Khairlanji : She cries for justice


Below is a clipping sent by our Bhandara correspondent that shows a lady in her mid 50s who could not withstand court ruling  and wept vociferously. One can hear her hard voice and heartfelt cry for justice to Bhotmanges and likes.

( Like Bhotmanges, many other families suffer huge hardships due to caste based violence in India every year even if families are educated)

One Response to “Khairlanji : She cries for justice”

  1. 1 Rajan.R

    Yes! A poor dalit woman of ‘indepedent ” ,”Incredible “India is crying for justice in front of a court where from justice supposed to be flown ! After celebrating the 60th anniversary of Indepedance this is the condition of the down trodden citizen who also belong to Hindu religion in the so-called ARSHA BHARATH !Where will be the end?

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