Khairlanji Massacre: High Court Proceeding on 8th April 2010

  1. The court begins with the Map, submitted by prosecution. Adv. Khan who refers the basis of it to the witness’s account in trial court.  The pointed out spots in the map are according to the narration of the witnesses. He then reads through the deposition of PW2, Mukesh Pusam. He goes through the liner, “ Mahar lok Majalele Aahet , Yaana Ghavabaher Haaklun Lava” (These Mahar Caste people are arrogant , banish them out of the village). He is reading through the whole deposition when he is stopped by Hon.Judge, Chavan , who asks him the clarification of the incidence of Surekha putting fire to cattle shed. He answers that in order to threaten the accused , Surekha did such thing. He then goes through the deposition of witness, Suresh Khandate as well as that of JMFC, Mohadi and tells the court that same names of the accused were also taken in front of CBI, Magistrate and the court.
  2. Hon. Judge then asks Adv. Khan to talk about contradictions as given in portion marked para A and para B of witness Dinesh Dhande which says that, “He did not see incidence of Sudhir, Roshan and Priyanka being killed by any of the accused”. Adv. Khan then reads another statement of this witness as, “ It is true to say that I was standing in front of my house and  heard the shouting of Sudhir , Priyanka and Roshan” Adv.Khan says that the first statement has to be reconciled with the other which establishes his presence there at the time of murders. He says that in view of the witness’s statement of the fact of encircling the victim’s house as seen by witness is established, his presence is established. Neither not seeing the incidence nor not seeing the beating be taken into isolation. The statements of him can be corroborated by depositions to CID, CBI and magistrate.
  3. Adv. Khan then reads through the deposition of witness Suresh Khandate , wherein he admits the slight improvement in the statement given to the court which the witness had not stated before the Magistrate. But he argues that crux of the matter remains same. It cannot amount to contradiction. He then reads through the statement, “ At about 7:30 in evening, when the electricity supply is resumed he saw that four dead bodies were loaded in the bullock cart”.  It cannot be established as contradiction.
  4. Then Adv. Khan asks for adjournment of the court since he is to attend the funeral of his neighbor. Hon. Court asks the defense lawyers about their objections over this, both of whom that is Adv. Sudip Jaiswal and Adv. Khandewal deny. The court is adjourned till Monday, April 12, 2010.  

2 Responses to “Khairlanji Massacre: High Court Proceeding on 8th April 2010”

  1. 1 Sabrina

    This coverage is so invaluable to me! Thank you for making this information available. I am currently working on a paper that’s looking at the 3 death sentence cases that have taken place in the last two years for crimes against Dalits and this is extremely helpful. Please keep it coming!

  2. In our India still there is a discrimination is going on but its shameful for our country even dalits r also humans as a indiviual we must treat them as humans its the real freedom for our nation .Gandhiji said if i had another birth i will be as harijan. harijan means the people of god it must be not connetinued for our futhure it must be abolished by its roots than we can see our india as world of equality, humanity, peace,justice,liberty,harmony.but now we are enjoying in the form of artificial we must made it real.lets join our hands to eradicate indiscrimination for dalits and downtrodden castes and tribes.

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