8 year old Aryan punished for Temple Entry : Castevirus 003MH2019


An eight-year-old boy from Scheduled Caste (Matang) was forced to sit on burning plate as punishment at Arvi in Maharashtra’s Wardha district on Saturday. This was done by Upper Caste Hindu named Amol Dhore wh0 is 32-year-old (seen in Insat pic).


Pic 01: Aryan Lying on Hospital Bed with his lower part burnt and the accused Amol Dhore in the corner.

According to reports, the boy was playing on the premises of the Jogona Mata temple in Arvi on Saturday when he was accosted by Amol Dhore, who accused him of stealing coins from its donation box. He then tied his hands and allegedly forced him to sit on hot tiles stacked on the temple yard. The accused was taken into custody on the basis of a complaint filed by the boy’s father.


Ugly Fate of nearly 2 cr Aryans who take birth in Indian Scheduled Caste.

Incidents of children being assaulted on suspicion of theft and minor offences is fairly common across the country. Last September, a 16-year-old (lower caste??) boy was beaten to death by residents of northwest Delhi’s Mukundpur area after he allegedly entered a house to steal valuables.




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