Indian Slavery: Tanaji has NO Rights, Castevirus 003MH2011


The name of the victim is Tanaji Aaba Misal,45 years age surviving with  wife, two sons and a daughter in Indapur, Maharastra a strong hold Shudras and hell for OUTCaste (now Buddhists). His daughter is married. His grandson is living with him. He is a daily wage earner.  He was working as a servant in Mr. Appasaheb Nanasaheb Jagdale’s(Maratha) home since 1980-81. He worked there almost for 10 years and left the job for salary reasons and joined   construction line at Akluj.

Mr. Appasaheb threatened him to work otherwise leave the village. When Tanaji denied, he was beaten up. Humiliations became routine matter for Tanaji till he could sustain any more.

After frequent torture from Mr. Appasaheb Nanasaheb Jagdale, he went to police station and narrated the whole incidences. As usual found least interest. Again on 18th November, 1991 he filed the complaint in Lokayat or Lokayukta but NO response.

Till 1999, series of atrocities continued unabated. Lastly Mr. Abbasaheb Jagdale along with caste friends namely Mr. Balasaheb Tukaram Kokata, Mr. Yanashwar Kakata and Mr. Babasaheb Apparao Kokata beat Tanaji till he fawned and seemed dead. In blood, Tanaji was admited to Government hospital in Indapur. After discharge from hospital he went to Bavad police station for registering the complaint but police asked him to come next day. Then next day he went to Indapur police station but he got similar answer.

Further he went to Deputy Superintendent at Baramati and discussed the whole incidence with him. Somehow he saw a ray of hope there.  The Deputy Superintendent has given an order to Indapur police station to register the complaint. When he reached to Indapur police station they again refused to took his complaint.  In spite of constant follow up with police station, he did not achieve anything. He got depressed and shocked to see that how the government machinery is functioning and how the common man is helpless under this system.However he decided to fight and on January 1999 he organized the protest march in front of Collector and Tahsildar office in Indapur. He completed all the formalities before sitting for fasting. He asked for following things:

  1. To take stringent action against the Caste Goons, the accused
  2. To arrest them under Prevention of Atrocities Act
  3. To provide protection & rehabilitation

He got assurance from the Tehsildar office that his demands will get fulfilled. But nothing happened. Again in 2004, the accused Appasaheb started to harass him. Then Tanaji persued the matter at following offices:

  1. Hon. Mrs. Pratibhatai Patil, President of India
  2. Human Rights commission
  3. Scheduled caste and scheduled tribes Commission
  4. Governor of Maharashtra
  5. Chief Minister (Mr. Ashok Chavan)
  6. Police Commissioner
  7. Raj pal office

It is almost a year to the order of Human rights commission to register a complaint against accused. According to him, Indapur police station has acted under the pressure of well known politician Mr. Harshwardhna Patil and also the accused. They pressurised Tanaji to take back the case. Hence on 19 March, 2011 he was beaten up by Mr. Babasaheb Kokate , Mr. Balasaheb Kokate and Mr. Yashawar Kokate in front of Mr. Harshwardhna Patil. They also offended his caste by saying that ‘”‘Mangtya’ don’t stay in this village otherwise we will kill you”. Mr.Balasaheb Vitthal Kokate also present that day and saw the whole incidence.

On the same day he went to police station at Bavda but Hawaldar Nalavade did not record his complaint. Next day he went to collector office, Pune and gave an application. He also wrote complaint to Dy. S. P. Pune. He is frequently getting calls from Bavda police station, Indapur police station to withdraw the complaint. He is feeling unsafe too.

Readers any clues what should be done!!! Or lets forget the case and sitback to see how Tanaji is exterminated by the caste Goons. Where is dammn Anna Hazare , WHo will talk of caste curruption in Indian life since 2500?

Rise India Rise !! NO FASTS, ACTIONS….

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