Khairlanji: Judgement Out..but something left!


Though the final judgment is out, today but there seem to be wild aberration in the judgment which will hound the Judicial system in India for long period especially in concern of women rights.

Also widely highlighted, the CASTE ANGLE TO the case is seemingly buried down silently and technically; for sure it mounts a hUGE DEMOCRATIC DEFICIT for Indian ‘new society’ to be fulfilled in long run. The people of India, actively, should take cognizance and should sensitize different systems to eradicate the Caste virus. Denying existence of such Virus will only help to prolifer the deadly inhuman disease.


3 Responses to “Khairlanji: Judgement Out..but something left!”

  1. 1 Sheetal Prasad

    As a law student I feel the judgment should be given proper perspective i.e. right punishment for brutally killing hapless women & children who are weak members of the society needing protection, and that too without any compassion and respect for human life; killing members of a progressive democratic society in a ghastly manner and attacking democratic conventions & rules.
    Giving the tag of dalit, upper caste, muslim, OBC etc etc, to such incidents is erroneous and suits vested interests who capitalize it for their benefit.

  2. In any crime motivation of the crime is important. In this ghastly, inhuman crime ,the ‘mens rea’ was caste hatred . You will find this if you go through the proceeding of Khairlanji case especially the statements of witnesses Mukesh Pusam , Suresh Khandate , Dinesh Dhande and Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange. If you don’t focus on the motivation of the crime, then you won’t be able to find the solution for the prevention of the crime. This is like giving the ‘palliative medicine’ without diagnosing the disease. So, my suggestion to you as an lawyer would be to go through the whole blog once again.This is confirmed case of Caste based Atrocity, also case of humiliation of women body. Sheetal, also please care to understand rational of POAct 1989. If you are a student of law and open to learn the reality of Indian society, POA should help you to understand the Caste violence instead of critising. I cant understand who will get undue benefit out of proper implementation of POA? Justice should be done in all the times impartially, which Hon Justice failed to do in Khairlanji as he missed POA & IPC 120b.

  3. 3 kureela

    Mr sheetal Prasad ,you are a hindu who born with hindu mother and worshipping congenital abnormal gods,every 6 hour one dalit woman is being raped by hindus and not muslims or christians and every 12 hou r,one dalit man is being killed by barbaric hindus and not by muslims or christians.this is a reality of hindu dominated societies.hindus print and tv medias are protecting the hindus and not dalits.I would like to tell you ,in haryana ,4 dalit men were killed in front of DM and SSP with 200 police man but hindu police did not fire even a single shot to kill hindus.this is called hindu protecting the hindu ass.time has come dalits should ask for seprate settlement away from barbaric hindus.

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