Conflicts of Mannerism: Way In


Following piece is a reflective thought from Yogesh, who is studying in Nagpur University  B.A. ( Ambedkar Thoughts). He is amidst writing a Novel ‘ The Sentient Being’. He has just finished his 150th poem.  This particular writing gives a sense of direction to the conflicts arisen/arising in the day to day struggle for equality. Please go thru the piece  and comment>>




Conflicts between manners of human beings have been restlessly and even apparently saying in complex phenomena, exists among human life since the growth of civilization. These conflicts we have been known since from the oldest civilization, the Egyptian civilization. It started from agriculturists with pastoral nomads, and now its modern and more advance structure we could see in the conflicts between industrialize visionary and traditional agriculturists and one could say on the basis of its tragic phenomena that it will exist furthermore, no matter what structure it would formed, but the intensity and chaos creates by these conflicts remains steady or even it would strengthen. But like so many problems and impediments, whereupon human beings hitherto attained triumph, it seems unlikely to achieve such kind of victorious attainment, as least seeming to contemporary situation of entire globe. But are these conflicts which are deeply psychological and then to its reaction as physical actions, are impossible to eradicate? Are we lose all hopes to do so, or have we lost the sense and will of eradicating it? Having glimpses upon human history which shows us the crude manners of human life at its early ages, and then after passing of several of centuries attained the surprising summit of human enlightenment, are the instances through which we could certainly comment that these conflicts in human life, which are now between two countries, two states, two cultures, two ideologies, two faiths will surely be demolish, in order to maintain the harmony in the universe.

Conflicts of mannerism which advocates in society have its roots back at ones home, in his personal life. In other way we can say that the home attributes these conflicts. The kind of upbringing one gets the kind of attitude he would develop among society, and very importantly being a part of society as a social unit, if his upbringing emphasis on the liberal education and gives preference to social responsibility and integrity of entire country and then to entire living population on the globe, then these kind of social units will certainly helps to reduce the growth of conflicts, which would creates harmony and eventually socioeconomic growth of that society. But one must be very mindful when propagating these values; it shouldn’t bear to new conflict such as nationalism, which is more or less inherits in so many countries, is a matter of deep reflection in order to deal with it. Then liberal education is most significant factor to eradicate such conflicts. But we must avoid the falsification of history, which derives from the perception of concealing the facts of that particular country to maintain its superiority. For instance in India, which forms the country of conqueror, from Aryan till British, have been taught the struggle of gaining freedom from British, but the facts that why India had been defeated by numbers of conquerors and why it has been undergo the period of incarceration under the rules of British have been concealed. If one doesn’t understand the root of problem then problem will be persists for a long. The facts should expose among society, and liberal education will certainly maintain a major role into this. Concealing one’s own facts is derived from own superiority, whether it is country or single social unit, everyone possess a tendency of superiority, which intensify these conflicts. This tendency of superiority is descend from insecurity of one’s own nature, which had many more psychological aspects, and which is purely a folly of his illusionary mind. It is very stiff but must be slacken its roots in order to decrement of conflicts. In family, father feels superior, purely on the basis of his physical and economical position. But when his superiority slackens; the level of transparency and harmony within that family increases, and what is true with the family is undoubtedly true with society, and country.

Then there is the conflict of ideology. Indeed, this conflict has been spreading extensively through out the world, and has very complex pillars, which in today’s world emerge as the most imperative issue, for major nations. Democratic countries such as USA, UK have been threaten by Islamic fundamentalist groups such as, al-Qaida, whose vicious face the world have seen on 9/11 terrorist attack on WTC, New York. In post 9/11 world, the perspective of western countries towards Islamic Group and people has changed intensely in surprising manner, which resulted from terrorist attack on WTC. Terrorist activities by Islamic fundamentalist groups- who pretends that globalisation and modern changes are the threats to their faith and ideology, and who are intended to create the world, based on Islamic principles- are the most imperative threats for developed European countries and developing nations such as India, in Asian continent. Pankaj Mishra in his recent essay in guardian UK, on 9/11 has quoted the comment by Jason burke which stated that ‘Post 9/11, politicians and commentators in the west had, as Burke writes, insisted that “the violence suddenly sweeping two, even three, continents was the product of a single, unitary conflict pitting good against evil, the west against Islam, the modern against retrograde. Now the world is speaking about its desires and intentions more clearly like never before, but as it turns more transparent to express, obviously its results would be more callous and violent, which more or less illustrates the invasion of clouds of warlike situation in the age of modernization, where human race is moving into new scientific arena, but this human race, sooner or later realise the intense need of harmony between states, and nations and of one with another.  

