Mirchpur Dalit Atrocity: India Burns on Caste pyre


Two persons from Dalit (Valmiki) community killed by JAT community (Upper caste Hindu) in Haryana. Out of them, one was a disabled girl, her name is Suman (18) and another the father ,Tara chand (70). Please See cronology..

Let us unite and fight against this inhuman caste tentacles of India.

Day : 21/4/10

A disabled Dalit girl and her father were killed and six others injured by the JAT (Hindu Upper caset groups) on Wednesday, after which the victims’ relatives had refused to cremate the bodies protesting against police and government inaction. Which resulted into further torching of Dalit houses by Jats. The bodies of deceased were finally cremated on Friday only after the cases were registered against local police officers.

In the whole incidence, Eighteen-year-old Suman, who suffered from polio, was trapped in her burning house and charred to death while her father Tara Chand (70) who suffered 90 per cent burns, died later when over a dozen houses belonging to the Dalits were set ablaze allegedly by Jats of the same village.

Relatives of the family alleged that the incident was pre-planned and the local police, present during the incident, did not protect the Dalits 80% Dalits of Mirchpur village now living homeless on the ground of Mini secretariat (Hisar) because they all feeling fear and don’t want to go back in village they are demanding for another place to live because they all feeling insecure.

Please watch Gallery (|): Depicting the remains of ‘Atrocity laden-Mirchpur’

Day: 30/4/10

After 10 days of this shameful incident still Dalit Youth are struggling for rights and finally they have decided to sit on hunger strike. This involves 6 girls and two young boys. Atrocitynews will let you know the details further..

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