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Mr. Dayandev Tupe ( 42 )and his wife Nanadabai Tupe ( 38 )The resident of  Vadzal, Tahesil – Man, District Satara belonging from (Matang ) community brutally attacked by Caste-Hindus,  both are found missing.  Mr. Dilip Tupe is a social activist in the region who was a Zilla Parishad member for  15 years.  Under his leadership people dared to question Caste-Hindu political leaders for their forgery […]

Upper caste people of an Orissa village slapped a fine of Rs 1,001 on a dalit woman soon after she fetched water from a community tubewell on Saturday. A case was registered only after a group of dalit women gheraoed Chandabali police station in Bhadrak district demanding justice. A probe was also ordered. “We are […]

He observes Media in India is highly caste-corrupt, infested with ugly caste virus wherein the top positions as a rule are enjoyed by caste Hindus who keep on plastering Indian minds, setting reverse direction for civil society by claiming ‘THERE IS NO CASTE HERE’. He says its an Exclusionist Media , singular feature of India, […]

Two persons from Dalit (Valmiki) community killed by JAT community (Upper caste Hindu) in Haryana. Out of them, one was a disabled girl, her name is Suman (18) and another the father ,Tara chand (70). Please See cronology.. Let us unite and fight against this inhuman caste tentacles of India. Day : 21/4/10 A disabled […]

Gallery : Depicting the remains of ‘Atrocity laden-Mirchpur’