 India, whose own complex social structure makes these conflicts more intensified. The alterations in neighbouring countries are not negligible, as it indirectly affects the inner circumstances. For instance, Nepal, where uprising strength of Maoism in their political arena is indirect cementation of communism through out the country. Maoism, the communist ideology strengthen by Mao Zedong in china, now more vividly speaking in some part of India in its retaliated forms. Naxalism in internal states of India, is another threat about which Indian ruling governments have been dealing since long, but unfortunately there isn’t any effort appear from either side to solve this chaos. No doubt deepen strength of Maoism in Nepal; influence Naxalism to cement their foot in Indian soils, newly and more powerfully. Then there are few nationalist groups in India, who since 1980’s have been propagating the agenda of Hindu India, even though and when India has been a secular country since 61 years by constitution. Atrocities and caste based riots are the strong instances of conflicts of ideology in India, which are still unsolved. It gives glimpses of conflicts of ideology of one with another, and countrymen with its own secular constitution. There is an imperative need, than gloomy past, to propagate the political democracy in social democracy and that is possible with practice of liberal education, and upliftment of socio-economical structure of Indian masses.

Media who has become a powerful source of expression of views in 21th century is seems to turn little oligarchic, where most of the time the intention of the incidences have remain conceal. The trend of covering rhetoric incidences hides the imperative and genuine news, which are ought to come before the world. Last month there was a flood of Anna Hazare’s coverage on almost all media channels in India, and even international media has covered its updates, regardless of history and future consequences of the matter. Daily newspaper The Hindu which publishes from Hyderabad has published the news on dated 13/09/11, when few film stars and sport persons visited the injured son the former cricketer Mohd. Azzuruddin, when his son met with an accident while riding his 1000cc imported bike on Indian Road. The sense of intention behind covering or publishing the news must be clarified like never before now. Media as a medium of expression of the genuine problems of the society must be work hard at its real purpose. The genuineness of the fact have been conceal, which is nothing but our own conflict with the truth of that fact, which we never want it to come out, which we never want to see even. Here the conflicts being stronger when one acquire the position in society wherefrom he can show the society to the rest of the world. The concealment of facts and truth always creates retaliation, which could be turn out to violent mode, sometime.

Dr Ambedkar, in his historic speech right after he had submitted the constitution in assembly, he himself warned about the threats to democracy. He guided on it that, although the if the nation has the best constitution in the world, but if people who are  ought to follow it, would not put the best efforts to implement it in their everyday life, then even the best constitution appear as a dry dream. Of course as he further clarified it by saying that, we must make our political democracy into social democracy, and he was well mindful by quoting this historic sentence, which illustrates the significance of democracy in use of every day life. It means it should be a way of our life and not only bounded till politics. Dr Ambedkar’s extra ordinary heed at the problems of masses gives us notion about his long term and exclusive vision for India. Democracy is a remedy- in other word it would be our righteous way to live our life, so that it would eradicate most of the problems from our life, at least it will certainly succeed to clear our notions about our life in India. He emphasised on the righteous attitude of people rather than best constitution, and he himself well mindful that unless people will change their mind in order to change the society, changes will not come, even though heroes would be appear in this country. And what he envisioned, although it starts from Indian soil but it certainly applicable to the entire globe when it comes to ultimate transformation of human race.

The constitution of India abolished the caste based atrocity, but however there are many cases, even today and every day files about it, mostly from the backward area and it clearly tells us the mind of the people, although illiteracy is another factor responsible for this. Here we can see the nature of conflicts which comprehensively depict the importance of human mind in order to bring changes. Conflicts starts from human mind and that is why it should be eradicate from human mind, first and imperatively.

No matter what is the form of conflicts, no matter where it operates but everything things starts from the single social unit and his temperament, where he is being at the position wherefrom he directly can makes the impact in the society. The outlook of one social unit is very important in order to maintain the peace and harmony among society. Only right and humanistic efforts as remedy to overcome on conflict, could  save the world from further destructive chaos, and we can hope as Bertrand Russell says “ Let us hope that it (conflict) will not last equally long, or entail as great a load of suffering’.


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