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A CBI inquiry into the suicide of Ajay Shree Chandra, a Ph.D. student, at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, last month has been demanded by the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes Employees’ Welfare Association at the institute. The body of the 21-year-old research student was found hanging from the ceiling of his hostel […]

1. Bhiayyalal Bhotmange ( the only surviving father of the family that was ruthelessly murdered in Khairlanji, India on 29th Sept 2006) is now working with Government Boy’s hostel in Bhandara. He recently got the house from the Govt. of Maharastra. He has just send written deputation to the C.M.&P.M., through collector of Bhandara that he wants the Special court in Khairlanji […]

On the eve of inhuman Khairlanji Massacre Commemoration , a huge Protest March is planned on 29th of September in India. The concerned citizens have arranged such gathering inviting no direct involvement of political or other organisations or leaders. As we saw the Khairlanji protests last year thoughout the State had out of many one strong peculiarity that it were led by people […]

Her Reporter’s Diary exposes bitterness of caste system in India she faced while working on Khairlanji Massacre issue as  a special correspondent of Times Of India; to the extent of VISA denial. As much as dared, vigilant and cooperative as she is, Sabrina Buckwalter writes  to Atrocitynews her experiences.  Being a foreigner her observations are unbiased in indicating two BIG viruses that  the BIGGest democracy infested with; ‘Caste’ […]

Read more story of Biren Brothers are requested to come forward and unmask the true face of psedo-communists in India who on one hand say nothing on blasfemies in the Hindu religion but way ahead in murdering philosophy that promotes equality. Help may be sent to -> Birendra Bauddha, C/0 K. L Biswas, 1/8, Tejas Nagar, Wadala, Mumbai-037 Tel […]

The Indian Carvar, a Dalit farmer Dadaji Khobragade has been awarded by Govt Of India with President’s Medal last month as part of the Krishi Bhushan Award after so many afforts from himself and friends, At Atrocitynews, we thank all of those  who could made Govt. OF India see his lustre. Pic: Poor ScientistIndian carvar, DRK  in […]

Following is the fact finding report on Bihar lynching reported by the Commission for Nomadic tribes. + “The Myth of Vigilante Justice in Bihar” We at  the National Commission for Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes are seriously concerned about 10 members of a nomadic community Kureri being beaten to death by villagers, and then at […]