Khairlanji Anniversary 2011


Today is the 5th Anniversary of  Khairlanji Atrocity (Day: 29th Sept  2007).  This atrocity questioned interest of masses to  Human values.


Though it is one among the 368 Notorious Atrocities committed on Buddhist Converts, Khairlanji Atroricty had all caste dimensions of un-civil Indian Society in pronounced way.

Witnessing people in general, social activists, lawyers, doctors, politicians and Buddhist Monks congregating from all corners of the world for paying floral tributes to Bhotmange family.  The family Leader Surekha, was humiliated and her dignity was taken for ride by Hindu Gang before murdering her. Later her blind son, brillient daughter and another son were murdered.

Khairlanji massacre has become a WATERSHED that sensitized media, civil society and politic by producing a realistic perspective on caste violence very deeply. Father Bhaiyalal was present in Khairlanji. There is an equivocal demand for having the ‘Khairlanji Memorial Pillar’ in front of the hut. None of the violent incidents reported till this time all over country. Atrocitynews correspondent from Khairlanji reports gathering everywhere, many more joining in groups in diffrent places to pay respect to the Bhotmange Family. We will come with the photographs for our readers soon.

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  1. Ambedkar demanded autonomy (not reservations/affirmative action) to Muslims/Christians/Anglo-Indians/Sikhs/SC/ST communities in 4th August 1932 Round Table Conference.

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