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Hindu caste system has left its virulent scar on Every part of the world. It has not only humiliated the people of land but it also defiled the culture wherever it went. May it be Pakistan, the land of Islam. Caste virus can not be locked into any religion. Such is the product of Brahminical […]

 A dalit youth, who had married an upper caste girl in the face of strong opposition from her family four years back, was killed in Sector 8 of Kurukshetra. The youth, Rohtas Kumar, 32, was missing since January 16 and his body was recovered from the house of a local BJP leader on Tuesday, where […]

  The brutal attack on Dalits was organized by Thoorpu Kapu Community in Laksmipeta Village, Vangara Mandal, Srikakulam District. There are 80 Thoorpu Kapu families consisting of 400 people in this village. Around 150 people of this village and the neighboring villages attacked the Dalits at 7.30am on 12th June 2012 with Country-made Bombs, Spears, knives […]

 Pic01: Hienous behavior of Police to Dalit Women, who are on a way to attend the funeral procession in Rajkot where a Dalit was killed becausehe asked for wages..   Dadu was beaten up when he asked for his wages, which resulted in his death the next day. Is this the India we live in? No […]

The National Curriculum Frameworks 2005 for social sciences states, “In the social sciences, the approach proposed in the NCF recognises disciplinary markers while emphasising integration on significant themes, such as water. A paradigm shift is recommended, proposing the study of the social sciences from the perspective of marginalised groups. Gender justice and a sensitivity towards […]