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    “When we are studying, they try to disturb us. When we are appearing for exams, they prevent us. When we are in hostel, they trouble us. When we ask for the rights from the college administration, the officials ignore us.” This is what is happening in Ambedkar Law College, Chennai for years. For […]

Fact Finding Mission for Caste Clash in Dr. Ambedkar Law College, Chennai Dalit students have been facing various problems in education institutions including in reputed institutes like JNU, DU, TISS and AIMS. Recently there were student’s death in Hyderabad Central University and Dalit girl students’ death in Pondichery and Madras Universities and a Young girl’s […]

Suicide of a Dalit woman raises a stink over the humiliation and injustice being meted out to the community people in Lakkasandra panchayat Political luminaries of the state congregated at a socialist forum’s convention in the city on Tuesday to raise a toast to Barack Hussein Obama for transcending the racial divide and make it […]

Less than one per cent of India’s central university professors are from the Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes, the latest government data show.   The figure is just 10 per cent for teachers of all designations at these universities, implying more than half the faculty posts reserved for SC/STs on these campuses are vacant. This […]

TiTLE: REPORT ON SELECTION AND PROMOTION PROCESS OF AD HOC ASSISTANT PROFESSORS IN THE ALL INDIA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES    November 2007  -=-  Dr. Karan Singh Yadav, Chairman Dr. R.Surendran,  Member Dr. KM Shyamprasad, Member Dr. K.K.Talwar,  Member Sh. Raghubir Singh, Memeber  Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India TABLE OF CONTENTS […]

If a resourceless  resists, she will be  humiliated in public , if she happens to be dalit she ought to be  brutally raped and be killed in daytime.  The  justice is well side tracked with so many managed efforts.  Abberations in procedural law helps culprit instead. During  trials, intimidatiion or luring  witnesses is an order of the day. Police, judiciary and  administration religiously dump cases after cases […]

Following are the articles in various international dailies comparing Obama and Mayawati  … India-A billion aspirations From Reuters News Will a Dalit, or “untouchable” become India’s Obama? That is the question being posed by some commentators in the India press after the United States elected their first black president. One Dalit woman, the chief minister […]

From the editor of Atrocitynews..   The rise of Barak Obama Obama represents the flowering of the American Democracy. The nation whose existence was challenged by European nations, survived all odds and became the most powerful nation on this planet. It was also the first democracy that had strong roots in the local areas in […]

Sweepers from the Valmiki and Dalit community of Gandhinagar have written to the President of India, Pratibha Patil, requesting her to permit them to commit mass suicide.   Deprived of proper wages, housing, sanitation and other basic amenities, about 35 sweepers have signed the petition for mass self-immolation.   There are 164 manual scavengers in the city. […]