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‘The recent verdict of the Bombay High Court in the Khairlanji massacre case convicting all the accused to life imprisonment could have been a welcome one and gone a long way in restoring ordinary people’s faith in the country’s justice system and its rule of law framework’ says Samar. Please read what he observes in an […]

Poeple with diffrent backgourds joining in the demonstration…  

In a row, turn by turn, cities of Maharastra are burning up for justice  in Khairlanji. High court has declared the Khairlanji is normal cene of crime which has nothing to do with the caste issue. Pune the city of several movements is looking agitated. Civil society in India is surprised to learn the High court’s […]

Following is the best piece of writing from an eminent scholar Manoj Mitta , Senior Editor, Times Of India.  This goes well with an idea that  tests the spirit of any  scholar or an activist at times when he/she deliberates on Caste realities, please read and comment ! —– Whenever a caste Hindu kills a […]

The March has progressed from Zero Mile and on the streets many many activists joining and making it a peaceful demonstration    

Please Join in this is NEw India where nothing will be discriminated on the basis of Birth…Lets tell Indian Establishment, we will not settle down if the injustice happens anywhere in this land.

And the March starts…. Slogans raised… Save the DINGITY OF HUMAN LIFE!

People from several districts nearby have gathered in Nagpur , venue –  Dr. Ambedkar statue near RBI square. This march is passing thru Maharastra Assembly area and expected to reach Akshavani Chaowk soon. They are raising slogans “Down with Caste system! “ “Down with error(tic) judicial system!”    

Pune city which  is one among the epicenters of Dalit movement  would feel the reverberations of  the injustice meted out to Bhotmange, Dalit family at the hands of Police Administration,  Judiciary and Politians  that gave damn to the  organized caste crime in Khairlanji. The city would soon take it to the streets. The day activism […]

Please find the photographs of Funeral of Justice procession started at Bhandara just now. You may see in the photograph women activists along with father Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange.  Despite  mental distress and fear that caste Hindus  and aligned system could potentially destroy the lives of Dalit families in and around, they  spearheaded the procession. Only to […]

Official time for Procession March to start is 2PM .  The procession represents death of Justice due to Courts helplessness in protecting the rights of Dalits by giving blind eye to the Mob Caste Atrocities such as Khairlanji. The people of Bhandara district have started gathering   far villages such as Bela, Warthi, Bhojapur, Ganeshpur, Paladi, Sakoli, Mujabi, Fulmogara, Shahapur and […]

Almost 60-70 people have come there. 10% of the mob constitutes women. Some People have come there walking, some are on Motor Bykes, some are on Auto. Sahebrao Shirsat and his autorikshaw union is participating in the March. he can be reached at (+91) 9423079403.

Wardha  city takes  pride in independence  movement now its peoples movement against the errors done by High Court in Khairlanji Atrocity case. The Court verdict in Khairlanji is such disastrous that it can kill the very spirit of Nation for which the fathers of Constitution has laboriously put efforts and built up the process of law. Dalits […]

Today the central city of India, Nagpur is up on the task to show Administration and Judiciary to come on tracks to be vigilant and can’t sleep when there is rape of  Nation. Nagpur does it again! The Court verdict in Khairlanji is such disastrous that it can kill the very spirit of Nation. Dalits rights are taken for ride. […]

Aftermath High Court injurious verdict led to fury among masses, if judiciary fails to protect the Dalit rights, who else? Khairlanji Atrocity is the worst caste-crime post independence . Moreover to add to insult Court has ruled out that it is not a caste crime and organised crime. Unless people of India  agitate and willing to shed their lives for the civil rights, […]

High Court verdict  on Khairlanji Atrocity is as devastating as the caste crime itself that can shake Indians off and make them believe that Caste rules are die hard truth in India, even judiciary cant restore the order! Please find the infamous High Court verdict (CLick here Khairlanji Caste Atrocity- High Court Judgement)

Stupidity of some newspaper and irresponsible civil society and judiciary in India has almost spread a linen on the Khairlanji Atrocity giving it a very normal/common scene of crime. Following is an excerpt from one of the leading Newspaper Hindistan Times whose editor is off course a High Caste Hindu. “The incident had not occurred on account […]

In a case that portrayed Democratic & Judicial wheels of Social India out of track, the case that has become so significant in the lieu of the Civil rights movement in India especially for quarter of India who become Dalits due to suppressions from all pillars of democracy that favours caste pride… was before the […]

The Nagpur bench of Bombay high court would pronounce its verdict on sensational Khairlanji killings on Wednesday at 10.30 am. The judgment will be delivered via video-conferencing as one of the judges of the division bench Justice Ravindra Chavan is posted at Mumbai. The other judge Justice Avinash Lavande, being the senior, will pronounce the […]

A High Court bench here is over with the hearings in the Khairlanji killing case involving a Dalit family, and closed the matter for final verdict till June 15. A division bench of justice AP Lawande and Justice RC Chavan heard the case on a daily basis till yesterday and said the ruling will be […]

The court begins with the Map, submitted by prosecution. Adv. Khan who refers the basis of it to the witness’s account in trial court.  The pointed out spots in the map are according to the narration of the witnesses. He then reads through the deposition of PW2, Mukesh Pusam. He goes through the liner, “ Mahar lok […]

