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This is just an aperture to peep into Indian legal system wherein  criminals are defended  under false grounds that builds the presumption that Indian judicial environment is just unjust.  Widely known Rape case of Shiney Ahuja is just an example to put ahead grim-black  face of Caste-India. Equally ill-known the creator of inhuman Caste society, Manu is worshiped and put in high respect by the […]

June 26, 2009, A Black American’s first-hand experience of Caste India comes calling AS he notices even the elite zones of Delhi University are INHUMANLY flooded with discrimnative tendancies with caste and color biases. Following is an  excerpt from the story told by Diepiriye Kuku to the  OUTLOOK Team .   “In spite of friendship and love in […]

Four days after angry citizens stormed the Koparkhairne police station with the body of 24-year-old Saujanya Jadhav, the police arrested eight persons accused of harassing the suicide victim and her family. There was a public outcry over the death of Saujanya, a computer hardware engineer who was allegedly harassed by some “politically-connected goons” in Koparkhairne. […]