudi where the tally of dead Dalit activists has gone to 7. Dalits shouldnt be taking out processions…Anna’s can!!

FACT FINDING TEAM: Independent Investigation Team Members:

(Translated from Original Tamil News Report: Vizhi.net)

1. S. Sathya Chandiran- Lawyer, Madras High Court

2. P. Tamzhilinian- Lawyer, Gen Secretary, Ambedkar People’s Liberation Movement

3. S. Natarajan- President, Thatha Rattimalai Srinivasan Sabha

4. K. Ilanchezhian- State Secretary, Adi-Tamilar Freedom Movement

5. Thada T.Periyaswamy- Nandanar Peravai, Perambalur

6. Yaakan- General Secretary, Tamil Nadu alternative Journalism Writers Association, Chennai

7. R.L. Rosario- Dalit People’s Association, Thiruvannamalai

8. Sa.Rajinikanth-Lawyer, Madras High Court

9.E.Deivamani-Lawyer, Ambedkar Panther Movement

10. R.Alugumani- Lawyer, Madurai High Court11. P. Velumani- Organizing Secretary, Tamil Revolution Movement, Chennai

12. R.Annadurai- Ambedkar Panther Movement

13. K. Arumugam, Social Justice, Madurai

14. C.AnanthaRaj- Equal Rights, Madurai

15. K. Srinivasan- Central Team Member, Adi Tamilar Liberation front, Tamil Nadu

Discoveries from the Fact Finding Team:

A Strong Case for Legal action on all the Police Officers, Revenue Officers,Ministers and Jayalalitha, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

1. To Disturb and destroy Dalits assertion and the anticipated celebration of Immanuel Sekaran’s death anniversary, every year the caste hindus have the tradition of murdering someone from dalit community, and this year too the same happened on 09.09.2011 a local +1 student Palanikumar was murdered. If the murder of a young dalit was gruesome and barbaric, it was further shocking to discover that the mob of perpetrators who killed Palanikumar were screaming and yelling saying 

” Hey, Pariah’s stop here, Are you going to Celebrate Immanuel Sekaran guru Pooja”, will see how you will go to the Guru Pooja this year, and then Mob hacked the dalit boy, this murder was aimed to disturb this year’s Guru Pooja for Immanuel Sekaran. The Killers outburst and Screams before committing their murder clearly laid a path for the immediate next week’s Police killing.

2. The Police officer Mr.Senthilvelan, I.P.S was in charge and lead Police officer of the firing in Paramakudi, but this IPS officer was not the local or district police staff, he was sent from Adayar, Madras. He is a Deputy Superintendent of Adayar Police force. He was once served as Police chief in the Ramanathapuram District. The State government’s decision to send this police officer to the Immanuel Sekaran’s anniversary is a deliberate and well planned setup by the Tamilnadu govt to create a violent atmosphere and kill the Dalits, again with the purpose in mind to cause disturbance to the dalit assertion against Thevars?. The posting of Senthilvelan is not only confirms the purpose as well as a wide spread talks in Tamil Nadu among Dalits and others that it was part of the Engineering to Kill Dalits.

3. On the Day of the Police firing, it was ascertained that the dalit people with their leaders and representatives will assemble at Immanuel Sekaran’s memorial at 3pm, and it was estimated that the crowed will be huge gathering of extraordinary number of people. And it is swelling bigger and bigger in numbers year after year, this means that there will be increased freedom and upward movement of Dalits, it brings Power and it will change Dalit people’s attitude when they become united and gather together, the State wants to STOP this huge gathering, the State is afraid of this new assertion and awareness of Dalits. So to stop and to disturb this movement the instrument used by the current ruling state govt is the Police, as there is a general consensus and reality that Tamil Nadu police is so barbaric and atrocious, if a large force of police is brought into this memorial site, Tamil Nadu police is known for not following any standard operating procedures or policies, it is like a Jungle, the police themselves behave like the worst Mob in the world. Piling hundreds of police in a small village, the very site of it will create some fear, but when they start firing randomly without any respect or remorse to lives, it is the ultimate method to create fear on the day of Immanuel Sekaran’s anniversary among the Dalit people (Fear Psychosis), so that they will abandon or stop such grand celebrations in the future, this is the ultimate aim of the Police firing. The Fact finding team came to this conclusion based on interviewing hundreds of local Dalits and people who participated Immanuel Sekaran’s memorial day.

More Report Click here Fact Finding Report on ‘ParamakudIi Dalit Firing’

One Response to “7th Activist die; ‘Paramakudi’ Fact Finding yet another”

  1. Without reservations/affirmative action justice is delayed/denied/deprived to BC/SC/ST/Minority communities and Indian Courts are no different than SHARIA in Saudi Arabia

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