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Following is a painful letter from a High official in Govt of India public sector undertaking. The words melt the heart seeing the injustice meted out which are in invisible form and defunct National commission instead of working as watchdong for SC & ST rights becoming political centre for corruption. Doing nothing!.. Dear Atrocity News,   This blog is a […]

X It has been a month a series of “racial” attack have been reporting on the Indian students in the Australia and responses to the coverage lead to proactive rallying around of constituents of the democratic institutions i.e. legislature, section of bureaucracy, civil society organizations, and high profile celebrities to condemn the “racial attack” on […]

Alex from Australia writes to Atrocitynews: I  am an Australian, for some reason some of you may think that just because this article has been written by an Australian journalist that all Australians agree with his opinion. This is in reference to Uday Bhan and I am offended by your comments!!! It is true however […]

The Supreme Court has upheld the life sentences awarded to 17 members of the upper castes, who had killed 6 members of the Scheduled Caste community. In all, 40 people were charged with murder, rioting, unlawful assembly and also under Section 3(1)(x) of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989. The trial judge convicted the […]

A team of four NGOs that went on a fact-finding mission to T Veppankulam village in Virudhunagar district following a clash between Dalits and caste Hindus, reported that the entire Dalit population of the village had been terrorised and moved to another locality. On October 3, villagers were being photographed for ID cards for the […]

Following is the comment from a reader of Atrocitynews,  Mr. Chandraih from Pondicherry. Readers please reflect on how the caste virus has mingled among elite Indian psyche.   This is a very useful website for me to understand and fight against  state of prejudice against  SC/ST . I have applied for the post of professor reserved for SC […]

Below is the cover of  (Marathi version)  ‘ Vedas: Source of slavery”. Please ask for the audio-cd at  You may visit the scholarly profile of a leading Activist from India , Dr. A. H. Salunkhe, who was Former Dean of Sanskrit Department at Shahu Maharaj University, India @

  The Ottawa City Council voted to place a statue of Gandhi in Strathcona Park (Sandy Hill). We oppose this statue for many reasons which have been previously covered. There are so many good reasons to oppose ever allowing such a statue that it is difficult to find space for covering them all. However, one […]

The validity of caste virus outside India is not clear yet by Indian officials. However in practice, the Indian society is surviving within psychological barriers those are directly spurted from birth. Of late few activists daring to bring out such discriminatory attitudes upfront. Killing  it is farther task. No surprises…denial are many especially from Hindu […]

A Statement from Ms. Navanethem Pillay, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission. A group of representatives from caste-affected communities in Asia recently gave me a piece of brick from the wall of a torn-down latrine. The brick symbolized the global struggle against the degrading practice of making […]