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 An argument between a Dalit and a Jat over the former’s dog led to near-unbridled violence in a village in Hisar district which was tense throughout Thursday after an 18-year-old physically challenged Dalit girl and her father were burnt alive on Wednesday. The Dalits refused to cremate the bodies, demanding a CBI probe and compensation, […]

A High Court bench here is over with the hearings in the Khairlanji killing case involving a Dalit family, and closed the matter for final verdict till June 15. A division bench of justice AP Lawande and Justice RC Chavan heard the case on a daily basis till yesterday and said the ruling will be […]

The court begins with the Map, submitted by prosecution. Adv. Khan who refers the basis of it to the witness’s account in trial court.  The pointed out spots in the map are according to the narration of the witnesses. He then reads through the deposition of PW2, Mukesh Pusam. He goes through the liner, “ Mahar lok […]

Amidst huge chaos and dismay, the High court intiated the proceedings as the years progresses.. Readers may soon be realising how can the justice changes the side while the society has seen the naked dance of Caste-violance killing entire Dalit family in Khairlanji.                        PROCEEDING OF KHAIRLANJI MASSACRE CASE IN HIGH COURT ON 7TH APRIL, […]

This is an excellent article from ‘Booker Prize’ winner Arundhati Roy who visited Dandkaranya to take stock of War like situation where the tribal and Dalits are killed in the name of justice. Arundhati has takes pain to understand the background of Naxal movement unlike the fence-sitting (brahmin) headed journalists who call themselves socialist by attribute, in practice, however they keep silently nourishing the […]

According to the fact finding report of INSEC, the clothes of deceased women and girl including their private clothes were found scattered in the spot where incident took place. One cave with 10 persons staying capacity is located in the incident spot. Kaulo herbs were found in the large bag with soaking of the blood, […]

In the first such legislative move anywhere in the world, and much to the embarrassment of India’s official position, the British House of Lords has passed a law that treats caste as “an aspect of race”. On March 24, the House of Lords passed the Equality Bill empowering the British government to include “caste” within […]