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Today Mohadi ( a Tahsil of Bhandara)  Special court released 6 more people in connection with Kherlanji Buddhist Massacre; name of the accussed who were released are as followes- 1. Ms Manda Shatrughna Dhande 2. Ms Kamal Dhande 3. Hasan Dhande 4. Karu Dhande 5. Bhanudas Khandate 6. Rupchand Khandate. Now tally: In all, 15 […]

Here is piece wriiten on the obituary of C. Parvathamma the first woman Sociologist published in the latest issue of Economic and Political Weekly (EPW Vol.42-No.3 25 January)   We mourn the passing away of Prof. C. Parvathamma (1927-2006) the first Dalit woman Sociologist of India and of course, the first generation of Dalit Sociologist. She passed […]

  “It is India’s most shameful paradox — this country has made almost unimaginable progress in nearly every sphere of human life, but the one thing unchanged is the condition of its dalits and backward communities. I am a microsurgeon specialising in hand and spinal reconstruction, and am an mla from Bihar, but I still […]

Today, the 26th of January is celebrated in India as the Republic Day. It was on this day in 1950 that India was formally declared as a Republic. To mark this occasion, a grand parade is held in New Delhi, the Capital of India.  The emergence of India as an independent nation and as a […]

n the third day after the commencement of the 37th Session of the United Nations Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), a 14-member Non-Government delegation from India organized a seminar to flag issues of importance. This crucial seminar was held a day before the Indian government presented its responses […]

The Khairlanji Action Committee and Rajendra Gajbhiye, one of the key witnesses of the kherlanji Buddhist Massacre, have demanded immediate arrest of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) legislator, Nana Panchbudhe for hurling casteist abuses on Gajbhiye recently. Milind Fulzhele and Gajbhiye, who were in Nagpur on Monday alleged that despite lodging a complaint against Panchbudhe, the […]

Sudhakar Suradkar, a retired Inspector General, Maharastra, filed a complaint against the IGP, Pankaj Gupta at Bandara on Friday for suppressing facts in the case. Alleging castist bias, Suradkar insisted an action against Gupta. Gupta was holding the charge of IGP (Nagpur circle) during the tragedy and the state government had taken action against as […]

Vibha Sharma from Tribune News Service reports a post facto analysis of a ghastly political game. The heinous serial killings in Nithari seem to be now getting caste-based hues with a group of Dalit organisations today asserting that majority of innocent children killed belonged to Dalit communities. Basing their argument on this, the group has asked […]

The symbolism of Dalit politics is a tactical response to the threat of violence lurking beneath the surface of Indian democracy. The benevolent tolerance that caste Hindu society affects may well be misplaced. by | Sukumar Muralidharan In January 2006, Bant Singh, a Dalit peasant and community organiser, was assaulted near his home village in […]

As the local & state administartion continue to sleep , the process of collecting the evidences in Kherlanji Massacre is getting deliberately sidelined. Naturally, the justice is slowly slipping out of the hands of poor Bhotmange, the broken father. On the other hand, the witnesses of Kherlanji Buddhist Massacre like Mr Gajbhye are warned by local MLA Mr. Nana Panchbudhe […]

Down, but not out; Bant Singh holds rally “They cannot cut through my spirit till I am alive,” stated Bant Singh, at a massive rally, organised by the Bant Singh Jabar Kand Virodhi Action Committee, today at the Plaza, Sector 17. The rally was attended by thousands of workers from all over Punjab in support […]

The session court released two more accused on bail in Kherlanji Buddhist Massacre. They are: 1. Shivcharan Jagdish Mandalekar 2. Kanaiyya Ganesh  Mandalekar Out of 47 accused, 26 are freed till date by session court at Mohadi. In all, 21 are in Custody out of which 11 are chargesheeted. Sarpanch Khandate and Vice Sarpanch is suspected to be set free on bail […]

 A Maharashtra fast track court on Monday began hearing in the case of the killings of the four members of a Buddhist family in Khairlanji that had evoked widespread protests. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has chargesheeted 47 people in the case reportedly on charges of murder, criminal conspiracy, and unlawful assembly with deadly weapons. […]

