Khairlanji : CBI submits petition in High Court


Last month C.B.I. submitted the petition in Nagpur Bench of High Court In Khairlanji Massacre Case after a lapse of around six months. The readers may recall that on 24th September 08, trial court in Bhandara had convicted eight accused among which six were punished with capital punishment and other two were sentenced with life imprisonment. The accused punished with hang till death were Sakru Binjewar, Shatrughna Dhande, Vishwanath Dhande, Ramu Dhande, Jagdish Mandalekar and Prabhakar Mandalekar. Gopal Binjewar and Shishuapal Dhande had been delivered life imprisonment. Three of the accused were acquitted of all the charges. The C.B.I. in its petition appealed the high court against acquittal of three accused and acquittal of other eight accused from the charges Prevention of Atrocity Act u/s 3(1)(x), 3(1)(xi), 3(2)(v) & 3(2)(vi). It also asked the court for enhancement of punishment of hang till death to the accused sentenced with life imprisonments.

However, it took a revision petition from Akhil Bhartiya Dhammasena , Nagpur, a social organisation founded under leadership of Ven. Surai Sasai, asking the court to give directions to prosecution for submitting the appeal. The petition was submitted on behalf of victim, Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange. Earlier, the prosecuting lawyer from C.B.I., Adv. Ejaj Khan had been removed from the case. But timely action from vigilant activists averted it and he was given the original charge of the case. This once again shows that unless we are awake to the demands of justice, the judiciary does not take care to act. So, the time has arrived to dust off our intermittent apathy and amnesia and be watchful over our rights. The next date for hearing in high court is on 24th April 09 when the accused will be questioned over the admission of their crimes. If they deny, which is obvious, the arguments will be carried on. The defendants too have submitted their petition for the acquittal of accused. Their main contention will be the false implications of the accused on the basis of delay of 72 days when the C.B.I. came into picture and recorded the witnesses’ statements.

One Response to “Khairlanji : CBI submits petition in High Court”

  1. 1 kumarpushp

    Dalits have to keep their both hand ready to fight with hindus and their hindu led government.Final justice come through the barrel of guns.Justice delay means justice denied ,keep eyes on hindu dominated courts and their government.

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