Khairlanji: 6 hanged, 2 life imprisonment..


Today the final verdict comes from the Sessions court Bhandara. Much awaited justice already was in black shade due following reasons-

1. Caste Atrocity (POA) charges not applied..

2. No charges against Humiliation of woman body ( IPC 354)..

3. No charges against plot, organised crime (IPC 120 B)

Even the Prosecution Adv Ujwal Nikam said the consciously the Dalit angle to the case is suppressed.

The judgement was clearly visible from 20th Sept. All were expected be awarded till hang till death.

But today the Judge granted 6 were awarded death by hang. whereas 2 were awarded life imprisonment.

 We will come with the names of the accused in relation with the Judgement.

3 Responses to “Khairlanji: 6 hanged, 2 life imprisonment..”

  1. 1 kureela

    Why Mr dass left 3 people scott free and did not accept caste is shame for judiciory which was dominated by hindu dass is hindu who was knowing the repurcution in world communities about caste he can left 2 person were not awarded the death penalty.dalits in world want all 11 person should be awarded death so hindus will not be dared to rape any killed any dalits.

  2. 2 Armugam

    You are acussing Mr. Das without any substantive proof. What will Mr Das loose or gain if he had or not sentenced the other two. He has already sentenced six people to death and keeping in mind your baseless conspiracy theory it would not make any difference if he convicted the other two who are awarded life imprisonment.
    What the Honorable judge has followed is the evidence and upheld the law and provided the judgement judiciously. Do not talk rubbish and show your hatred and talk of irrelevant things. Get more educated and don’t wallow in hatred.

  3. 3 kureela

    Mr armugam,mr dass had said bhootmange family was killed not because of caste but because of land dispute which is totally false statement from Mr dass.dalits are being killed in India becuse racial hatred and we have to fight this war with same coins.their is no Black color in indian flag ,and Indian judiciory,Police and medias are anti dalits which we have seen in this case.go and preach this thought to your hindu clans.

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