Amidst huge chaos and dismay, the High court intiated the proceedings as the years progresses.. Readers may soon be realising how can the justice changes the side while the society has seen the naked dance of Caste-violance killing entire Dalit family in Khairlanji.                        PROCEEDING OF KHAIRLANJI MASSACRE CASE IN HIGH COURT ON 7TH APRIL, […]

On the date of hearing on 24th April, the prosecution lawyer Adv.Ezaz Khan was granted condonation for the delay in appeal to the High Court in response to the defendant’s complaint. The main contention of the defendant was that since the prosecution delayed the appeal for more than 72 days, it should not be allowed […]

Last month C.B.I. submitted the petition in Nagpur Bench of High Court In Khairlanji Massacre Case after a lapse of around six months. The readers may recall that on 24th September 08, trial court in Bhandara had convicted eight accused among which six were punished with capital punishment and other two were sentenced with life […]

Today Khairlanji witnessing people in general, social activists, lawyers, doctors, politicians and Buddhist Monks congregating from all corners of the world for paying floral tributes to a family that shade their lives for dignity. Khairlanji massacre has become a WATERSHED that sensitized media, civil society and politic by producing a realistic perspective on caste violence […]

Following are the newspaper cuttings today

The villains were punished the way they deserved. All goes without saying the peoples activism helped in sensitising the society including the systems like administration and judiciary.. Accused No 08- ‘Its my right to kill & rape them(Dalits); you cant do anything?’, Jagdish Mandlekar- HANGED TO DEATH for killing Priyanka, Sudhir and Roshan Accused No […]

Though the final judgment is out, today but there seem to be wild aberration in the judgment which will hound the Judicial system in India for long period especially in concern of women rights. Also widely highlighted, the CASTE ANGLE TO the case is seemingly buried down silently and technically; for sure it mounts a […]

Today the final verdict comes from the Sessions court Bhandara. Much awaited justice already was in black shade due following reasons- 1. Caste Atrocity (POA) charges not applied.. 2. No charges against Humiliation of woman body ( IPC 354).. 3. No charges against plot, organised crime (IPC 120 B) Even the Prosecution Adv Ujwal Nikam said the consciously […]

Bhandara sessions Court awraded 3 months imprisonment to Mahadev Zanzad. Mahadev turned hostile during trials.  In his earlier statements to Police he said he saw the crime done by the village mob under castiest shadow. But in trials he took ‘U’ turn and did not accept that he was at the spot of the scene. Zanzad will serve the statement […]

Below is a clipping sent by our Bhandara correspondent that shows a lady in her mid 50s who could not withstand court ruling  and wept vociferously. One can hear her hard voice and heartfelt cry for justice to Bhotmanges and likes. ( Like Bhotmanges, many other families suffer huge hardships due to caste based violence […]

Today is 20th Sept 08 , the court has sat today for the final hearing. In an unprecedented yet black event, few of the Newspaper corespondents were forced to leave the court by the Hon Justice Das with hand gestures, without any reason. This is an aweshoking incidence in any democracy. Most suffering people in India are  […]

Please read the following newspaper cutting which reflects the stand of the larger peoples movement for dignity in India. Now, how the Govt of India acts in  preventing  aberrations done by State Investigation machinery and lower court due to prejudiced element in high power positions, is to be seen… We, at Atrocitynews, request everyone from the top to […]

There are confirmed reports of Protest in Mahad, the place where Dr Ambedkar accelarated the struggle for Dignity by drinking Public water. Following is the picture taken from News paper Samrat. The protest was peaceful.     There are also reports of road blockade in Solapur. We at Atrocitynews suggest the atcivists to change the […]

Following is the picture of a reported protest March in Akluj, Maharastra, yesterday. Marches are lined up in discipline and in a unique state of peace is now an indication of new forms of agitations in democratic set-up. Pic01 People March in Akluj   Pic02 Submitting Petition

Yesterday, the people of Wardha city arranged a candle March after the women in the locality got ired due to the insane and irresponsible judgement of the lower court in Bhandara that the prosecution failed to prove  Khairlanji case as a caste atrocity case. The peaceful form of protest is unique community presentation in India […]

Tons of Telegrams have been sent from Nagpur today as a campaign called ‘TELEGRAM MARCH’ just after the CANDLE MARCH in Bhandara yersterday. This way it may be a push to civil society to bring  Justice to Bhotmange Family in Khairlanji . This is quite important in the wake of lower Judiciary failed to take cognigance of […]

Following are the pictures of yesterday’s candle March organised in Bhandara. The candle march started in Unison led to the centre of the city . 75% of the participants were women that itself conveys that the true leadership lies in the hands of woman of this country who can not stay back in home unlike […]

Following statements of the witnesses, sufficient enough, to attract the sections of Prevention of Atrocities Act , 1989 – 1)Witness no.3 , Suresh Khandate said in his statement in para 7 on 30 June 07 said , 7. I then saw Jagdish Mandlekar, Vishwanath Dhande, Shishupal Dhande, Shatrughna Dhande, Ramu Dhande, Sakru Binjewar, Gopal Bijewar […]