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Pic1: Chief justice of India faces humiliation at a public ceremony — Newly appointed Chief Justice of India, Balakrishnan in a jubilient mood while the UPA Chairperson and AICC President, Sonia Gandhi looks indifferent. (See the body langauge) The journalist who participated that function also agreed that. She denied to comment or even denied to shake hand or even […]

In an ugly turn, Siddharth Gajbhiye, maternal uncle of Priyanka was suspended by State Government of Maharastra yesterday. The reason quoted was that there is a Police case pending against him which can deter him act in good faith during service time. Siddharth Gajbhiye is a Police Patil of Dhusala Village ;very close to Kherlanji. He is the one who […]

The 11 accused who have been chargesheeted by the CBI in the Khairlanji Dalits killing case are being produced today in a fast track court in neighbouring Bhandara district.They will be produced in the court of S Das.Four members of a Dalit family, including a mother Surekha Bhotmange and her three children Priyanka, Sudhir and […]

 Of outcaste and lower caste  by Chandrabhan Prasad . Many social scientists, political theorists and journalists tend to describe Dalits as lower caste. Under the lower caste nomenclature, Shudras and Dalits become one social block- repressed and stigmatised equally. The logic of reservation/affirmative action/diversity therefore, becomes larger to include all the lower castes. This mischievous […]

Two boys have been arrested in Bavaninagar in Baramati six months after they molested a dalit girl. The police initially refused to register the girl’s complaint. In July last year 20-year old Reshma Patole was molested by upper caste boys Maruti Zagde and Nilesh Jamadar while she was going to college. Patole was also regularly […]

“Journalistic instincts helped me tread through unfamiliar terrain”,says Sabrina Buckwalter from Times of India in  Reporter’s Diary     Sometimes, big stories literally fall in your lap. I heard of the Khairlanji Dalit family murder in late October, perhaps the first in the national press to do so. I was sitting with two social activists at […]

One more dalit was killed by the most backward caste (MBC) vanniars in a village in the cuddalore district of Tamilnadu on 12th night. Subramanian (42)is a resident of Gingee Colony of Mel Pichavaram village in Kille police limit. It is 10 km from the famous temple town Chidambaram. The caste hindu Vanniars played cards […]

A day after 20-year-old Reshma Patole of the Matang community from Katewadi in Baramati taluka alleged that she was molested by two youth — Pramod Maruti Zagade (20), Nilesh Mohan Jamdar (22) — at Bhavaninagar bus stand in Indapur on July 11, 2006 and despite a police complaint no arrests were made, the Pune Rural […]

The Prime Minister’s Office has called industry chambers for a meeting on Friday to discuss affirmative action for Dalits and Tribals. CNBC-TV18 reports that on the agenda is the provision of cheap education loans to help low-income students. At their national meeting in Chennai last year, industry chambers CII and Assocham, said no to reservations, […]

Low caste Dalit communities are still neglected and discriminated against in Nepalese society. Nepal’s impoverished low caste ‘Dalit’ community continue to be discriminated against almost 20 years after the caste system was banned, human rights activists in Nepal’s southwestern city of Nepalganj have complained. “We still have to live with the hard reality of being […]

Two  accused in Kherlanji Buddhist Masscre  bailed out today by the local court at Tumsar. Their names are: 1. Prakash Kadav and 2. Titirmare These two men were responsible for planning the Kherlanji Buddhist killings.

The AICC seven-member AICC delegation, headed by Dr Yogendra Makwana, made these suggestions in its report submitted to the Congress president, Mrs Sonia Gandhi, after visiting Kharlanji. The delegation consisting of Mr Harikesh Bahadur (permanent invitee to the CWC), AICC secretaries — Dr K. Jayakkumar, Mr Praveen Rashtrapal, Mr Bhola Pandey — Dr S.K. Soundaram, […]

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socially aware citizen  writes: Dear Dr Muni, If you want to help DRK . u can approach Plant variety Protection and farmers Variety protection authority at Pusa IARI campus New Delhi. We can ask Variety Release proposal of PKV HMT and Annual research reports from !994 to 1998 from PKV Akolsa under RTI act.I believe […]

