Khairlanji: Protest Candle March in Bhandara


Following are the pictures of yesterday’s candle March organised in Bhandara. The candle march started in Unison led to the centre of the city . 75% of the participants were women that itself conveys that the true leadership lies in the hands of woman of this country who can not stay back in home unlike past days but they are ready to take up role in the most critical times when pillars of democracy fail to perform their duty.

Pic01 The Women Leading Candle March

Pic 02: Justice is not yet done…

Pic 03: Helping each other, tying Black ribbons

Pic04: Let the world light up; fair Justice all over..

One Response to “Khairlanji: Protest Candle March in Bhandara”

  1. Jai bhim

    I think only blaming judiciary system it’s not going to worth it, we are also some where responsible for it. In spite of constituting 17% educated Dalit population still we don’t have any legal expertise in hand. The higher castes Hindu dominated law and judicial department has performed biased role in delivering justice to the Dalits.

    I am really upset with the lawyers form our community who has not taken active role at this point of time.

    It is obvious that women will take the leadership its inborn quality of our women, since babasaheb times women are more in the struggle. Leadership in our community is for the action not for the Position but for the struggle for justice.

    “Struggle and more Struggle Sacrifice and more Sacrifice.” But It is…Struggle N Struggle Alone Without Counting the Sacrifice or Suffering That’ll bring their Emancipation. — Dr B R Ambedkar

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