Caste Marriage puts him on death bed: Castevirus 004H2012


 A dalit youth, who had married an upper caste girl in the face of strong opposition from her family four years back, was killed in Sector 8 of Kurukshetra. The youth, Rohtas Kumar, 32, was missing since January 16 and his body was recovered from the house of a local BJP leader on Tuesday, where Kumar had been staying as a tenant after his marriage in 2008. Police believe that he was killed few months back.

The police have booked eight persons, including his in-laws who are residents of Kami village of Panchkula, under murder charges. Rohtas Kumar, a property dealer and resident of village Rojla (Karnal), had met Sonia first time when she was pursing a post-graduate course in Kurukshetra University in 2008, said Kumar’s family members. They got married in the same year after a love affair despite the fact that her parents opposed the wedding, said Kumar’s brother, Vajir Singh in a police complaint.

“But, even after marriage, the couple faced lot of opposition from her family members who pressurized her to seek divorce from him. Finally, she gave in, agreed to divorce her husband and returned to her parent’ house,” he added.

Singh told the police that they could not track his brother for five months as his mobile phone remained switch off.

Finding that his house was locked for long, the house owner requested the police to break the lock, to find the body of Kumar, which had been reduced to a skelton. The police have recovered an iron rod from the house and blood stains can be seen on the walls. “We have to wait for the forensic report to ascertain when the crime took place,” said investigating officer Dayal Singh.

 Source: TOI

One Response to “Caste Marriage puts him on death bed: Castevirus 004H2012”

  1. Pour petrol on culprits and burn them alive.
    “It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees” –Zapata

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