Atrocitynews team had taken efforts to investigate the HMT rice patent propritory matter. The team extensively talked to  D R Khorbragade . We put the exerpts of the talks for readers benefit>>  DRK speaks: “My most of the varieties of rice are  stolen now . They are sold in local market by vairous dub-names. Some of the names are deliberately […]

The Kherlanji is not over yet! The State managed drama is going on and on.. The witneses are crying out for protection from Centre, Centre is turning their ears dead for such pleas. Most of the accused are released on bail while the activist who came on streets are facing severe charges of half murder […]

Two prime witnesses in the Khairlanji Buddhist Massacre want the Centre to give them protection because they say they don’t trust the Maharashtra police to protect them.On September 29,four members of a rural Buddhist family had been killed by  Kherlanji village people .They allegedly had been killed because they had taken up the cause of other Dalits […]

Today the claim on HMT Rice variety is in the custody of Panjabrao Krishi Vidyapith(PKV) , an autonomous central Indian Agricultural university named after first Agricultural Minister of India Dr Panjabrao Deshmukh. It is situated in central part of India, Akola, about 200Kms West off Nagpur. The biggest irony, yet an usual feature, for the staff […]

The recent report from the village informs that in the region where DRK is residing, the range of rice varieties that he developed are spreading like hot cake in the name of ‘Shriram’ :a god gift, a religious superstition getting attached by rich farmers so that DRK should have no claims. DRKs silence is due […]

Dr.Muni Subramani on Jan 5th, 2007 said in his comment on Indian Carver: I would like to do something that can bring justice to Dadajis’ intellectual properties, if the problem is not yet solved, I need the following information: I need the university contacts and names, names of the scientist who purified and stolen the […]

68-yr-old Dadaji Ramaji Khobragade is a Indian Buddhist farmer with a grouse. Ten years ago he shot to fame for breeding a variety of rice called Hmt which went on to become one of the highest yielding varieties in the region.It even became popular in neighbouring states of Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. In Maharashtra it […]

Khobragade’s story parallels Dr. Goerge Washington Carver of the U.S.A who had done a staggering amount of work on agricultural plants but had to face a lot of discrimination because he happened to be black.  D R Khobragade is a Buddhist ( ex-Untouchable who got converted to Buddhism after Dr Ambedkar) and inventor of High yielding rice […]

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  IF JESSICA LALL… WHY NOT BHAIYYALAL??? Jessica Lall through a movement got justice after 6 rigorous years. A movement taken up by her sister, the media, then the citizens backed by some celebrity…which then got converted into ‘Judicial Acivism’. This forced the ‘sleepingjudiciary’ to take some action and AT LAST we saw the result-‘Convction […]

The recent murder of a Dalit panchayat president by an upper caste colleague has revealed that Dalit leaders are facing “torture, discrimination and abuse in the hands of hostile upper caste forces”, Tamil Nadu federation of women panchayat presidents said today. “The murder of Jaggaiyan, the Dalit leader of Nakkalamuthanpatti village in Tirunelveli, elected in […]

In an another unpresidented event 13 more accused have been bailed out in Kherlanji Buddhist Massacre. Now the total accused who are bailed out are about 24. The main accused in this case who sided criminals in Kherlanji Massacre, PSI Siddhewar Bharne has already got bail. Following is the list of accused who are released today: […]

Writer, activist, publisher and MLA with Dalit Panthers (Viduthalai Chiruthaigal), D. Ravikumar was assaulted by members of the Tamil Nadu police on 2 January at Sedapalayam village, Cuddalore district. He was participating in the funeral procession of Siva, a 25-year-old dalit youth and DPI worker who was subjected to a murderous assault on 1 January […]

An animation addict, a computer-gaming freak, and a boy coping with the loss of his father. By most accounts, Srikant Mallepallu, the IIT student who committed suicide on Saturday, emerges as a student whose grades were ordinary, came from a family of modest means, did not open up with friends, and yet managed to maintain […]